[packaging] [Bug 2878] Can't install kolab using Ubuntu 14.04 repository.

Kolab Bugzilla noreply at kolab.org
Sun Sep 14 10:16:55 CEST 2014


--- Comment #18 from Daniel Hoffend <dh at dotlan.net> ---
I've started to work on it. Atm I came across 3 major things that I'm fixing.

1) Currently the debian packages have their apache configuration not named
*.conf. I'll name 
them all to *.conf but I've to make sure I rename them otherwise I would break

2) the roundcube package runs dbupdate and fails (of course). I've fixed this
to be in 
line with other postinst scripts. (just ignore the failure and don't break

3) the setup_roundcube had still a problem with finding the right
workarounds already exists in the bug report.


Before pushing this update out I would like to test it before stuff breaks.

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