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--- Comment #1 from Cri <cri at linux.it> 2012-07-14 21:26:30 CEST ---
The file permission problems can be fixed adding the "logcheck" user to groups
"kolab" and "kolab-r", at least with kolab 2.3.4 on Debian Squeeze.

There's a couple of other problems that get in the way of using the standard
logcheck package provided by Debian (I think this also applies to other

1. The syntax of log messages generated by kolab applications is non standard:
extra strings like "<debug>", "<notice>" etc are inserted between the hostname
and the service name; thus rendering the standard logcheck rules unusable, and
forcing using the rules published at http://wiki.kolab.org/Logcheck (which BTW
could be improved with detailed installation instructions)

2. Many kolab applications are logging using an excessive verbosity level
(especially some imapd services, using loglevel "debug"); this requires adding
lots of logcheck "ignore" rules; it would be better to lower the default
verbosity level, or at least provide instructions to the admin to do this (I
looked into the wiki, and into the /kolab/etc directory but I couldn't find a
way to do it)

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