[packaging] [Bug 2811] Database Problem at setup-kolab with Debian Wheezy (unable to open database file None None)

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Mon Feb 3 13:40:24 CET 2014


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Fixes bug in setup_roundcube.py

OK, I've figured out what's going on. The table fails to be created because it
has a foreign key which depends on the table users. users was not being
created, because the nested loops at
/usr/share/pyshared/pykolab/setup/setup_roundcube.py:137 exited after
processing only one folder in /usr/share/doc/roundcube*. I've removed the extra
break statement and added some assertions to check that the mysql commands
don't fail.

Instructions for testing: 
(Note: this wipes your existing roundcube install)
-stop all kolab daemons
-run as root:
    mysql -p -e "DROP DATABASE roundcube"
    cd /usr/share/pyshared/pykolab/setup
    patch < ~/setup_roundcube.patch
    setup-kolab roundcube

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