[packaging] Changes to 'refs/tags/debian/5.0.5-2'

Jeroen van Meeuwen vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Fri Dec 10 19:26:13 CET 2010

Changes since the dawn of time:
adconrad (132):
      New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
      Updated to 4.3.8 to prepare for new release to unstable.
      Updated libpng-dev build-dep, added Turkish translation.
      Bump dephelper build-dep, add patch to fix Apache2 memory leak.
      Prepare for 4.3.8-2 release.  Slap my name in the changelog, as I'm uploading.
      Added debian/watch file
      Re-enable GIF support in php4-gd
      Added patch to fix double-free errors in php4-gd
      Added pread patch, cleaned up debian/rules, re-enable LFS for apache 1.3
      Reworked pread patch so it works on amd64 too.
      Disabled pread completely.  I had to do this in Woody too, perhaps this will
      remove rpath from gd.so
      A changelog entry for the last change would be nice.
      Fix UNIX FD leaks.
      - Patch cleanup
      libapache2-mod-php4 postinst violently restarts apache2
      sendmail and mail() fix
      Disable LFS, enable a few extra extensions (without deps), disable
      Fixed malformed changelog entry.
      apache2 restarting made less broken.
      LFS support re-enabled AGAIN
      apache2 binary dep needs to be bumped too, of course.
      cruft killing.
      Updates template names for packages split/rename.
      Added overflow fixes patch and updated debian_quirks for the package split.
      Added a bunch of files, and modified a bunch more for the package split/rename
      Removed all the files obsoleted by the package rename/split
      Disable LFS again, and make a mess of cosmetic changes to debian/control
      Adding two patches, one which should have been tagged in the last release,
      Modified control to make binNMUs work, added some magic to all the SAPI
      Changelogs are nice.
      Patches from CVS work better if you take out the Id tag.  Grr.
      Fix typo in changelog.
      debconf-updatepo --podir po/
      lintian fixes, and reinstate missing changelog.
      maxliftime should echo minutes, not seconds, since that's what find wants
      No more php4->php4-cgi dep, just for woody upgrades
      The new patches, plus a typo fix in php4-cli postinst.
      Document dilinger's changes in php.ini
      Adjust patch offsets.
      Clarify php4-cgi and apache installtion instructions.
      Anal-retentive formatting change
      One last CGI->CLI migration fix.
      Garbage collectoin optimisation and proper purging.
      Add more informative comment to cronjob
      New upstream release, change php4-snmp to build with libsnmp5
      Many changes, see debian/changelog
      Fix purging of php-cgi alternative
      More crap.  Read the changelog.  I'm lazy.
      Reintroduce libexec dir that went missing.
      And a changelog entry for the libexec thing.
      Fix bad encoding in changelog.
      Update to new upstream source.
      Upstream sucks.  Fixing FTBFS on four arches.
      Oops.  Missed a || in my patch.
      Update to newest CVS.  Whee.
      Fedora patches, remove readline.
      ziplib support.
      Remove libedit from build-deps, don't need it anymore.
      More fiddling with patches.
      ZTS, here we come!  I hope.
      Update builtin extension lists in descriptions.
      Lower upload urgency a bit.
      Two more patches.  This is fun.  No, really.
      Remove 037-dval2lval_fix.patch, as it causes broken behaviour, clean up build-deps
      4.3.10-4 changes...
      Recode fix and unpatch cleanup.
      Lintian's extended-description-line-too-long warning can bite me.
      strtod and exif fixes.
      Improve ARM support
      Tidy up ARM patch.
      Drop libttf-dev build-dep
      cURL security patch rewrite
      Make the check case insensitive.
      Fix file upload patch.
      Fix broken *_pconnect functions.  Argh.
      Better SNMP patch.
      Add another bug closure.
      Fix zend.c patch
      Prep for -9...
      Update to 200503131325 CVS
      Revert ZTS.
      More changelog entries for the ZTS revert.
      Tear out caudium-php4.  Good riddance.
      Take out the snmp setenv stuff.
      More changes.  Whee.
      Extension regex.
      Missed removing one thread-safety patch.
      Add jvw to uploaders.
      Swap gd header export patch, for more comprehensive patch.
      Stop building extensions twice, remove win32/nw headers, get patch 049 right.
      Yay.  Fix #304601
      Fix ppc64 build
      gcc-4.0 patch, pt.po translation
      Give us a proper distribution
      directory->symlink buggery, move php.ini to sane location
      readline went byebye
      directory/symlink buggery, take 3.
      Update to 4.3.11
      New translations, description update.
      PEAR DB fixes
      remove configure command from phpinfo()
      Branch php5 from php4_4.3.11-1
      Initial php4->php5 conversion; still missing:
      Update translations for php5.
      New debian_quirks patch.
      Changes for new dpkg, SQLite is shared, xmlrpc is shared.
      Enable SOAP extension (#307580)
      Fix up control, modulelist, and rules, disable IMAP, enable pgsql, rename php5-pear to php-pear
      Last changes for 5.0.4-1
      Conflicts, yo!
      Move to a mailing list for group maintenance.
      Upstream lists betas on the download page, argh.
      phpapiver versus zendapiver
      I hate make
      Final crack at fixing extension ABI/API breakage issues.  Ugh.
      DEB_*_* variable changes for ease of backporting.
      libpq-dev | postgresql-dev makes backporters happy.
      apache -> apache2, huzzah!
      php5-dev; removal of duplicate files from other packages
      Make cross-compiling work on sid/breezy, we don't care about cross-compiling
      Add gdbm support, add a patch for catch segv.
      SNMP rebuild
      patch maintenance for 5.04 -> 5.0.5 upgrade
      manpages for php-config and phpize
      Fix mandir in debian/rules
      Remove Andres from Uploaders.
      Add open basedir patch.
      Revise history a bit to get old CVE CAN numbers in the changlog.
      Two 64-bit patches, and one security/safe_mode patch.
      Tag 5.0.5-2

dilinger-guest (22):
      Break package-diff out into separate patches.  These patches are:
      prerm should never be called w/out args, but..
      debconf prompting should only be done when postinst is called w/ configure
      Fix php.ini path in cli manpage (#233757).
      add apache2 support
      don't fail in postinst or prerm if the apache2 symlink can't be added
      eek, broken postinsts.  bad..
      Drop 010-apache2.patch; #228840 is fixed now..
      Fix FTBFS (#239159)
      Add myself as a co-maintainer
      Add phpapi Provides for libapache2-mod-php4; #240386
      Add versioned build-dep for pcre; #215069.  Upstream should really update
      Update/add versions for build-deps to match autoconf checks; #214060.
      Update for php-4.3.7.  The dropped patches are fixed by this release.  006
      Add maxlifetime script that determines the max gc_maxlifetime; and add
      ensure /usr/lib/php4 gets created
      don't attempt to use dh_files for maxlifetime
      Add a missing *.  thanks adam!
      Fix bashism in maxlifetime script
      Add patch to include gd headers in php4-dev
      Add missing #DEBHELPER# token to php4-common.postrm
      * Update email address for Andres.

ondrej (3):
      add 102-php_stream.patch to fix #321930
      reverted unintenional changes
      fix -p0 vs -p1 102-php_streams.patch

vorlon (129):
      Initial revision
      first try at building 4.3.x.
      another upstream bug fixed
      another upstream bug fixed
      use flex-old in place of flex for building
      cgi, caudium sapi build fixes
      Go back to using flex in place of flex-old, since neither works very
      hit flex over the head and take its money; handle 4.3.x pear installing
      Fix XSLT extension so it builds shared.
      further tweaking of PEAR handling
      docs no longer exist
      update the TODO list
      versioned conflict with php4-mysql due to zend weirdness
      further update the TODO list
      the TODO list gets longer
      debhelper conffile handling
      hack through the TODO
      stop carrying around a defunct sablot module
      autogeneration of module scripts - step one: postinst
      Module listing so we don't duplicate a large amount of information for
      don't forget curl
      autogenerate the postinst files
      add recode module to the list; add the template script
      autogenerate the postinst files
      Get the php4 manpage in the right place; trim the fat from the caudium
      changelog sync
      proper install handling for caudium; better handling of modulelist
      knock a few down
      generalization of per-extension prerm scripts
      changelog sync
      generalization of per-extension prerm scripts
      extend module handling to cover the sybase case, and remove spurious awk calls
      completely move the module list out of debian/rules
      variable name creep
      missed a spot on the module loop
      missing $ make escape
      generalized extension handling: check.
      stupid path issues in caudium package: check
      include path stuff
      backwards compatible support for /usr/share/pear
      debconf support
      po-debconf support
      typo: s/if /fi/
      reverse the sense of the version check
      further debconf support
      debconf support for php4-cgi; fix alarmist wording in php4.templates.
      make sure we use php4 instead of php as the interpreter
      interpackage dependency issue for PEAR
      changelog sprucing: documentation of bug #s
      finalized debconf support (for this round)
      more fault-tolerant handling of file removal
      Don't forget the confmodule
      debconf: done
      debconf dependency oversight
      last-minute lintian fixes
      make our package dependencies lintian clean(er)
      php-config fix
      configure extension modules according to what we find on disk
      fix dependencies in php4-dev
      conflict with old php4-pgsql
      rules for building the Apache2 SAPI
      more debconf work to do
      keep a copy of our source diff in debian/, for easy access
      typo in the diff, shame on me for hand-editing
      call db_stop before starting other programs that interact with the terminal
      postrm: handle weird users more gracefully on purge
      further fixes for debconf/apacheconfig interaction in postinst
      replace zendapi with phpapi
      add French debconf translation
      Add Brazilian Portuguese translation
      whoops -- need php:Provides instead of zend:Provides in control now.
      japanese debconf support
      bump to 4.3.3
      catch up with caudium, c-client build deps
      convert to new apache module script interface
      more superseded debconf support in php4
      don't call dh_stop
      add a bug number
      futz with caudium support, since libtool wasn't building PIC objects for us
      fix rules to enable debugging to thwart libtool
      but use stabs symbols, to not kill buildds with bloat
      problems with strip not being called correctly
      further refinements of debug/strip handling
      fix up -gstabs inconsistency on ia64
      fix cut'n'paste error: s/perl/php4/.
      debconf/modules-config updates
      Dutch translation
      changelog for DBA fix
      php4-pear suggests: php4-dev
      document a self-closing bug, whee
      document another self-closing bug
      make the pear command work
      kludge of the century: make php4-imap depend on libapache-mod-ssl, to staunch
      updated build deps on libt1-dev; roll back php.ini change, apparently unneeded
      roll back php.ini change, apparently unneeded
      New upstream version; port patches over, without introducing any new
      Add German translation, and drop translations of templates that we no
      added Danish debconf translation
      Move to using a patchset dir and build-time application of patches
      fix xbithack security hole
      stupid cvs token expansion
      document upstream fix
      Re-enable the SSL extension (huzzah!)
      Add alternatives for /usr/bin/php, and fix PEAR to always use
      Fix up php.ini defaults: set register_globals back to off, and use a
      fix up patch line numbers for php.ini-dist
      document an additional bug closure
      Roll back the arg check in php4-cgi.postinst; any case pathological
      Prep 4.3.4-2: fixed build deps, and updated README.Debian
      small snmp integer size fix
      updated Japanese translation
      fix up the changelog, these fixes didn't make the -2 cut
      new files for apache2 support
      readability fixes
      update php4-gd, so we can get rid of php4-gd2
      Spanish, Catalan translations
      fix a nasty missing-changelog oversight
      enumerate supported SAPIs in the postinst, just like we do in the config
      TODO list update
      session path fix for apache2 module
      use updated apache1.3 configuration interface
      drop references to php3 in README.Debian, and document the simplified
      Add LFS support for all SAPIs
      minor fix to a commented-out default in php.ini
      revert LFS support, pending Apache2 ABI support
      php4-pear needs a versioned dependency on php4-cgi
      add Czech debconf translation
      317369 gets fixed by a rebuild

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