[packaging] [Bug 3603] Roundcube miss kolab skin

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Mon Sep 15 11:54:43 CEST 2014


--- Comment #4 from Daniel Hoffend <dh at dotlan.net> ---
Arghs ... this CSRF Patch for roundcube is screwing it up ...

Currently the pykolab package sets the 
$config['assets_path'] = '/roundcubemail/assets/';

But it seems that this is only a relative url and not an absolute url what the
beginning / would suggest. Please update your roundcubemail config

$config['assets_path'] = '/assets/';

I'll package this fix and then we should decide wether the
/roundcubemail/assets/ or /assets/ should be the right way to configure the
system. In the worst case in one of the next release this variable could change
again. We'll see


We should either revert

or look into the CSRF Patch
-- line 403 / function set_assets_path()

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