[packaging] [Bug 4837] Wish: support for splitting the installation Web/Mail/SQL/LDAP

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Mon Mar 16 11:13:43 CET 2015


--- Comment #2 from Denny Fuchs <linuxmail at 4lin.net> ---

first: thanks for the reply :-)

second: From my point of view, that isn't the correct way, to generate all the
configuration files on a "trash host" and after that, copy everything to the
target hosts.
You have the same problems, for examples: wrong hostnames (for example
Postfix), usage of UNIX sockets, instead of TCP ..., broken Web-Admin/Webmail
configuration ... and for MySQL, you have to dump the DBs and bring them to the
target host.

The most problems could be solved, if setup-kolab asks the admin, if he/she
wants to use TCP OR UNIX sockets (or localhost/ If TCP, than ask for
IP/FQDN and push the configuration via SSH or dump it to files to let the admin
copy the files. For MySQL it isn't necessary, just let setup-kolab asks for
username/ip/pasword and you're done.

cu denny

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