[packaging] [Bug 3981] kolab 3.3 el7 rpms require mariadb-server, conflict with mariadb-galera-server

Kolab Bugzilla noreply at kolab.org
Tue Nov 25 16:13:40 CET 2014


--- Comment #1 from pasik at iki.fi ---

Investigating this a bit more.. actually it seems mariadb-galera-server has
been retired from epel7, so it's not available anymore in the epel7 repository.

So basicly new kolab 3.3 users won't hit this dependency problem. 

This problem only happens with users who previously installed
mariadb-galera-server when it was still available in epel7, and now try to
update to most recent kolab 3.3 updates.

I can see two options:

1) dump the databases, remove mariadb-galera-server, install mariadb-server,
and restore the databases.

2) Fix kolab rpms to have a dependency for mariadb-server OR mysql-server, if
it's possible to have OR in the dependencies. That would make the rpm/yum
dependencies happy about having mariadb-galera-server installed instead of

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