[packaging] [Bug 2878] Can't install kolab using Ubuntu 14.04 repository.

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Tue May 6 22:22:56 CEST 2014


--- Comment #9 from mikrogroove <ola at mikrogroove.com> ---
While I appreciate the many reasons why skilled Linux sysadmins usually prefer
more advanced distributions to the decidely n00b-ish Ubuntu, it is worth noting
that Ubuntu is in fact one of the most popular server platforms*, perhaps even
the most popular Linux flavour on the server side. I can see why - like me many
new Linux users migrate from the Windows world and Ubuntu (or Xubuntu in my
case) is a tempting option due to its simplicity, completeness and huge user
base. And as you move on from running the default desktop distros in favour of
building your own mixes, and tweaking the system, you gradually become more and
more familiar with the command line environment and the configuration options -
not to mention the names and locations of important files and folders. 

For the user entering the Linux world through this process it is only natural
to choose Ubuntu as the distribution also for servers; the familiarity gained
through the transition on the desktop side pays great dividends when it comes
time to configure a server, and results in a more secure system that is easier
to maintain. Having gone through the long and at times painful learning
experience of moving from a paid for Microsoft based develompent environment to
a completely FOSS based one, I'm happy to say I'm now out of the woods and able
to do pretty much anything that may be required on an end-to-end web project
without ever missing my old tools. And to my surprise I even prefer to do most
of this on the command line - something I never thought would happen. But it
took me several years of hair-pulling to get here. 

So while I understand the arguments for switching distro (including that smug
feeling of superiority) just so I can run Kolab, I'm not that keen to enter the
forest of RHEL or CentOS simply for the sake of chasing this one rabbit. Sadly
I expect many others feel the same way. By not providing an up-to-date
repository for Ubuntu you are severely limiting the uptake of what otherwise
looks like an important project. Let's not forget the bigger picture, and
what's really at stake - Kolab promises to be a key tool in the battle to wrest
control of our communications, personal data and relationships from the cold
hands of the Borg, the outcome of which is far from certain. Making this weapon
as widely available as possible should be a top priority. 

Once more unto the breech, if you please, dear friends. 


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