[packaging] Changes to 'refs/tags/F-7-split'

Jeroen van Meeuwen vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Tue Nov 2 17:47:06 CET 2010

Tag 'F-7-split' created by Carl Worth <cworth at fedoraproject.org> at 2007-05-02 00:46 +0200

Changes since the dawn of time:
Carl Worth (22):
      Add chunk-glyphs-CVE-2006-0528 patch. Bump release to 5.
      Update for new upstream cairo 1.1.2 snapshot
      Update source for cairo-1.1.2
      Properly uploaded new source file this time.
      Add cairo-1.1.2-XRenderAddGlyphs-4705.patch
      Update to new upstream 1.1.4
      Add new cairo-1.1.4-work-with-older-poppler.patch
      Update to new upstream 1.1.6
      Add cairo-1.1.6-do-not-build-pdf2svg.patch
      Update do-not-build-pdf2svg patch
      Update do-not-build-pdf2svg patch (again)
      Update do-not-build-pdf2svg patch (third time's the charm?)
      Update to 1.1.10.
      Update to new cairo snapshot 1.3.2
      Update to 1.3.8
      Update to 1.3.10
      Update to 1.3.12
      Update to cairo 1.3.14
      update to 1.4.0
      Update to cairo 1.4.2 release.
      Update to cairo 1.4.4
      Update to 1.4.6

Jesse Keating (5):
      gcc update bump
      bump for gcc again
      bump for new gcc/glibc
      bump for bug in double-long on ppc(64)
      bumped for rebuild

Karsten Hopp (1):
      - buildrequire libxml2-devel from the log: SVG: no (SVG backend requires

Kristian Høgsberg (26):
      Setup of module cairo
      auto-import cairo-0.2.0-1 on branch devel from cairo-0.2.0-1.src.rpm
      Update license, explicitly disable glitz.
      Incorporate changes from katzj.
      Update to 0.3.0.
      Update to 0.5.0.
      Add libpixman-devel requires and explicitly disable win32 backend.
      Fix required libpixman-devel version.
      - Update to cairo 0.5.1.
      - Disable gtk-doc and add freetype and fontconfig BuildRequires.
      - Remove gtk-doc files, since --disable-gtk-doc doesn't work.
      Doh, use _datadir, not _sharedir
      - Package gtk docs as part of devel package.
      - Add requirement on libpixman-devel for devel package.
      - Add more missing devel package requires (libpng-devel and xorg-x11-devel)
      - Fix typo in use of libpixman_version macro (Thanks to Michael Schwendt,
      - Update to cairo-0.5.2 and drop bitmap font patch.
      - Add cairo-0.6.0-font-options-to-scaled-font.patch to make sure font cache
      - Update to cairo 0.9.2. Add Obsoletes: for libpixman <= 0.1.6.
      - Update to cairo 0.9.2. Add Obsoletes: for libpixman <= 0.1.6.
      - Also obsolete libpixman-debuginfo.
      - Rebuild against new freetype to get rid of --rpath in cairo.pc.
      - Add cairo-0.9.2-dont-hash-null-string.patch to avoid crash when creating
      - Update to cairo-1.0.0.
      - Update to cairo-1.0.2.
      - Rebuild against freetype-2.10 to pick up FT_GlyphSlot_Embolden.

Matthias Clasen (15):
      Adjust requirements for modular X
      new source
      try again
      don't build pdf2svg
      no longer needed
      small spec file cleanups

Owen Taylor (1):
      - Update to cairo-0.6.

Ray Strode (2):
      - add patch from Tim Mayberry to support embbedded bitmap fonts (bug
      - add lame libXt-devel BuildReq to get things building again.

besfahbo (5):
      Update to 1.2.2
      - Remove unnecessary --disable-* arguments to configure, add --enable-* for
      Bump release number.
      - Update to 1.2.4
      Apply some changes from merge review

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