[packaging] [Bug 2878] Can't install kolab using Ubuntu 14.04 repository.

Kolab Bugzilla noreply at kolab.org
Sat May 3 10:15:52 CEST 2014


--- Comment #4 from Letheed <kolab at daweb.se> ---
I do agree that the situation is misleading people into believing there is a
working repository for 14.04. However I think a warning in the instructions
that the repository does not contain a properly packaged version of Kolab and
is unmaintained atm would be preferable, since it could be an incentive for
someone qualified to contribute or take over maintaining it, and even more so
in this case since 14.04 is an lts (and a good one IMHO) that's bound to see
broaden use on web servers at some point.

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