[packaging] [Bug 2878] Can't install kolab using Ubuntu 14.04 repository.

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I too have been stumped by the lack of packages for Ubuntu Trusty, but I
haven't been able to use the work-arounds suggested here. Even after adding the
12.04 repositories to my sources the kolab package fails to install, with
multiple unmet dependencies. I haven't dug that deep but the kolab-xml package
is one: 

> libkolabxml1 : Depends: libboost-thread1.46.1 but it is not installable

and php-kolab: 

> php-kolab : Depends: phpapi-20090626 but it is not installable

As much as I would love to start using Kolab, building it off-tree with all the
drawbacks that entails (installing build libraries on server, not getting
updates through apt, having to manually configure the build, etc) means it's
not really a viable option. Unfortunately I know next to nothing about
packaging and repository maintenance, otherwise I'd be happy to help out! Is it
possible to convince the maintainers of the need for a current Ubuntu build of
Kolab? Perhaps a (small) donation could help push for it?

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