[packaging] [Bug 2878] Can't install kolab using Ubuntu 14.04 repository.

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I upgraded these days from 12.04 to 14.04. At first I wanted to keep my kolab
3.1 (never change a running system) but because the Ubuntu update ran so smooth
I decided to upgrade my Kolab to 3.2 and the 14.04 repositories.

Indeed I had to resolve some version issues with php-kolab and php-kolabformat.
I think the root of these problems were that the requested phpapi-20100525 is
not present in Ubuntu 14.04, but phpapi-20121212 (provided e.g. by
php5-common). I edited the files /var/lib/dpkg/status and
/var/lib/dpkg/available (backup first!) and replaced phpapi-20100525 with
phpapi-20121212 in the kolab-packages.

Anyway, it IS possible to have a clean install of kolab on Ubuntu 14.04. I
attached a list of my presently installed packages from obs.kolabsys.org
obtained by the loong command (could be shorter for certain)...

~$ for package in $(apt-cache policy $(dpkg -l | awk 'NR >= 6 { print $2 }') | 
 awk '/^[^ ]/    { split($1, a, ":"); pkg = a[1] } nextline == 1 { nextline =
0; printf("%-40s %-50s %s\n", pkg, $2, $3) } /\*\*\*/      { nextline = 1 }'|
grep kolabsys|awk '$0=$1'); do dpkg -l| grep $package| awk '{print $2"\t"$3}';

Happy installing.

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