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--- Comment #11 from Tobias Stein <grand.ouvert at googlemail.com> ---
Thanks Alexander, Thanks Daniel for your replies.
The nginx+php5-fpm howto is in fact great and contains the appropriate answers.
Thanks for the tip with chwala.

Please don't get me wrong, i think it would be much more simple for the
administrator if this kind of configuration was done inside of the code with
some kind of ini_set() for the specific subtree, instead of configuring each
possible interpreter in a different way. Current packages only contain
configuration for the apache2-webserver, as you pointed out nginx+php5-fpm
works as well but is much harder to maintain. With a package based installation
an update an administrator may face the situation that part of the
configuration that was done, could be overwritten (i.e. the .htaccess gets
recreated with the php_flags) and parts of the installation won't work as
expected anymore.

Maybe some new packages like kolab-webserver which depends on kolab-apache2,
which itself contains some apache2-config and depends on php5-fpm or
libapache2-mod-php5, or a kolab-nginx, which contains the nginx config and
depends on php5-fpm, could deliver the appropriate abstraction.

If such specific configuration for the sub tree disappears from the webserver
configuration files, they would be much smaller and did not contain that much
boilerplate directives.

The actual cause was a misunderstanding of the configuration, you can close
this ticket if you like.

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