[packaging] Changes to 'refs/tags/cyrus-imapd-1.7a'

Jeroen van Meeuwen vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Wed Nov 10 14:29:03 CET 2010

Changes since the dawn of time:
Chris Newman (15):
      Initial revision
      Removed support for '?' in hierarchy matches
      tweaked for changes to glob.c
      Initial revision
      changed encodefunc/decodefunc return types
      added service name to client_start
      added prototypes for acl_myrights, acl_set, acl_delete
      make *% work
      added ACL_FULL
      removed unused variables
      add suppress string support
      added GLOB_INBOXCASE flag
      bugfixes to *% and INBOXCASE code
      keep track of case for "INBOX" on inbox matches
      Added "glob_inboxcase()" macro.

Dan Root (16):
      Finger User Daemon
      Added 'fud' target and updated PROGS target to include it.
      Added setuid/reserved port handling.
      Semi-major changes.
      No really, remove the config option for fud-port this time.
      man page for fud.  Minimal, but heck, so is fud really.
      Updated version number
      Added a fud installation step
      *** empty log message ***
      Updated from html
      Fix stupid buffer termination problems and zero memory in arrays.
      Example source code for a fud-client
      Modification to initialization to cause interactive use to correctly
      Entry for the cyradm interactive patches.
      Added a comment on required usage ACLs
      fix buffer overrun issue found by purify

Derrick Brashear (79):
      Downcase instance to deal with stupid Andrew UPPERCASE HOSTNAMES!
      Forgot to include ctype.h
      Fixed configure to work nicer on SGIs so now everything but ptclient builds
      Fix to set Cyrus user to "cyrus" in SMakefile, disable amssync on SGI in SMakefile, actually allow ptclient to build, in configure.in
      debugging patches
      -lsocket? -lnsl?
      "canonical" krb4 checking/inclusion.
      Rob's MIPS abi crap as adapted by KTH
      move ac_args_with into defun-d function
      add AC_SUBST(RPATH)
      stuff specific to bsd telnet
      no really, this time for sure
      make it behave like the man page claims
      analogous fix for lib as for inc
      nope. not that way; there doesn't seem to be a way
      Find libpcap and pcap.h
      more of the same
      from KTH krb, for telnet
      new krb5 foo
      various fixes
      telnet has foo to detect termio definitions
      *** empty log message ***
      just use ac_replace_funcs
      more foo
      various crap
      bring things up to date
      push updates
      fix this to work with newer libnet
      get rid of multiple "test"s
      more tests
      from adm
      test for libcyrus
      new sasl crap
      more foo
      more changes
      for starttls
      more fun
      fix paths
      more fix
      use socket lib
      more fix
      more fun
      ssl is wacky
      damn you autoconf
      *** empty log message ***
      needs work
      add another check
      add sendauth proto test
      change how newdes test work
      deal with heimdal
      update for krb5-aware kafs
      updates for adm
      make imclient.h test use flags to find sasl.h
      fail if we lose either header or lib
      whole damn world broke out from under me
      update check for existance
      these may be links
      -e fails; use -r
      more updates
      update for sasl2
      update for the world of no libdes (maybe)
      export libdes we found
      update for no libdes
      audit fun

Jen Smith (1):
      installed Term::ReadLine module

John Gardiner Meyers (459):
      Initialize src_base and src_size in mailbox_copyfile.
      Add missing "int" parameter declarations
      More nul-dereference bugs.
      Initial revision
      Add install rules to Makefiles
      bump version
      Fix spacing
      Add MAX_MAILBOX_NAME macro.
      Make case-dependent search work.
      First pass, new mailbox semantics
      Initial revision
      scaffolding for "reconstruct -m"
      More mailbox name case-insensitive changes
      Add no-op install rule
      Put the "install...as appropriate" wording into install rule
      Replace with more modern syslog library.
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Need to create lib directory in $(exec_prefix)
      Add amssync and cmulocal directories.
      Update for new mailbox name semantics.
      Update documentation
      Makefile rearrangement
      last-minute fixes
      Linux mkdir() work-around
      Have to export CYRUS_DIR so it may be used by the subshell.
      Bump version
      Use new INBOXCASE support in globbing routines
      No %e on ultrix.
      Don't spew cascade errors if we get an EOF during/after reading an
      Rename some stuff
      Optimize LF-->CRLF mapping algorithm.
      Fix user deletion code.
      Oops, "inbox" has to be in upper case.
      Implement auto-creation feature
      New "autocreatequota" config option.
      Add the tag for xemacs modification-time droppings
      Need to give the comment tag a nopush attribute.
      Updated inbox semantics wording
      Initial revision
      Add --with-inn switch
      Add newline at end of file
      Don't need --with-tcl anymore
      Add disclaimer comment to processfetch() function.
      Remove ref to MAXHOSTNAMELEN macro
      Second try.
      First pass, updated path names and "make install" rule.
      Change /var/cyrus to /var/imap
      imtest/imtest --> /usr/local/bin/imtest
      Add the --with-cyrus-user= and --with-news-group= configure options.
      Need to specify a no-op group
      Add timestamp option to telemetry logs
      Add timestamp option to telemetry logs
      Have to open mailboxes file read/write in order to lock it
      Silly me, assuming that an '@' character would be followed
      Bump version
      Change notification mechanism to use INBOX.* mailbox names
      Document zephyr notification.
      Re-word slightly
      Remove dead code.
      Fiddle install rules
      Initial revision
      Fiddle install rules
      Fiddle install rules
      Update from cg2v
      Deal with 64-bit longs.
      Add cacheid parameter.
      Update comment.
      Try "unsigned int" before "unsigned long".
      Add cacheid parameter.
      Add cacheid function
      Add cacheid parameter.
      Append a 'U' to suppress "integer so large it is unsigned" warnings.
      ...append a L to avoid 16-bit-int wrapping.
      Not all compilers like the 'UL'
      Fix copyright notice
      Beef up kerberos checks to ensure the des library routines exist.
      Fix some typos.
      Have to remove declaration of tcl_RcFileName for latest version of
      Argh, was reporting all mail to instance "INBOX.", not "INBOX"
      Map the message-invalid error codes to sendmail's EX_DATARR
      Similarly, deal with invalid message error codes in the ESMTP/MULT
      Oops, had wrong message.
      Add lock_shared()
      If no correspoinding auth module for login module, strip off
      Rename to login_unix_getspnam
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Add support for pwcheck
      Initial revision
      Type declaration error.
      Move glob checks to mboxname.c
      Add an mboxlist_open_header_path() function, for use in reconstructing
      Add a 'suppresslog' param to ..._open_header_path interface.
      First pass, "reconstruct -m" code.
      Add parentetical comment about partition name limits.
      Bump to 1.3.6-Alpha
      Document 'reconstruct -m'.
      Document 'reconstruct -m'.
      Put in warning about conversion step.
      Completely disable dropoff, for now.
      Add changes since 1.3
      Remove Linux note.
      Incorporate Chris' inboxcase fix to the globbing code.
      Bump to 1.3.7-Beta.
      Get rid of call to krb_get_phost in krb_client_start().  On some
      change "") to ""|yes)
      Update with Sendmail, Tcl, and crippled-Kerberos information.
      Add ref to install FAQ.
      Initial revision
      Integrate krb_pts stuff into configure.
      Integrate krb_pts stuff into configure.
      New version from Chaskiel
      Bump to 1.3.8-beta
      Munge headers so that they are acceptable to the imap server.
      Add rule to test existence of makedepend
      use "yes" instead of "1".
      Add --disable-cyradm switch
      Add HP-UX comments
      Kerberos now uses MAXHOSTNAMELEN instead of MAX_HSTNM.
      Hardcode a '256' for MAXHOSTNAMELEN.  Sigh.
      Forgot to put the Tcl crap-out code in one place.
      Argh, the install-sh script doesn't handle multiple files.
      Fix for loops to hopefully crap out on an error.
      Wrap for loops around multi-file installs.
      Allow groups in "admins" configuration option.
      do an rm -f before an $(AR)
      Update Solaris info, add Linux info.
      Update/correct information
      Update setproctitle.
      EDQUOT might not be defined.
      Call proc_cleanup on recursive fatal() call.
      Got the sign of GMT offset backwards.
      Got the sign of GMT offset backwards.
      Refuse to run as root.
      check for sys/sysnews.h instead of sys/sysmips.h
      Ignore all-numeric names in news.
      Solaris checked against getspwnam
      Bump ver to 1.4
      Use vsprintf instead of vsnprintf.  Argh.
      Can't use prototypes.
      more changes from cg2v
      Got the netnews test backwards.
      Update version #.
      Deal with truncated Date: header values.
      Bump to 1.4.1
      Change name of MULT command to MREP.
      If no strerror, have to define NEED_SYS_ERRLIST.
      Deal better with 0-length maps, since mmap() appears to crap out on
      Switch to toimsp.c
      Fix some %lu casts
      First pass at varargs interface
      Get to compile.
      Switch from drop to toimsp.
      Add temp logging hack to catch pop3 authentication problems.
      Forgot a break statement.
      Add administrative limit on frequency of POP3 logins.
      Add administrative limit on frequency of POP3 logins.
      Add administrative limit on frequency of POP3 logins.
      Implement plaintextloginpause option.
      Add administrative limit on frequency of POP3 logins.
      Document the new "fascist" options, popminpoll and plaintextloginpause
      End toimsp log entries with a newline.
      Get to work.
      Bump to 1.4.2-alpha
      Don't AC_OUTPUT() files that aren't relevant.
      re-format code
      Get pt server support working.
      Clean up, don't return error if group lookup fails.
      Need <unistd.h> for SEEK_END
      Conditionalize <unistd.h>
      Futz around with getdtablesize() checking.
      Had to put back in the libossup.a library ordering hack.
      Don't use krb_pts on pmax_ul4--it causes "as" to die when compiling.
      Have to initialize reply to 0.
      Wasn't closing database and/or lock on some failures.
      Initial revision
      Add prot_tostring
      Oops, acte_prottostring
      Add acte_prottostring
      Add acte.o
      Argh, was referring users to getspnam instead of pwcheck.
      Oops, forgot to pass in new args to mailbox_rename, to retrieve the
      Permit empty flag list in APPEND command
      Use "unspecified-domain" instead of server's hostname to fill out
      Oops, used append instead of lappend
      Change MREP to MHLO.
      New ACL command set.
      Add ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES to EHLO capabilities list
      uid-next and uid-validity --> uidnext and uidvalidity
      Add AUTH= capabilities.
      Permit SPACE in mailbox names.
      Change minor version number to 1.
      Have to make unspecified-domain be in writable storage.
      Add ucase()
      Implement new BODY[]<> stuff, modulo HEADER.FIELDS[.NOT]
      Fix up ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES stuff a bit.
      Add Content-Disposition and Content-Language parsing.
      Bump a grow constant
      Remove pop3-auth temp hack.
      First pass, no-wait literals.
      Add no-wait literal support.
      Add comment
      Add support for HEADER.FIELDS[.NOT]
      HEADER.FIELDS bug fixes
      Add support for HEADER.FIELDS[.NOT]
      Fix typo in content-disposition
      BSD/OS & FreeBSD changes.
      Use header cache for SEARCH HEADER
      Start experimental OPTIMIZE-1 capability
      First pass, change ACL commands to use new syntax.
      Wasn't dealing with blank lines correctly.
      Implement first pass XGETUIDS.
      Make "reconstruct -r" with no args reconstruct every mailbox.
      Use 451 SMTP code, not 453.
      un-fold header lines when parsing for the ENVELOPE.
      Minor change to body disposition syntax
      Delete quota roots when deleting the last mailbox that uses them.
      Change $(AR) to ar -- HPUX sucks.
      LIST'ing the null string now has special-case semantics.
      First pass at XGETSTATE.  It doesn't work particularly well.
      Deal more gracefully with missing local realm.
      add reply parameter to login_authenticate()
      Initial revision
      Oops, got the sense of a return backwards.
      Deal with login_krb_pwcheck.c
      Bump to 1.4.4 (gave 1.4.3 to ESYS)
      Always treat strings >= 1024 as literals.
      Use HAVE_LIBDB to select use of db over dbm
      ac_check_lib needs a real function to check in each library.
      First pass, debugging libdb.a duplicate-elimination code.
      Fix mmap_private test program to put data in the test file to be
      Fix typo.
      Initial revision
      Pull over Kevin's code, re-indent
      Pull over Kevin's code, clean up
      Initial revision
      More clean-up
      Deal with stupid Digital Unix mmap semantics
      Ah, still call this 1.4.4
      Oops, beef up test for mmap_stupidshared
      Portability hacks.
      Remove no-longer appropriate comment.
      dike out some dead code.
      Don't compile amssync on pmaxen
      Don't do a CLOSE if we didn't do any deletions
      Don't free NULL pointers
      More cleanup
      Initial revision
      Convert to using the timestamps in the .MS_MsgDir
      Initial revision
      Add copyright
      Create and use mkgmtime().
      Update for 1.5
      Default to unix_pwcheck if the file /etc/shadow exists.
      Don't call htons on output of getservbyname
      first pass, protoizing
      first pass, protoizing
      first pass, protoizing
      Fix syncnews: mailbox names are now case-sensitive.
      In syncnews, forgot to copy over the tail end of the mailboxes file.
      User opened mailbox message goes to LOG_DEBUG
      Remove amssynctree
      Initial revision
      Add prototypes
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Proto-ize a bunch of stuff
      Proto-ize a bunch of stuff
      Support the modified UTF7 mailbox naming convention.
      Remove rmnews.
      auth library now creates/takes a state argument instead of maintainging internal static state
      Bug fix: can't "optimize" out use of charset_readmapnl, as failing to
      Typo--was checking wrong mailbox name for the [TRYCREATE] token for
      Add news install directions.
      Add LISTRIGHTS command.
      Got the mailbox ownership check wrong in LISTRIGHTS command.
      "no-wait literal" --> "non-synchronizing literal"
      Gave another snapshot to ESYS
      "mailbox list" --> "mailboxes file"
      Document newsspool config oper
      Update with latest set of changes.
      Fencepost error.
      Upgrade to Tcl 7.5
      Allow zephyr support to compile without Kerberos.
      Make 1.4.5 a beta version
      Document more changes
      Add cyrus-group to Configure
      Explicitly specify cyrus_group when installing deliver
      Add instructions pertaining to cyrus_group
      Add cyrus-group to Configure
      Update to 7.5
      Replace $(RM) with 'rm -f'
      Initial revision
      Provide replacement strerror routine.
      prot_err now returns const char *
      Split out password-checking routine from daemon code and make it a
      Initial revision
      Add --with-pwcheck= option.
      Add --with-pwcheck= option.
      Bump to 1.4.6
      Have to flush stdout
      Clarify in install document that --without-tcl also requires
      off-by-one error
      Add support for +rights and -rights.
      Add --with-afs=
      Add check for -ldl
      Fix a comment
      Mising include of acte.h
      Initial revision
      Use pwcheck authentication if there's an /etc/spwd.db file.
      Add --with-statedir config option
      Add --with-statedir config option
      Add --with-statedir config option
      Add --with-statedir config option
      Missed something
      Add newsgroups: and followup-to: to the set of cached headers.
      Bump mailbox minor version #
      Fix from J hutzelman.
      Add -q flag to deliver
      Add -q flag to deliver
      Fix handling of -F flag.
      Add linux/FreeBSD warning.
      Misc library fu
      Fencepost bug dealing with '*' as sequence.
      Seen database has to be refreshed on lock, since it can be updated in
      Add support for flushing output on read.
      Add support for flushing output on read.
      Argh, dynamic loading crap
      Only link Tcl into progs that need it.
      Add support for /var/imap/msg/shutdown file.
      Check for sys/select.h
      Document more changes.
      Support MAP_UNKNOWN_LEN
      Add xstrndup
      First pass, ripping out stdio
      First pass, ripping out stdio
      Add messages for tagged OK and LOGOUT's untagged BYE.
      Turn on --enable-experiment
      Add imclient_getselectinfo()
      Put quota file memory mapping in quota_read only.
      Missed a few places.
      Nuke linux/freebsd comments--they're no longer relevant now that I
      Put quota file memory mapping in quota_read only.
      duuh--have to include O_CREAT
      Have to find out/remember precise size of cache file, when copying
      Add LITERAL+ to capability list.
      more COPYUID fu
      implement COPYUID
      Add sys/time.h include
      Minor bugs.
      Add in krbck
      Initial revision
      Forgot some O_CREAT flags.
      Don't write into the hostent structure.
      Fix more bugs.
      Implement read callbacks
      Optimize message_parse_content() to not call message_getline()
      Make bsearch_compare stop on tab.
      Add in hooks to streaming code.
      Reconstruct corrupted seen databases.
      Typo in CAPABILITY command
      Deal with IOV_MAX silliness.
      Add minor comment.
      Initial revision
      document krbck
      Add ref to krbck, duplicate the reference to the install-FAQ.
      Make our iov_max guess a power of 2.
      You are in a maze of twisty pointers, all alike.
      Tim passed in a loose pointer to krb_rd_req().
      Don't require users to be in /etc/passwd.
      Yet more static-hostent bugs.
      MRSMTP --> LMTP
      Protect against messages not ending in CRLF
      Conditionalize INTK_PW_NULL case on existence of that macro.
      Include unistd.h
      Some dorky systems define iov_base as a void *
      last-minute bugs
      MRSMTP --> LMTP
      Give the "unsupported" error message instead of "permission denied"
      Remove lone CR characters from the input to deliver.
      Forgot to initialize some variables.
      Oops, fd's have to be compared against -1.
      Oops, fd's have to be initialized to -1.
      Fencepost error.
      Argument missing ot mboxlist_findall().
      Fix prototype decls.
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Fix hp bug:  can't use mtime to avoid updating index map--
      Make netnews support ignore newsgroups with bad names.
      imclient parsing fix (mostly) from Jeff Hutzelman
      Chaskiel did some stupid void pointer arithmatic in krb_pts.
      need sys/types before sys/stat
      Need to read in the index file before calling seen_reconstruct.
      Have to deal with 0-member iov's.
      amssync -b is now subsumed by -a
      Created a static variable which indicates we are doing some sort of find,
      Buglet: call to getopt needs to be changed to account for
      Rename "acte" to "sasl".  Add a few parameters to the various interfaces.
      More "acte" --> "sasl"
      Change copyright language (except lib)
      Deal with -R silliness.
      Copyright changes
      Bump version to 1.5

John Gardiner Myers (625):
      Initial revision
      Convert to english, add more text
      More fleshing out
      *** empty log message ***
      Changes uncovered at meeting--typos, locking order, group
      Revise for new IMAP spec.
      Initial revision
      get to "append to cyrus.cache"
      flesh out a bit.
      Fix parsing bugs, comment
      grammar bug
      folder --> mailbox
      Convert 0-part multiparts to empty text sections.
      ibuf growing code has been tested--remove overly-short grow size macro
      Initial revision
      Use calls to fatal()
      Add error codes, local assert.h
      Add error codes, error handling
      Add error codes, local assert handling
      Initial revision
      Add auth.h
      Initial revision
      Store name of mailbox
      Initial revision
      implement login and most of fetch
      Fix quote in magic number
      Redo dependencies
      Implement APPEND command
      Update to reflect reality
      Move rename/delete later
      Implement STORE and permanent per-user state
      implement SEARCH, ex. istring criteria
      declare return val
      Fix bug with body sections of top-level message/rfc822
      off-by-one bug in body[section] handling
      Implement body[section] fetching
      quotas are in units of KB, not MB.
      Remove unused parameter 'msgno' from index_fetchsection
      Bump down minor_version on append.
      ACL's are now completely tab-separated.
      be able to configure srvtab
      Add "umask" config option
      implement CREATE
      implement SEARCH on cyrus.cache
      full-fledged deliver
      Canonify the authuser
      implement FIND ALL.MAILBOXES, full SEARCH
      Initial revision
      Declare a bunch o' things static
      Log hostname of client
      Minor bug fixes
      Hack to keep parsel.c from being blown away regularly
      Add multipart params to BODYSTRUCTURE
      Implement hook to canonify access bits.
      Implement setacl/deleteacl
      Add *ACL commands
      Fix >512 fencepost and other minor bugs.
      Implement EXPUNGE
      acl_set needs more arguments.
      Initial revision
      FULL does not set \Seen
      Implement COPY
      Check ACL_SEEN for setting \Seen on append.
      Add 'internaldate' param to append_fromstream()
      Add comment
      Add [PERMANENTFLAGS (...)] data
      move acl and auth stuff to lib, use makedepend
      Initial revision
      Nuke one more glob ref
      Fix #include <acl.h> to be "acl.h"
      Move more files.
      Move more files
      Add date parsing to APPEND
      Comment, fix minor bugs
      Initial revision
      add proc registry/setproctitle support
      Implement DELETE, modulo blowing away other clients reading mailbox.
      *** empty log message ***
      Initial revision
      Implement RENAME
      Allow APPENDing messages with bare CR's.
      Use tmpfile() instead of mkstemp()
      Re-order includes
      Implement search functions OR () NOT SMALLER LARGER sequence UID
      Update for imap4, pass 1
      Renounce setuid if not invoked by root or daemon.
      Initial revision
      Minor IMAP4 changes
      Minor IMAP4 changes
      implement CHARSET envelope searches
      Initial revision
      Store body-part charset/encoding information in cache file.
      Remove unused message.h header file.
      Oops, that's 8 bits to the byte.
      add charset_searchfile
      Misc bugs.
      International body searching, minus headers
      Fix core-dump bug if no Date: header.
      Attach copyright notice
      Attach copyright notice
      Bump up GROWSIZE
      Complete extended SEARCH
      Add comments
      Clean out Makefile.bak files
      Get rid of (char *)/(unsigned char *) assignment compiler warnings.
      Add imap_err.h to dependencies for makedepend
      Handle null pointers
      add syslog()ing of I/O errors
      add #include <syslog.h>
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Get rid of compiler warning.
      New mapping module, for systems without functioning mmap().
      Bump version.
      add collectnews
      Initial revision
      Get working
      Add collectnews support
      update dependencies
      Add c-client fs_give and fs_get
      Fix APPEND parsing bug
      Bump up realloc increment
      Fencepost error in parsing netnews headers.
      Fix argument names for expunge decide proc
      Add rmnews
      Initial revision
      Have to refresh index file after store operation
      Move initialization of fname so it works for copies from netnews.
      Flush out the cache file data
      Have to pass an extra argument to append_copy
      Have to pass an extra argument to append_copy
      Forgot a "+" on an fopen() file mode
      Oops, left an extra argument in append_copy
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Add forward static decls
      Add forward static decls
      Initial revision
      *** empty log message ***
      Add forward static decls
      Add forward static decls
      Initial revision
      modify for autoconf
      Initial revision
      order-of-evaluation bug
      Renounce set-uid if not from news user.
      Deal with set-gid as well.
      Move more error message text to imap_err.et
      Remove ref to no-longer extant error code
      Parse backslash-quoting in quoted-strings
      Implement LIST/LSUB
      Forgot to parse/handle reference
      Fix code that lies about mailbox existence when user doesn't have
      Implement CAPABILITY
      Bug in netnews header reading function
      Initial revision
      kerberos.o --> acte_krb.o
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Compiles now
      Clean up
      Add AUTENTICATE, protection mechanisms
      Move LOGIN to libimap.a
      Add protection mechanism support.
      Bug in RENAME
      Support %c
      prot_printf can't handle complex format strings
      Use config_dir instead of config_getstring("configdirectory", 0)
      Change quota_path to quota_root
      Get quotas working
      Fix EOF handling
      Have to copy out phost into local storage.
      Handle boundary markers when parsing headers.
      Fix incorrect passing-down of default content type for text/rfc822
      Don't include name of mailbox in quota warning messages
      Implement GETQUOTA command.
      add POP-lock.
      Add support for POP locks.
      Attempt at removing quota roots on deletion
      Remove attempt to remove mailbox quota roots on deletion
      Add pop_lock_count
      Need to call krb_mk_req before krb_get_cred to ensure the service key
      Change query_state interface
      use fs_get() instead of xmalloc()
      Use fs_get/fs_give
      Don't double-log anonymous logins
      Fix the autologout timer
      Typo -- would only parse one MIME parameter
      Add comment
      Change back to using xmalloc
      Deal with infinite-loop or write-outside-bounds on write error.
      limit the maximum plaintext size against the input maximum buffer
      Initial revision
      Add pop3d
      Initial revision
      Fix FD leak
      Add \Draft flag
      Slight reorg
      Add \Draft flag
      Do READ-ONLY if can't delete.
      cmd_select() response cleanup
      mailbox selection failure now closes current mailbox.
      Add koi8-r character set
      Macro-ize index header offsets
      Macro-ize index header offsets
      Forgot to add to mailbox struct
      Fencepost error
      Preserve LAST
      Implement CLOSE
      Demote untagged NO's to untagged OK's
      Mark quota warnings with [ALERT]
      Replace constants with corresponding macros
      Add .SILENT store operations
      Add .SILENT store operations
      Add store .SILENT operators
      Add support for UIDL
      Add imtest subdir
      Add imtest
      Bump version
      Deal with glob interface change
      Eudora kludge
      Add '*' to list of atom specials
      Fix set-uid problems
      Initial revision
      Add IMSP dropoff support
      Add support for sending "SEEN 0" dropoff hints.
      Deal with case where you delete your last unseen message.
      Split out is_atom and is_sequence
      use is_atom()
      Add is.o
      Change protection mechanism functions to return string error messages.
      Fwd decls.
      Initial revision
      Add reconstruct
      Add reconstruct support
      Misc bug fixes
      Close the message files.
      Don't allow quota frees to wrap quota usage past zero
      Don't allow quota frees to wrap quota usage past zero
      Add "quota" command.
      Initial revision
      Create and export mboxlist_openlock()
      Add "-r" (recurse) flag.
      First pass at quota fixer.
      Get root-fixing working.
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Don't remove mailboxes quota roots when doing fixes over a subset of
      Parameterize the "imap" service name
      Have to remember service name in "state" structure.
      Sleep 3 seconds on authentication failures.
      Close mailbox after changing its quota root.
      Deal better with RENAMEd or DELETEd mailboxes.
      Add inactivity timer
      Add log FD to structure
      Add telemetry log option
      Add telemetry log directory
      Add telemetry log support.
      Bump up artificially-low GROW constants
      Fencepost error.
      Document telemetry log directory.
      use configure's <dirent.h> magic
      Don't have to do a full check after an append.
      When creating user inboxes, canonicalize the case of the userid
      Implement "defaultacl" config option
      Replace some XXX comments with assert() macros.
      Initial revision
      *** empty log message ***
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Reflect state of first beta release
      Bump version number
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      New format charset tables.
      Change wording a bit
      Neglected to delcare an arg.
      Implement boyer-moore searching, modulo delta2
      Remove some XXX comments
      Beef up rule for making chartables.h
      Bump up version number
      Optimize out some strlen() calls.
      Flesh out the base64 table to 8-bits
      Forgot to change a string-search to use boyer-moore
      Fix ibuf allocation performance bug
      Allow for char being unsigned.
      Initial revision
      Add AC_CONST
      Add in halfwidht katakana mappings
      Initial revision
      Extend for iso-2022-jp
      Add iso-2022-jp support
      Special-case optimize searching us-ascii data
      Minor bug
      Fix ibuf allocation bug
      Upgrade to autoconf 1.11
      Remove "signed" keyword
      Remove gcc-ism
      Handle EOF on multipart
      Zero-length literals now allowed
      Zero-length literals now allowed
      Initial revision
      Change syslog facility from local4 to local7
      Try LOCAL6
      Initial revision
      Add getdtablesize compatibility function.
      local4 --> local6
      Remove some input-buffer-aligned-on-word-boundary assumptions
      Remove renounce setuid check
      Initial revision
      When reading imapd.conf, don't chop last char of line if it's not a newline.
      Move is.c to lib
      Remove decls of unused variables.
      Fix bug in LIST/LSUB \Noselect code.
      Add some necessary #include statements.
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      get working
      conditionalize kerberos on HAVE_ACTE_KRB
      Redo some autoconf stuff
      Got ESC $ and ESC ( backwards
      Add in AUTH support
      Minor bug fixes
      Kludge around makedepend's spurious warnings
      Take out TCLLIBS interim hack
      Screw the makedpend kludge
      Initial revision
      Add support for non-flock locking
      redo autoconf Kerberos detection.
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Deal with systems without tm_gmtoff member to struct tm.
      Need to return seconds, not minutes.
      Deal with systems without tm_gmtoff member to struct tm.
      Add support for non-flock locking
      Fix long_file_names and mmap tests.
      HP port
      Add conditionals to deal with other mmap's
      Add support for kpop.
      Bump version back for pre-release
      Bump version #
      Use flex if it's available
      Put a "*" after "flex"
      Test for bison/byacc
      Check for existence of mailboxes file on startup
      Fix bug in unsubscribe--it was unsubscribing from too many things.
      Forgot to put $(LIBS) in depenedencies
      Prefer posix-style nonblocking mode.  Some systems have broken BSD
      Propagate up the mechanism-specific decoding error message.
      Add desc of -k option
      Remove reference to "pop3 last" state.
      Add cyrmain.c
      Check for existence of server argument
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Move the syslog check to the end--putting stuff in LIBS seems to
      Give example of inconsistencies this command checks
      Forgot a leading "./"
      Add help command
      Update for version 1.1 release
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Integrate krb.equiv changes from Jeff Hutzelman
      Put the krb.equiv canonicalization in the wrong place.
      Linux port -- they put FD_SET etc in unistd.h
      Check *canonicalized* userid against the "admins" configuration
      Make sure a "make depend" gets run once before a "make all".
      Switch meanings of Makefile macros: LIBS/NODEP_LIBS --> DEPLIBS/LIBS
      Formatting change, add caveat about "deliver -i"
      Redo '%' wording.
      Clean up.
      Move down the "FIELD DESCRIPTION" header.
      Document some more options
      Change from local4 to local6
      *** empty log message ***
      Bump version #
      Clean up
      Add kerberos_get_srvtab()
      Have to get srvtab from config.
      Fix bug in Status: header
      Flesh out the partition-X description
      Avoid divide by zero when quota is zero
      Initial revision
      Use private copy of sysexits.h
      Bump version
      Add socket library.
      Bug in error case--have to restore tab before breaking out of loop.
      Need to include <string.h>
      Add support for unsigned ints.
      Add support for UIDVALIDITY.
      Forgot to save emacs bufer
      Add support for UIDVALIDITY
      Bug fixed: EXAMINE command should not affect \Recent status
      Update the \Recent high-water-mark when we report new messages.
      Store time of last \Seen flag change in cyrus.seen database.
      Implement STATUS
      Switch to using UTF-8 for internal search format.
      add last_change param to drop_seen
      Initial revision
      Too few arguments to fatal()
      Typo, delint
      Fix file descriptor leak
      Add newcred and freecred methods.
      First pass, getting updateimsp to work
      Add support for STATUS command
      Add new_cred and free_cred mechanisms.
      Include the # messages info in the IMSP LAST command
      If STATUS MESSAGES is zero, so are SEEN and RECENT.
      Missing arg.
      Expand out a $<
      Better error reporting on short reads
      Must re-read after acquiring lock.  Cannot trust mtime of a file to
      Don't complain creating dropoff file if we get ENOENT
      Have to declare errno.
      Don't complain when doing "-r foo" and foo itself doesn't exist.
      Initial revision
      Add mboxlist_syncnews()
      Initial revision
      Typo:  "read" --> "all"
      Linux porting fix: use "ed -s" instead of "ed -"
      Need <sys/time.h> on Linux
      Cast sockaddr_in to sockaddr to avoid compiler warning.
      Initial revision
      First pass, arbitron
      Add syncnews and arbitron
      Implement pruning of old seen database entries.
      Remove STATUS from CAPABILITY command.
      Update to correspond to uidvalidity & locking fix.
      Redo duplicate delivery elimination.
      Duplicate elim switch is now 'i' instead of 'e'.
      Document changes to deliver
      Log duplicate delivery eliminations.
      Initial revision
      Include netinet/in.h for htonl() define.
      Need sys/types.h as well.
      Include map_private.c for systems like HP which have half-working mmap()
      Initial revision
      Update to Laurie's latest version
      Clean up the HTML a bit.
      Use output format consistent with real arbitron.
      Put in vprintf check
      Need to check for -lsocket before AC_OUTPUT
      Initial revision
      Update for configure 2.1
      Upgrade to autoconf 2.1
      bcmp --> memcmp
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Fix some 8859 mapping errors
      Put in / correct a bunch of lower-case mappings
      Move html docs to html directory
      Check for ndbm/dbm
      Fix -ldbm Solaris problem
      Minor wording change
      Bump version
      Document duplicate delivery suppression
      Document syncnews directory creation bug.
      Remove hypertext links to IMAP documents.
      Initial revision
      Initial revision
      Comment out STATUS command
      Bump up debugging grow macros.
      Add changes for 1.2
      Add --disable-privacy switch to configure.
      Document --disable-privacy
      Update copyright notice
      Clean/update the configure information.
      Clean up.
      Ignore -m switches with an argument of the null string.
      return EX_USER instead of EX_UNAVAILABLE if mailbox is nonexistent.
      Remove "beta" designation from version 1.2
      Remove "beta" designation from version 1.2
      Update for gamma release
      declare crypt function.
      Allow for --with-login=unix_shadow
      Add to port list
      Update install list.
      More updates.
      Bump to v1.2
      Clean up/shorten a bit.
      cyrus-1.2 --> imapd-1.2
      Wasn't dealing with single-char case correctly.
      Encode NUL character using two bytes.
      Bump ver to 1.3
      Document changes between 1.2 and 1.3
      Bump to 1.3.1-alpha
      Don't complain if dropoff directory doesn't exist (for seen
      Wasn't removing some (un-indexed) article files correctly.
      Initial revision
      First pass, new mail notification.
      Issue [TRYCREATE] tag on COPY command.
      Change "echo" to "true" when creating mailboxes
      Avoid O(n**2) behavior when doing collectnews on articles that have
      Bump COLLECTGROW from 20 to 50
      Put in more direct test for shared-memory mmap
      First pass at SMTP support in deliver.
      Move map_* files from imap to lib directory.
      Add onceonly parameter to mmap()
      Add onceonly parameter to map_refresh()
      Initial revision
      First pass, memory mapping mailboxes list
      Wrote == instead of =.  Sigh.
      Initial revision
      Add retry_write()
      Don't add slop if mapping onceonly.
      If mapping with shared (for onceonly) fails, try again with private.
      More memory mapping
      Replace binary search.
      Change name of shared-memory mapping module.
      More memory mapping
      Remove DeCarlo copyright notice
      Fix some fencepost problems
      Wasn't testing lenp before dereferencing.
      Wasn't correctly handling searches starting in the last line, a
      Initial revision
      Switch to new non-yacc-based address parser.
      Switch to new non-yacc-based address parser.
      Yet another fencepost.
      append_addseen() would screw up if no messages were previously seen.
      Typo--deliver() was returning wrong error message if userid had a dot
      Don't recognize "anybody" in ACL's
      Store redundant copy of ACL in maibox header.
      Store redundant copy of ACL in maibox header.
      Add headers to notification messages
      Add headers to notification messages
      Store redundant copy of ACL in maibox header.
      Change default acl from "anybody lrs" to "anyone lrs"
      Initial revision
      Replace et with version that doesn't require lex/yacc
      Initial revision
      Update copyright year on Makefile
      Get to compile/run
      Initial revision
      Bump version.
      Generate dependency on compile_et for depend.
      Bug fix: imclient_send was appending spaces to %d and %u

Ken Murchison (624):
      fixed cmd_id() so that 'id NIL' doesn't exit due to missing ')'
      updated for version 2.0
      added SORT/THREAD support - needs POSIX regex support
      added lsort (linked list sorting) for SORT/THREAD
      fixed small bug in thread_orderedsubj() logic
      fixed SORT to only use local-part of FROM/TO/CC addresses instead of addr-spec
      removed a debugging prot_printf
      - forgot to free thread node after freeing its contents
      - fixed bug (I think) in sieve_fileinto() not passing correct username and
      missed sd->username arg in last set of fixes
      fixed thread_orderedsubject logic to handle subjects with same hash value
      cleaned up remnants of SORT/THREAD regex dependencies
      forgot to handle NIL and quoted strings in the new index_extract_subject()
      - changed memory allocation for sort/thread so that it allocates one big
      added support for JWZ-style threading
      added support for JWZ-style threading (#ifdef ENABLE_THREAD_JWZ)
      added hash tables and case-insensitive substring searching for JWZ threading
      added support for JWZ-style threading
      added hash tables and case-insensitive substring searching for JWZ threading
      fixed the check of the uname() exit value in cmd_id()
      added support for args to sort keys -- getting ready for SORT2 and ANNOTATE
      - rewrote most of JWZ code to avoid any license issues
      make SORT_KEY_MASK non-public
      - changed THREAD=JWZ to THREAD=X-JWZ to reflect its experimental status
      plugged memory leak when SEARCH/SORT had no matches
      fixed threading to handle missing and duplicate Message-IDs
      fixed check of sendmail exit code in sieve callbacks
      changed _index_thread_print() to print nothing for dummy parents
      fixed _index_thread_print()'s handling of dummy messages again -- the previous
      i'm an idiot - don't free space more than once
      added libcom_err.a to DEPLIBS so that 'test' will build properly
      fixed bug in :USER and :DETAIL code where strchr() would crash if passed
      - fixed sieve runtime error reporting: no failed actions we being reported
      - fixed check of sendmail exit status
      fixed getheader(), getenvelope() to match Larry's new "const" prototypes
      - started transition from X-JWZ to REFERENCES
      fixed extract_subject() to match latest SORT/THREAD update
      - added support for guessing user's email address by recursively
      used @IMAP_COMERR_LIBS@ instead of DEPLIBS for libcom_err.a
      simplify sendmail_errstr() so it doesn't leak memory.
      ifdef'd out code for appending (sub)domains to envelope "to" address
      regex header fix from Martti Kuparinen <martti.kuparinen at iki.fi>
      changed clean to NOT remove derived files (via lex, yacc, compile_et),
      - modified response-type actions to send out empty return-paths
      fixed bug where a +detail part was assumed when creating duplicate db hash
      - tightened up ID security a little
      - added imapidresponse config param to turn ID response on/off
      simplfied accepted addresses per conversation with tjs
      added check of Bcc: header for the recipient's address to be compliant with
      added support for SETACTIVE ""
      plugged potential memory leak in ID logging
      ID log tweak
      fixed extract_subject() to handle literals
      cleaned up the extract_subject() crap I checked-in yesterday
      documented sendmail and postmaster options
      removed appending of domain junk from look_for_me()
      fixed stop so that it terminates the entire script, no just the innermost 'if'
      added sieve_err.h dependency for sieve_interface.h
      fixed problem handling dates with no timezone
      tweaked message_parse_date() so it doesn't bail on missing time/timezone
      fixed bug (I think) in plain text login
      added comment explaining my LOGIN fix
      changed Auto-Submitted header to auto-replied in vacation
      removed advertisement of THREAD=X-JWZ
      changed THREAD=REFERENCES build option
      allow empty THREAD response per current draft
      don't group messages with empty subjects in REFERENCES (per current draft)
      added code to spit out SORT/THREAD timing results to syslog
      tweaked index_msgdata_load() so it only grabs cached info and/or parses the
      tweaked/fixed timezone parsing code
      - fixed index_search*header() so that they only searched the field-body part
      sieve_parse_error(), sieve_execute_error() take consts
      removed ENABLE_THREAD_REF - THREAD=REFERENCES is now part of the draft
      - split the sort key modifiers (flags) from the sort key and introduced
      - changed to new sortcrit struct
      added sieve-lex.c to distclean target
      added prot_waitevents to prot_poll() - this allows a function to be called
      - added IDLE support using prot_waitevent - working on using signals from master
      idle bugfix - DO NOT call mboxlist_close() (1.6 -> 2.x change)
      removed blurb about IMAP ID draft (its now RFC 2971)
      added '-a' option to lmtpd to preauth inet socket connections
      - changed mylmtp initialization to include preauth=0
      fixed bug where send_response() would crash when no msgid was present
      updated REFERENCES to version -05 of the draft (added sorting of root set
      altered prot_waitevent structure:
      first crack as using prot_waitevent for backend timeouts -
      REALLY fixed In-Reply-To header problem in send_response()
      fix to vacation notifications courtesy of Gary Mills <mills at cc.umanitoba.ca>
      REFERENCES bugfixes and compliance with current SORT & THREAD drafts (-06)
      check for msgid before writing In-Reply-To header
      added canon_domain option to get_address()
      canonicalized domain for address matching in VACATION
      added comments to VACATION address checking
      added 'rock' arg to hash_enumerate() which gets passed to 'func()'
      changed to new hash_enumerate() interface
      fixed bug in parse_cached_envelope() where unexpected input would cause
      changed distclean target to use BUILT_SOURCES variable
      implemented IMAP IDLE to use master as a singal dispatcher
      added $Id$
      added 'version' command -- does an ID against server
      bug removed
      updated capabilities
      reimplemented new backend timeout code to NOT use 'lastused'
      added pointer to event to args passed to event callback
      added IDLE support in both threaded and non-threaded versions -
      now uses config.h
      check for HAVE_CONFIG_H before including config.h
      - IDLE now uses 1 of 3 configurable mechanisms (idled, poll, no)
      added ID, IDLE, SORT, THREAD cmd counts to snmp data
      added idled to PROGS (it was left out when the PROGS lines were swapped)
      removed pthreaded variant of IDLE
      no longer uses list_thread_algorithms()
      completed ID and IDLE support.  IDLE is now simulated is the backend
      important bugfix when allocating a new block (tail end of list
      fixed check for sys/resource.h so that HAVE_SYS_RESOURCE_H gets defined
      keep track of successfully redirected messages in the duplicate delivery
      allow 'dontblock' to work correctly with 'read_timeout'
      - rewrote cmd_id to use idparamlist instead of strlist
      - fixed cmd_id (stole updated code from imapd.c)
      r was being redefined as int
      added "TCP Wrapper" to environment param in cmd_id()
      allocation bugfix: add_service() now only realloc's when needed (it was
      first crack at SIGHUP
      removed BUILT_SOURCES from distclean target, moved them into clobber target
      small nit
      ACL wasn't being preserved during a mailbox rename
      small nit
      stupid, stupid, stupid - residual SIGALRM caused termination
      use POSIX signal sets instead of BSD unreliable signals
      fixed bug #389
      fixed potential off by one error in getsortcriteria() - need to leave room
      fixed byte alignment problem with process_msg()
      check for quoted-specials in parse_cached_envelope()
      removed obsolete options
      updated pages to 2.0.x functionality
      added ctl_mboxlist.8 and ctl_deliver.8
      first crack on a manpage.  didn't document '-a' because I'm not sure how
      first crack at a manpage.  the '-f' option appears to be required for '-d'
      updated to reflect current code
      require '-f' with '-d'
      re-enabled ID and added "backend-url" field
      reimplemented deliver -q by adding LMTP IGNOREQUOTA keyword
      fixed typo
      removed blurb about non-hierarchical RENAME
      HTML-ize man pages
      list of manpages (may be incomplete)
      list of supported protocol specs (RFCs and I-Ds)
      broke out man pages and specs as separate pages
      added description for listening on a particular interface and updated
      - added LMTP IGNOREQUOTA draft
      removed 'q' from getopt() -- we no longer use it
      initial drac patch using prot_waitevent() for imapd
      only do TLS for STARTTLS
      only do TLS for STARTTLS
      manpage updates/tweaks
      manpage updates/tweaks
      added description of allowplaintext option
      cleanup after groff
      updated to 2.0.12
      oops!  allowplaintext defaults to yes
      pass cyrus.conf "service name" to service via environment
      typo in comment
      added '-C <alt_config>' option
      split extensions from index.c to index_ext.c
      remove duplicate static variables from index.c; instead, refer to copies inside of the struct mailbox.  performance impact is unknown, but allows cleaner code and stuff to use index.c even if it's not imapd
      fix declaration
      allow event callback to remove itself
      logic fix
      added 'dracinterval' to enable/disable DRAC
      added 'postuser'
      updated to apply against latest CVS
      - dependency fix for 'test'
      need sys/time.h for struct timeval
      fixed 64-bit idled bug - thanks to Rein Tollevik <rein at basefarm.no>
      added missing 'RESP-CODES' CAPA response
      added APOP support - dependent on sasl_checkapop()
      added APOP support - dependent on sasl_checkapop()
      proxy-specific APOP fix
      updated to current CVS
      fix for RH Linux (didn't like relative path in LIBS)
      allow USER/PASS to be disabled per RFC2595
      log files need to be created if they don't exist
      added service-thread.o to LOBJS
      applied db3 patch from Scot W. Hetzel
      fixed compile problem in APOP code
      updated to current CVS
      allow USER/PASS when using KPOP
      reworked to overcome imapd_remoteaddr not being global to to not leak
      handle drac cleanup better
      allow spaces (via quoting) in mailbox names for listaclmailbox
      fixed leaking file descriptors (courtesy Mike Gleason <mgleason at ncftp.com>)
      removed snot (next time try to compile before checking in!)
      return empty PERMANENTFLAGS on EXAMINE
      allow \n in QSTRING
      SIGHUP fixes:
      applied Jeremy Howard's notify_unix updates
      cleanup meta-data for deleted user (seen, subs, quotas, acls)
      allow reuse of pop3d processes
      simplified APOP response parsing
      added blurb about removing [x]inetd.conf entries
      oops! don't free userid twice after AUTH
      exit instead of resetting for KPOP
      fixed seg faults -- RSET code was not zeroing reused AUTH vars
      added to more FAQ
      kpop faq
      plugged memory leak on failure to create inet socket for service
      fix PLAIN / IMAP LOGIN problem (don't use PLAIN unless advertised)
      - added RFC1893, RFC2298
      changed process name in error messages to "lmtpd"
      config_init()/fatal() fix courtesy of Pavel Levshin <flicker at mariinsky.ru>
      oops!  need to create a new APOP challenge each time process is used
      oops!  need to create a new APOP challenge each time process is used
      merged hier-sep branch into trunk
      doc cleanup
      implement TLS session reuse
      tweaked debug logging
      added tls options
      updated to apply cleanly to 2.1.0pre
      translate to unixhierarchysep and/or altnamespace
      added initgroups() and setgid() to become_cyrus()
      fixed $Id$ string (-kk problems)
      changed prototypes
      fixed $Id$ string (-kk problems)
      TLS_REUSE code cleanup/reorganization
      allow separate certificates/keys for each service
      perl cleanup
      added Gary Mills' improved directory hashing
      fixed compiler warnings with new hashing code
      modified USER/PASS and STLS interaction code
      need assert.h
      expire tweaks
      added STARTTLS to lmtpengine server mode
      phew! lots of altnamespace/unixhierarchysep code cleanup
      added STARTTLS to lmtpengine server mode
      implemented reference counting so that we can handle multiple DB3 databases
      added return values for ref counting
      added STARTTLS to lmtpengine server mode
      lots of TLS reuse stuff
      don't do STARTTLS for preauth'd connections
      fix gid typos - courtesy £ukasz Grochal <luike at rotfl.eu.org>
      consolidated tls code:
      merged Larry's LMTP Received: header stuff
      added TLS info, SASL ssf and LMTP to Received: header
      added description of "disabled" for service specific tls options
      changed references to "deliver running in LMTP mode" to "lmtpd"
      split and improved(?) alternate namespace docs
      plug memory leak
      - check quota and acl when we get RCPT TO:
      fixed bug #421 - allow empty flag list in STORE
      simplified LIST options parsing in getlistopts()
      forgot to include limits.h
      fixed docs/manpage for mailbox delete ACL (c)
      first crack at migrating duplicate/ctl_deliver to cyrusdb
      don't close db before copying data
      first crack at migrating duplicate/ctl_deliver to cyrusdb
      - only open/close on init/done
      i'm an idiot!  the data is timestamp+session, NOT just timestamp
      - added blrub about Eudora's broken STARTTLS
      fixed zero quota bugs (divide by zero) - inspired by Leena Heino <liinu at uta.fi>
      return false for SEARCH [TO|BCC|CC|FROM|SUBJECT] when the header
      Speed up SEARCH HEADER [TO|BCC|CC|FROM|SUBJECT] - patch courtesy
      i'm an idiot!  backout previous patch because there was no memory leak.
      fix detection of missing TO/CC/BCC/FROM headers for SEARCH
      fixed bug #958 - master eats CPU when maxchild is reached
      oops!  can't use the findall pattern as the INBOX name
      mereged some reconstruct -m code back in
      added tool for operations common to all cyrus DBs
      oops!  can't determine \HasNoChildren for subscriptions
      allow subscriptions without an INBOX
      deliverdb directory no longer used
      - added checkpointing to ctl_cyrusdb
      typo: LOG_WARN -> LOG_WARNING
      we now support EGD for OpenSSL -
      added db3 nosync backend
      use the new db3_nosync backend
      only open/close tls_sessions.db once per process
      updated syslog messages
      updated manpages
      log stats for tls_prune
      added check for db3.3
      added timing stats to SEARCH response
      added more timing stats to SEARCH/SORT/THREAD response
      added Rob O'Callahan's SQUAT code (with a few tweaks)
      brief list of changes since 2.0.16
      fix to improved directory hashing scheme which keeps ALL of a user's
      oops!  need to use loop index to iterate through argv
      added a few syslog messages
      installation fixes
      silly exit code bug
      i'm an idiot!  gotta close the mailbox after checking ACL, quota
      fixed fd leak -- cyrus.squat never closed
      added more config info to IMAP ID response
      added blurb about using 'cyradm ver' command to gather config/info
      - added IMAP ID info
      derived file -- pointless keeping this in CVS
      added IMAP ID
      fix potential overrun problem (very large headers)
      updated SSL/TLS and SNMP info
      fix for redhat's ucdsnmp, which needs -lrpm -lpopt
      cleanup 'clean' target
      In SLEEZY_NAMESPACE mode, don't advertise a personal namespace for users
      close all listeners when we spawn an EVENT
      updated to draft-martin-managesieve-03
      added mailbox_sync() - start of snapshot capability
      added most recent CVS timestamp to ID response
      damn!  substituted keyword where I didn't want it
      i'm still an idiot
      this is getting irritating!
      fixed bug #1017 - look_for_me() now returns the matching address which
      become_cyrus() fixes from Gregory Neil Shapiro <gshapiro at gshapiro.net>
      updated to sieveshell
      portability fixes
      detect berkeley db 4
      changed my mind on the location of the APOP challenge - AGAIN!
      timsieved addtitions
      prevent name clashing with other possible CVSDATE
      i'm an idiot
      fixes for compilation without OpenSSL
      added "duplicatesuppression" switch to imapd.conf (Birger Toedtmann <birger at takatukaland.de>)
      fixed compile issues
      don't echo password (Amos Gouaux <amos at utdallas.edu>)
      merged imapd-sasl-v2 branch
      added SYS and AUTH POP response codes
      updated to current CVS
      made LISTEXT a configure option
      added newline at end of file
      tired of the CVS noise
      support for DB4 -- patch courtesy of Larry M. Rosenbaum <lmr at ornl.gov>
      support proxying via 'loginuseacl' -- patch courtesy of Amos Gouaux <amos at utdallas.edu>
      do a case-insensitive comparison of :addresses for vacation
      updated SASL prereq
      SSF = external SSF + mechanism SSF
      vacation now checks for "Precedence: junk | bulk | list" header
      updated with mupdate BUILTSOURCES
      allow quota value of 'none' to remove quota
      implement bug #1081 (hot backup of databases)
      fixed bug #1082 (lmtpd listens to msg/shutdown)
      service_abort() now calls shut_down() -- better process cleanup
      service_abort() now calls shut_down() -- better process cleanup
      updated to RFC3206 and RFC3207
      updated to SASL v2
      shutdown immediately when we get msg/shutdown (don't worry about cleanup).
      convert murder.fig to murder.png
      consolidate all shutdown code into shut_down() like other services
      log_archive fix for DB3.3 (Daniel Holdren <dholdren at albany.edu>)
      warning fix
      updated to RFC 3028 and draft-martin-sieve-notify-01
      support %ld and %lu in prot_printf() format string
      squash a bunch of warnings
      updated to include cvt_cyrusdb
      log sieve discards, so we can diagnose complaints from idiot users
      fix parseheader() to allow ALL valid headers per RFC2822 (any printable
      check validity of headers in header/address/envelope actions
      consolidated some duplicate code
      notifyd embryo
      oops, missed a hidden file
      fixed bug #1111 -- ctl_cyrusdb now specifies db's to save
      added a paranoid assert()
      fixed bug #1181
      added -f switch to force action callback failures (simulate runtime failures)
      report notify errors
      fixed bug #1179 - added 'force' flag to DB->delete() to suppress DB_NOTFOUND errors - don't use internal cache (to the extent we are allowed via API)
      add subs, seen, duplicate and tls db configuration to ID response
      - fixed bug #1053
      added tls_cipher_list option
      - line wrap db backend help  - align help text (ken being anal)
      - added 'null' and 'mailto' notifiers - added '-m' option to notifyd for specifying default notifier - actually find specified method now
      specify unused attributes
      make the relationship to rfc 2822 more explicit
      start of ANNOTATEMORE -- only supports /mailbox/{<mailbox-name>}/vendor/cyrus/partition
      #include "telemetry.h"
      moved imapflags from sieve_interp_t to sieve_script_t
      abort if we get two identical service names
      squash a bunch of warnings
      don't abort on config file errors when doing a SIGHUP
      fixed bug #1084 -- don't spool to /tmp unnecessarily
      warning fixes
      typecasting to unsigned seems to cause "bad things", this is better
      spool single recipient messages to the stage regardless of singleinstancestore
      warning fix
      fixed bug #1208 -- allows quoted lhs of msg-id
      changed notifyd protocol/API added zephyr notifier
      rename notify.h to notifyd.h to prevent name clash with imap/notify.h
      added missing #include
      zephyr notifier tweaks
      check for NULL mechlist so we fall through to APOP or USER
      completed notifyd/lmtpd integration, documentation
      remove 'info' alias for 'version' command (so it can be used for ANNOTATEMORE)
      add 'version' command description
      allow seen state to be set upon delivery (sieve imapflags)
      fixed wierd nroff issue
      fix random crashes in unused processes caused by uninitialized popd_out
      fixed bug #1211 - added pop3_new_uidl field to index header - set this field when creating a new mailbox, or a mailbox is empty - when reconstructing a mailbox, set this field if we can't read the index   or if we recover a message file (so stupid client will retrieve the  message(s) -- may result in duplicate retrieval but we can't help it - if this field is set, UIDL is <uidvalidity>.<uid>
      fixed random squatter crashes (heap corruption) -- can't free statically
      squash a warning
      added RFC 2193
      move MAILBOX-REFERRALS into RFC-order
      move experimental capabilities to the end of the list
      fixed bug #1231
      allowed LIST "" * to be limited to personal mailboxes only
      support for udp on a UNIX socket
      changed notifyd to use udp datagrams
      updated with notifyd foo
      added ANNOTATEMORE draft
      fixed bug #1241
      better fix for bug #1241 - make sure we use a '>' outside of a quoted localpart
      added --enable-annotatemore configure option
      fixed bug #1244 -- remove spool file upon DATA failure
      fixed typo (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      print PASS response string
      allocate space for the '\0'
      remove unnecessary zephyr stuff (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      change default port from 'imap' to 'pop3'
      added lmtptest tool
      add lmtptest to 'all' target
      update links to point to IETF since IMC is becoming unreliable
      implemented draft-segmuller-sieve-relation-01
      - added draft-segmuller-sieve-relation-01
      unhinge sieve from duplicate suppression
      unhinge sieve from duplicate suppression
      updated to latest sieve-relation draft
      minimal wildcard support -- still cheesy
      added 'info' (ANNOTATEMORE) command
      added ANNOTATEMORE support
      added /mailbox/{mboxname}/vendor/cyrus/server attribute
      start with a fresh attvalue list for each entry
      add a ':' between annotation entry and value
      fix single-entry ANNOTATEMORE response parsing
      can now get /server/motd and /server/comment
      allow setting /server/motd and /server/comment
      fix SETANNOTATION permissions bug
      updated to latest CVS with changes contributed by
      add 'info command description
      POP-Before-SMTP blurb (Ron Kuris <rk at prefer.net>)
      X-NETSCAPE cleanup
      add chk_cyrus.8
      cleanup trailing #endif comment
      added setinfo command
      - disable challenge callbacks by default
      - merged imtest, pop3test, lmtptest
      added MUPDATE support
      added comment
      squash a warning
      fix bug with empty responses (after success data for example)
      added MUPDATE and SIEVE support
      remove debug printf
      fixed STAT_OK handling bug
      make calls to prot_setsasl correctly
      added SSL/TLS session reuse
      pop3test, lmtptest are now unified into imtest make links to imtest
      updated imtest related documents
      imtest/mupdatetest changes
      imtest updates
      added Id tag at request of Henrique Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>
      remove mupdatetest target
      remove mupdatetest from IMAP_PROGS
      squash compiler warnings
      fixed bug with xMTP/PLAIN
      added chk_cyrus
      added to the imtest blurb
      added tls*_require_cert option
      catch ALL SSL/TLS failures
      change our vendor-specific entries to .../vendor/cmu/cyrus-imapd/...
      oops!  get a flag, not a string
      fix a warning
      handle TLS failures a little better
      temporarily disable option error reporting (Hein Roehrig <hpr at eml.cc>)
      flesh out updated MTA config stuff
      added support for C-style comments (bracket-comments)
      noop to steal ownership so i can fix file perms
      trying to delete a missing seen state file is only a warning, not an error
      updated draft-murchison links (until posted by IETF)
      - tweaked Sendmail config info
      added lmtp_overquota_perm_failure and lmtp_allowplaintext descriptions
      updated Sendmail and Postfix config info
      squash a const char* vs. char* warning
      - cleanup signed/unsigned warning
      ACAP no longer a prereq for Murder
      'info' command is now used for ANNOTATEMORE, not ID
      disabling duplicate delivery suppression no longer disables Sieve
      updated a bunch of links
      fix signed/unsigned problem
      fixed param swap in octet_matches_() (Jeremy Howard <jh_lists at fastmail.fm>)
      fix potential memory leak -- don't realloc to 0 (Ron Murray <rjmx at rjmx.net>)
      better function pointer type-casting
      removed mention of reconstruct -m working again
      note that reconstruct -m is currently unavailable
      update to latest imapv draft
      make sure that we have a msgid before using it in discard and reject
      squash a warning
      add mmap config to ID response
      added nonblock config to ID response
      handle empty return paths correctly (Hein Roehrig <hpr at eml.cc>)
      allow the mailbox name(s) to include LIST-style wildcards (* and %)
      use canonify user callback
      we need to support both hash types for sieve scripts
      updated CHILDREN and MANAGESIEVE docs
      fix namespace/hiersep issues for XFER
      support per-recipient IGNOREQUOTA for client-side LMTP
      updated to latest config options
      convert strlcpy() to strncpy()
      added sample Exim 4 config
      updated to apply cleanly to HEAD
      don't go past end of References: header when looking for msgids (Justin T. Gibbs <gibbs at scsiguy.com>)
      Autoconf to work with 2.13+ (Carlos Velasco <carlosev at newipnet.com>)
      missed one fix for autconf 2.13+
      POP AUTH supports an initial client response
      backend hostname might not be fully qualified
      handle folded header in find_msgid()
      header WSP is only SP and HTAB (Justin T. Gibbs <gibbs at scsiguy.com>)
      fixed FAQ URL (Patrick Welche <prlw1 at newn.cam.ac.uk>)
      applied Gary Mills' sieve patch
      fix IETF links
      added RFC 2822
      don't call the updatenotifier until after we make the changes to the index file
      fix Exim UNIX socket config (Patrick Welche <prlw1 at newn.cam.ac.uk>)
      use an empty authzid when not specified with -u (let mech decide what to do)
      free (and zero) the glob, not the pointer to it
      change protocol-specific authentication function names
      updated IDs
      added 'at' option for EVENTs
      dded 'at' option for EVENTs
      - better option handling between services and wrappers - added -T (timeout) and -U (uses) options
      squash some warnings
      doh!  don't call config_init() until we've parsed the options
      added autoconf 2.50+ cache file
      fix NUMBER parsing bug
      updated to THREAD draft 12
      remove deprecated --enable-thread-ref
      updated to Alexey's latest drafts
      timsieved now uses Cyrus version
      log fatal errors
      updated to imapv-20
      remove unused rules for RFC 822 addresses (RFC 3028 limits the address syntax)
      squash a warning that has been driving me nuts for months
      fixed bug #1338 (don't auto-issue CAPABILITY after STARTTLS)
      updated to latest ANNOTATEMORE draft
      added -s option to ipurge to skip \Flagged messages (Amos Gouaux <amos at utdallas.edu>)
      Outlook hack: allow SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE to userprefix and sharedprefix
      added allowallsubscribe
      check for empty return-path when forwarding (Peter.Meinecke at URZ.Uni-Magdeburg.DE)
      log failed plaintext logins
      added RFC 2192 (IMAP URL)
      updated to latest SORT/THREAD draft
      move comment inside line continuation
      issue a BAD response if client cancels auth exchange
      HACK for MS Outlook's incorrect use of the old-style SASL discovery method
      fix bug #1751 (Leena Heino <Leena.Heino at uta.fi>)
      fix CHILDREN extension reference
      updated RFC 1893 to RFC 3463
      consolidate SASL_CB_PROXY_POLICY
      squash a couple of warnings
      make lmtpd notice sieve scripts for users with dots in their names
      don't modify a const char *
      change IDLE continuation string
      updated to latest LISTEXT draft
      allow non-ASCII characters in vacation responses (Ralf Haferkamp <rhafer at suse.de>)
      fix openssl option to be with-openssl, not with-with-openssl
      updated Sieve docs
      updated to draft-murchison-sieve-subaddress-06
      fixed removeflag when only one flag is present
      updated to latest SORT/THREAD draft
      squash a compiler warning
      shutdown SSL/TLS before closing the socket
      fixed altnamespace LIST/LSUB "" *%
      updated to -03 MUPDATE draft
      more paranoia
      yet more paranoia
      spelling nit
      bug #1981: log the correct errors (Chris Giard <cgiard.cyrus at magerealm.com>)
      added some missing info
      updated to latest sieve-vacation draft
      updated to latest MUPDATE draft
      try to report errors that occur before performing actions
      fix LIST/LSUB for altnamespace
      updated to latest SORT/THREAD draft
      updated to latest UNSELECT draft
      update RFC 2060 -> RFC 3501
      fix typos
      tweak the DB names to match what is on disk
      don't advertise TLS or AUTH after they've been used
      don't advertise TLS after authentication
      workaround for Eudora bug where it uses MIME boundaries as substrings
      change eudora_mime_hack option to rfc2046_strict.  MIME boundary strings
      implemented allowapop option and cleaned up APOP logic
      updated to RFC 3598
      initial version of a unified imapd (both proxy and backend)
      doh!  wrong branch.  backout unified imapd stuff
      minor nit
      implement lmtp_downcase_rcpt for the domain part too (Eric Estabrooks <eric at urbanrage.com>)
      validate utf8 strings.  this does not include header names, email addresses or mime parts
      first pass at a sendmail socket daemon
      added smmapd manpage
      - remove BUGS section
      added a blurb about smmapd
      updated a bunch of drafts/links
      updated SASL-IR draft
      added smmapd
      better fix for hierarchy globbing (Stamatis Stefanos <stef at noc.uoa.gr>)
      implemented enumerated options for libconfig
      use errbuf for fatal()
      list allowed values for enumerated options
      implemented stringlist options for libconfig
      implemented rfc3028_strict option (limit headers for Sieve address test)
      added return-path header to address header list

Larry Greenfield (1352):
      moved depot stuff
      removed the larry you idiot comment
      added makefile
      got rid of prot_setfunc
      sasl fixes
      fixed minor UI issues
      merged imtest
      callbacks and other fixes
      fix---fetch's return ok with no results
      fix for list
      sieve changes
      sieve config
      more minor fixups
      Initial revision
      compilation stuff
      configuration and cyradm
      doc strip
      changed how it finds the dir
      USE_SIEVE oops
      malloc -> xmalloc
      stupid bugs pointed out by Sam Hartman
      cleanups related to GSSAPI testing
      SASL and other fixes
      changing version
      changing version
      all sorts of hashing
      hashing option
      changed file names
      random fixes and so on
      whoops, fixed bug
      docs updated
      updated to make executable
      now autogenerates configure if it's not there
      *** empty log message ***
      fixes in imtest and optimizations in deliver
      spelling mistake
      inserted a C:
      inserted date string
      proxyservers, memory leaks
      fixed spelling mistake
      committed in walter's changes, with a spelling correction
      updated plaintext
      need to declare "start" a static char
      whoops, wasn't correctly detecting a different /var/imap
      changed the sieve exclusion to --disable-sieve
      improved interactions so it's no longer so pesky about asking about
      reconstruct -m now works correctly with hashed spool directories
      minor fix to ignore directories that contain "." in the hash fix.
      fixed PLAIN interaction in imclient (for the Nth time it seems!!!)
      fixed pesky quota problem (we were incorrectly looking at "." and ".."
      updated version number (doh!)
      --with-login now gives an error message
      updated to reflect new configure options
      now uses tm_gmtoff if available
      now uses --with-debug if appropriate
      fixed typo in sasl_auto_transition
      added an additional place to look for innshellvars
      changed configure variable from HAVE_SASL_KRB to HAVE_KRB because it
      define HAVE_KRB so we can support kpop directly
      changed the format it reads from inn
      (8 + m->cache[cl]->ncontents * sizeof(char *))
      minor stuff
      replies to the AUTH command correctly now
      updated to reflect change in collectnews format
      added optimizations
      whoops, forgot to change the comment at the top of the file
      added some helpful options to dohash
      made #! do the simple thing
      updated documentation for release
      incremented version number for release
      passwords won't be echo'd to the screen
      whoops, fgets also appends the \n. removed, now all is happy.
      added where to announce
      don't dereference the script if you've just free'd it, idiot!
      fixed bug when we have flags for arbitron
      bounce messages traditionally send things with FROM:<> and the like.
      reversed order that test links in libcyrus and libsieve
      updated to keep it from seg faulting on bad script.
      added end-of-line
      -v option added
      minor bit of sanity checking in free_test added
      now exits when application initialization fails, so it should avoid
      changes so it interacts with SASL a lot better:
      changes for SASL
      fix given by chris newman
      warning fixes
      warning fix
      changed so it doesn't always prompt for username
      warning cleanups
      warning fixups
      wwarning fixups
      warning fixup
      clarity & warning fixup
      attribute noreturn for fatal
      lots of cleanups and logging adding
      spelling fix; not looked over in detail yet
      warning cleanups
      made it be quieter
      now accepts newlines in strings
      now uses LOCALDEFS, too
      updated for today's changes
      simplifications (uses chdir now)
      renamed maxscriptsize to sieve_maxscriptsize
      better error reporting for bad script names
      efficiency improvement
      whoops, wrong place for config_init
      updated prototype
      need to strdup the error message
      no longer always prompts
      gcc for linux
      spelling correction
      won't always prompt for username
      updated maxscriptsize
      start of LMTP auth implementation
      random warning cleanups
      documentation cleanup
      added sieve stuff
      description of timsieved
      upgrade script
      sasl cleanups
      sieve error cleanups
      annoying problem with error reporting fixed
      changed the way of invoking perl
      no longer crashes for bad hostname; also spelling corrections
      defaults readjusted
      start of db integration
      back dwon
      fixed bug; used realloc instead of xrealloc
      added better compatibility between unix pipes and LMTP auth
      added id
      pwcheck removed (moved to SASL)
      rewrote imclient_input
      fixed bug in imtest that was causing ckimail to lose
      remade the plaintext documentation
      useless login files removed, finally
      version incremented
      fixed confusion in capability callback
      mysasl_config changed to try to find options w/o the plugin name
      fix by john myers <jgmyers at netscape.com> for message parser getting an
      if we tried to eat a non-synchronizing literal in eatline(), we never
      fixed warning message
      fixed typo
      forgot to declare variable
      fixed vacation stuff
      fixed test for new error reporting
      changed interface to how it was, stupid
      changed sieve interface to how it was, stupid
      want to use stdio for some i/o in deliver
      on fatal, make sure to flush deliver_out
      accidentally checked this in on a branch
      now logs when sieve refuses to double-sieve
      multiline strings weren't being NUL terminated
      fixed an off-by-one error in deliver
      changed expiration time to 3 hours
      oops, syntax error
      applied patch to make sure timsieved is including our com_err if
      added --with-sasldir
      added SASLFLAGS, other minor cleanups
      removed DESTDIR; distracting
      wolfgang walter pointed out that we have to check that
      updated changes for release
      bumped version for release
      fixed problem with duplicate delivery pruning chomping everything
      gotta set err to NULL
      make distclean fixed
      switched to using MDNs for rejections instead of DSNs
      added minor vac. bug
      changed sanity check to be tm_year < 70 so if people are importing old
      changed string_t to mystring_t
      fixed bug from brandon allbery; imtest wasn't actually looking at the protocol
      added signal.h
      better error messages on LOGIN failure
      squelched some warning messages
      dbm checkdelivered() wasn't returning correctly
      clarified upgrading a little (tiny weeny) bit
      changed "ptr" and "buf" to unsigned char's, as recommended by Dmitry
      patch from tjs to allow for passwords that start with spaces
      same bug as deliver: wasn't reallocing buffer space correctly
      ready for release
      removed debugging statement
      forgot to unset cmd_done
      documentation fixes
      added a flush before the exit for the LMTP quit command
      TLS cleanups, QUOTAWARN fix (double instead of int)
      some simple sieve fixes (envelope re-sieving) and vacation from addresses
      rsaref for openssl
      added a non-blocking read option
      warning statement changed
      reorganized the bugs page, added to the changelog
      bumped version
      librsaref stuff
      warning message fixed (unistd.h needed)
      changed default sasl_maximum_layer
      added sasl_maximum_layer and sasl_minimum_layer
      "keep" now obeys plus addressing
      warning message eliminated w/ cast
      fixed type of "mechnum" to avoid warning
      don't want -ldbm
      again, fix some warning messages unsigned v. signed ints
      patches for single-instance store using 'stages'
      forgot some i->sp conversions
      reversed order of parameters tro deliver_mailbox() while ANSIfying
      hmmm, initialize i, do you think?
      added some msg_free's
      added some prototypes
      added external protection command line option
      variable wasn't being initialized in interactive()
      slight improvements
      fixed when we advertise STARTTLS, other typos
      if STARTTLS fails, make sure we say no to the client
      whoops, don't exit and not free the message
      i'm a moron
      i must've broken installsieve at some point; weirdness. fixed.
      added sys/param.h to nail it down
      added sieve bug
      remade non-html stuff
      whoops, problem if openssl isn't around
      updated release instructions (forgot to say "cvs tag")
      toggle single store switch
      expanded buf from 64 -> 2048 characters
      fixed bug in dbm duplication delivery code; thx to Doug Fajardo
      off-by-one error in protocol logging code fixed
      some assertions, some cleanups
      use gcc by default
      detect berkeley db 3.x compatibility stuff
      deliver prints out version, also db compatibility stuff
      added assertions
      berkeley db stuff
      merged in cyrus-db branch
      added saslclient, also acapmbox handles
      code cleanups for ACAP proxy stuff
      fixed typo
      more streamlining in ACAP code
      moved code around in createmailbox to be more failure-friendly
      fix to uidvalidity propogation to ACAP
      changes y.tab.h to sieve.h
      STARTTLS fixes:
      null out callbacks
      improved DB error messages
      fixed a memory leak
      now does internal deadlock detection
      fixed mboxlist_findall() to not use transactions and to work correctly with prefixes
      ken murchison patches to Sieve
      implemented duplicate_prune()
      addr.y needs to be $(srcdir)/addr.y
      db 3-ized
      renamed purge to ipurge
      implemented duplicate pruning
      minor warning fixups
      remote purging utility
      now uses a config.h file
      added ipurge
      snmp file
      strip off path, too
      pushstats -> snmp
      whoops, don't want to specify DB_EXCL
      pushstats change
      don't open in exclusive mode
      minor fix to implicit keep by ken
      snmp foo
      snmp foo moved
      fix from Tim Showalter; mUTF-7 was rejecting too many characters as US-ASCII
      implemented master process
      implemented master process
      created master process
      added imapurl
      brought in line with imapd.c
      always compile proxyd and target-acap
      @LIBS@ needed for -lsocket stuff
      bug fix in index_searchcacheheader().  was core dumping.
      warning smashing
      dead code eliminated
      obsolete file
      generic signal handling routines
      set SA_RESETHAND only if it's defined
      fix some warnings
      fix the warning for rcsid
      fix warning by adding prototype for addrinput()
      fix warning in ADDRESS_USER, remove strcspn for more efficient strchr
      escape \n
      added "find perl5 foo"
      added the db directories
      added ACAPMBOX_UIDVALIDITY as a valid property (needed by reconstruct)
      added -f to search the filesystem. (backup time saver.)
      added new option -f
      removed @STRIP@
      2.0 updates
      added IMAP::Cyrus; untested lately
      added duplicate recovery
      added sasldb
      changed copyright
      fixes bug with starting syslog before reserving file descriptors
      added CYRUS_VERBOSE
      config.c is now masterconf.c; no major changes, though
      smarter scheduler, also better modularity
      changes to acapmbox_get_postaddr():
      moved mysasl_callbacks() to config.c. code sharing! wow!
      bugfix for the scheduling system
      we were creating an /acap directory for some reason?
      minor typos fixed
      service-ized, also merged some code (config.c) with ../imap
      additional code sharing between apps
      new master configuration stuff
      when hashimapspool: false, we were incorrectly dealing with one
      whoops, i broke waitfor(). fixed.
      removed some conditional compilation; fixed spelling
      implemented hierarchical renames
      random cleanups
      #defines turned into enums, P() macro removed
      allow admins to rename all mailboxes; useful for hierarchical rename
      got rid of icky P() macro
      interp.err() called where interp.execute_err() should've been. fixed.
      a bunch of "char **errmsg" should've been "const char **errmsg"
      cleanups to the POP3 AUTH command.
      stop renaming on the first error a la netscape
      changed from ACL_DELETE to ACL_CREATE for deleting mailboxes, a la netscape
      updated access rights overview re create/delete
      c-attribute added, gotten from assar at NADA.KTH.SE
      renamed to start with CMU_
      added some stuff about master configuration
      added socket directory
      fix way 'bb' user is handled
      changed some error handling and added the postuser option
      deliver needs libimap
      only set SASL_IP_REMOTE, SASL_IP_LOCAL if we've gotten the address
      removed -u switch; we can detect this by examining stdin.
      minor changed to AUTH=. needs more work.
      merged populateacap into ctl_mboxlist
      if we didn't get an authuser, tell lmtp AUTH=<>
      minor tweaks parseautheq()
      whoops, can't use sun as a variable name on solaris
      fixed binary search path stuff
      fixed some stupidity
      changed lmtpsockpath to lmtpsocket
      wait for login response
      chown -> chgrp
      added saslflags to CPPFLAGS
      fixes to a few warnings
      removed -lpthread from target-acap
      added acapmbox_kick_target
      changed FNAME_TARGET_SOCKET to be in the socket directory
      fixed tim's uidvalidity typo
      now kicks the target if the mailbox doesn't exist
      de-threadified (now just uses select())
      fixed minor bug in waiting for LOGIN to complete in auth_login()
      now syslogs errno on error
      cleaned up
      remove random "found" message
      larry changes he wants to bring with him
      removed README.Y2K
      added strlcpy()
      updated bugs
      - renamed config.h to imapconf.h to avoid clashing with configure's file.
      added per-user seen state database
      small code cleanups, fix to normal.conf
      code cleanups, now uses com_err
      now uses imapconf.h
      added symbols
      whoops, incomplete implementation of cmd_id() broke the build.
      needs to call acap_init()
      now calls itself "acappush"
      after creating the directory, change to it.
      sigh, i suck on the !.
      added extra space to conform exactly to IMAP4 grammar
      whoops, need two spaces after permantflags
      some fixes to the uniqueid upgrading.
      multiappend error recovery fixes
      added strlcat()
      added strlcpy, strlcat
      mysasl_config(): if we don't find the option with the plugin_name, try
      clarified some stuff
      echoing a file now also echos to stdout
      changed suggested /etc/services
      rc.local.imap needs to be installed in etc
      now creates socket in imapconf/socket/acappush
      now communicates on socket in imapconf/socket/acappush
      now uses CAPABILITY_STRING to be uniform with proxyd
      fix some warnings
      don't try to delete remote mailboxes from ACAP server
      warning fix
      pipe_command() was buggy, breaking APPEND.  seems to work now.
      now uses btrees instead of hashes since it seems to make berkeley db 3
      now correctly deletes mailboxes and reports errors
      added MULTIAPPEND.
      added documentation
      uses seen_read() instead of seen_lockread() for better performance.
      added etc
      added comment to mboxlist_findstage()
      now stores things in network byte order
      some optimization in txn handling
      oops, stupid bug was preventing sasl options from working.
      added seen_done()
      added call to seen_done()
      added seen_done(), still behind on the API.
      fixed various warnings; changed /mb to /mailbox/site; removed a static variable in acapmbox
      mailbox in status wasn't being sent as nonsynch literal
      updated to reconstruct new format
      now transitions from seen_local
      don't allow
      additional error checks.
      changed some comments
      pipe_including_tag(): return a response even when the backend connection fails
      fix timezone calculation hopefully
      whoops, typo
      add cyrusdb.h foo; not yet used by anything
      minor additions to cmd_id(). still not complete.
      andrew cyrus instructions added
      Added generic db interface; not yet used
      moved html up one, text down one; such is the way of the world
      additional files
      fixed some html problems
      readme for CySNIIP stuff
      added config.sub, config.guess
      should compile w/o kerberos now
      damn version ids were making my life difficult
      search for libdb-3, not libdb
      needs com_err
      added <config.h>
      arg, can't use %lu for prot_printf
      if the append_setup fails, don't call append_abort
      and we need to eatline() before returning in cmd_append
      sigh. eat the line _before_ outputing the error message.
      whoops, wasn't handling the case where the legacy cyrus.seen didn't
      minor documentation fixes
      removed bogus --with stuff. don't encourage people to do things that
      patches from ryan, other configuration stuff
      don't refer to cyrus/, since we're looking in the lib/ directory
      need to add dblib to runpath
      don't try to create directories multiple times in makefiles
      changed semantics of CYRUS_VERBOSE slightly
      recommended same version of berkeley db for sasl/imapd
      removing amssync
      standard.conf - not referenced by documentation
      sample config.mc file
      more info on configuring MTA
      added readme
      some fixes to allow perl to install
      if using SSL wrapped version, don't ask for a client certificate
      removed warning "static" -> "static int"
      eliminated warning message
      bogus syslog() fixed.
      perl building now works
      fixed anoncvs directions
      added -I..
      added <config.h>, <ssl.h>
      added libwrap support
      search for db-3, then search for db
      - cmd_id() implemented (by ken murchison)
      added ID capability
      some ID changes
      proxy changes to support non-ACAP aware backend servers
      doc tweaks
      non-acap aware backends ready to test
      maybe fixed sasl configure problems people were having
      don't let the AC_CHECK_PROGS(PERL) find "yes" as a perl program.
      formatting changes
      new option to ctl_mailbox for restoring from a dump
      error messages weren't formatted right
      minor proxyd fixes
      unified authisa() to make stuff simplier
      improved logging messages for authentication
      tweaked a little
      code cleanups
      mboxlist_mylookup(): don't try to lookup a 0-length mailbox; just
      whoa! dump_deliver() wasn't closing the cursor, leading to deadlock.
      fixed a bug in my new isa()
      suppress warning
      fix bug in our build system
      bug during copyright conversion
      fixed bug if cursor couldn't be allocated
      moved some global variable in tls stuff to locals; more to be done here
      user != &user.
      mech was being logged incorrectly
      html fixes and syncing the plaintext
      inserted const in a bunch of places for extra type-safety
      let --with-openssl modify LDFLAGS
      changes to mboxlist_foreach, didn't work before, might work now?
      'refactored' lmtpd, to move the lmtp engine out to a seperate file, lmtpengine.c.  this will hopefully allow easier proxy building.
      minor bugfixes to the lmtpengine code
      put the current user into the return_path
      default to the LOGIN command if no sasl mechanisms advertised
      whoops, wasn't removing the stage files at the end of delivery
      updated bugs list
      mysasl_secprops() now takes a parameter of 'required flags', so lmtp can always disallow anonymous login
      eliminate warning
      warning message due to lack of xmallc.h
      implemented notify for new lmtpd
      mysasl_secprops() now takes a parameter of 'required flags', so lmtp can always disallow anonymous login
      -u for -user
      spelling fixes
      updated bugs
      added master bugs
      ready to release
      cleaned up (yuck yuck)
      accept trailing hierarchy delimiter
      now ultraparanoid when asked, and kick the target after every mbox
      isokflag() was backwards!
      proxy_authenticate(): check the return code from sasl_client_start()
      john removes optimization of not reporting flag changes to messages
      cmd_getquota() wasn't printing out the tag
      don't use map_private.c; john myers <jgmyers at netscape.com> says it
      deleted map_private.c; doesn't work
      #ifdef EPROTO, ENONET for *bsd
      includes sys/types.h
      allow timsieved to authenticate users using plaintext
      updated for lmtp service
      use CMU_SOCKETS to see if libwrap is there
      updated to new API
      minor bugs fixed; now uses 'config_servername' everywhere
      close the mboxlist when done
      most of client-side engine done (still need to do authentication, pipelining
      close mboxlist when done
      updated ot new api
      don't link in libacapsieve; it's all in libacap
      added lmtpproxyd, changed deliver's link line
      further changes to when to issue flag notifications, as suggested by
      added lmtpproxyd for the compile; not implemented at all
      wcw update
      r v. !r confusion - again
      added assertions
      whoops, backwards SASLFLAGS and LIB_SASL.
      whoops, wasn't passing data into lmtptxn
      fixed couple of minor bugs
      cleaned up include line
      changed deliver: dependencies line for more reliable
      gotta add one to these damn unix paths
      suppress warning
      stylistic fix in sort
      prefer enums over #defines
      index_sort(): fix based on msgdata not being initialized
      prototype helper function to avoid warning message
      ken caught me on a change
      "LOGIN %s %s" should quote correctly.
      whoops, missing ;
      warning supressions
      updated readme
      lots o debugging stuff
      warning fixes
      changes so that things will compile better even if stuff isn't in the default place
      cosmetic fix
      don't build lmtpproxyd by default
      updated documentation for upcoming release
      warning suppression
      whoops, don't free 'aclp' return from mboxlist_lookup()
      changed index_extract_subject() to ken's latest non-regex
      version bumped
      fix prototypes
      remove bogus mboxlist_close()s
      whoops, we were printing out flag state for every single message on select
      suppress warnings
      add service_abort, clean up how signals are handled
      deal with mailboxes that might not have any messages by doing a UID
      use EXAMINE instead of SELECT --- arrrrrrrrrg
      remove reference to unpack.html
      fix for redhat's libwrap, which needs -lnsl
      berkeley db patch added
      added FAQ references
      added additional zephyr checks
      check in the db3 directory for stuff
      whoops, was returning a value from 'service_abort()'
      berkeley db 3.1 compatibility
      whoops, cyrus project url was wrong
      fix up certain sort/thread related bugs (when nothing is matching, etc.)
      updated for 2.0.5
      html fixes
      bumped to 2.0.5
      define 'PERL_POLLUTE' because perl hates me
      whew, maybe this works finally.
      add extended response codes and lmtp_verify_conn
      freesortcrit() wasn't actually freeing s[i].args[x]
      don't bother looking for inn
      fix error recovery in cmd_sort()/freesortcrit() and related.
      whoops, updated prototype
      added 'out' parameter to list_thread_algorithms()
      added SORT and THREAD
      fixed warning messages
      modify sieve_notify to have correct prototype
      fixing warning message
      added 'flat' backend for cyrusdb interface
      allow plus-addressing w/o a name
      small test cases for cyrusdb_flat
      bug fixes; i was somewhat confused about what i was mmapping where
      don't compile syncnews
      whoops, fix -m processing
      possible bugfixes in berkeley db related code; also ansification
      genericified to use cyrusdb interface
      patch from Martin Dirichs <Martin.Dirichs at Informatik.Uni-Oldenburg.DE>
      fixed prototype to add const
      fixed how cursor operations are restarted after deadlock
      implemented foreach()
      add 'force' to the sub operations (for proxy stuff)
      extra parameter for the 'force' operations
      findsub call 'fixed'
      simplify sendmail_errstr() so it doesn't leak memory.
      now uses the cyrusdb interface for subscriptions
      don't fail EXPUNGE just because we can't talk to acappush
      don't delete the user's inbox if they're renaming it.
      oops, also don't remove INBOX from the ACAP server during RENAME
      missing 'break' statement at the end of the 's' option.
      fixes for bug #10: unable to create parent of mailbox already existing
      eliminate the real_* functions.
      remove foreach_res, not used.
      missing equal sign, pointed out by Kenichi Okada <okada at opaopa.org>
      check return value of msg_getheader() before using
      implemented the 8BITMIME extension.
      removed unnecessary netnews cases
      i hate C.
      added deletion to cyrusdb test
      enable testing other db backends
      delete() should call mystore() with clobber=1
      updated to use the cyrusdb interface (mboxlist changes coming)
      initialize 'c' in cmd_id()
      now uses cyrusdb interface, so it once again works with a flat file.
      protect multiple inclusions
      myfetch() wasn't setting data, datalen. (duh!)
      whoops, missing a number in cmutree
      now slightly more logical snmp numbers
      off-by-one error in dump_cb()
      make sure to zero-out new txns.
      fixes to the find_cb() routine
      don't try to syslog() inside a handler
      free individual attributes when allocated
      zero out tid, make sure prefix is interesting before using
      look in /usr/cyrus/etc/imapd.conf if /etc/imapd.conf doesn't work.
      don't set cachesize (waiting for feedback from sleepycat on what the
      spell success correctly
      add info about sasldb permissions
      default to db3 for mboxlist
      don't bother setting owner/group in executables
      need a space in between from: and auth=
      bugzilla foo
      bumped version to 2.0.6
      updated for 2.0.6
      initialize 'len' to 0
      now be more careful about how we setup sockets
      bug removed
      append.c now deals with seen state
      sieve_parse_error(), sieve_execute_error() take consts
      don't try to free a static variable
      deal with not being able to open the seendb better
      changing acls had a bug in it
      changebuilt instructions
      add debugging hooks
      fix bug in seen_addseen()
      upgrade instructions
      add APPEND change
      warning suppression for close()
      delay running makemaker on the perl stuff
      missing parens
      minor clean-ups
      fixed bug in parsing error messages
      more bugs in handle_response()
      i'm an idiot
      makefiles tweaked
      mkdir should have 0755 so it works not on afs
      now logs aborts/commits
      body->boundary_size wasn't being correctly set. (code removed in the
      whoops, declare variables
      fix the off-by-one error when the uid component of a seen entry is
      don't do recursive renames when renaming inside a single hierarchy.
      don't run depend all the time; require the user to explictly ask for
      removes a static variable used for initialization
      whoops, pass the cast version to avoid warning
      extra stuff to make it easier to deploy at cmu
      added checkdepend
      delay running libwrap_init() so we're sure to zero out stuff
      add back in checkdepend, make a "dist" target that should eventually
      fixes to bug #250: "setquota" now gives correct help message, implicit
      print out txn_id as %ul instead of %d
      update to 5.6.0
      cleaned up error codes (probably no real effect)
      whoops, mboxlist_deletemailbox() was missing some abort's in error cases
      now allows port #s
      reset line number on new script
      don't specify path to perl in exec
      added make dist
      added Makefile.dist
      added recursive "dist" target
      whoops, no srcdir in .dist
      yflags/yacc updated
      added compile_et
      added the dist makefile
      added 'dist' target
      bumped version
      docs updated for 2.0.7
      added make dist
      add output during a LOGIN command making it clear what's going on
      changed to remove '5' flag and added note about confTRUSTED_USER.
      %ul means %u followed by an "l".
      When using Sieve vacation and the "mime" argument, the created
      hierarchical rename:
      centralize some of the compile-time options
      added stuff
      added the ~delete
      only log starting/commit/aborting  if CONFIG_DB_VERBOSE is set.
      moved DB_VERBOSE in here
      make sure to include config.h
      adding ptclient startup script
      change the name of ULTRA_PARANOID, move it to config.h
      some cleanups, now batches together setting flags for greater
      memory leak fix, further logging cleanups
      whoops, big bug when read() didn't return the entire file.
      minor tweaks
      don't hold locks while making callbacks.
      interface change for foreach() to make it faster.
      compensation for foreach() change.
      change to compensate for new interface for cyrusdb foreach callback.
      syslog() in send_delete() wasn't being called with enough parameters.
      STATUS command was incorrectly adding an additional \r\n to the end of
      generally when i say "strncpy" i mean "strlcpy"
      change syslog(prio, buf) to syslog(prio, "%s", buf)
      change syslog(prio, buf) to syslog(prio, "%s", buf)
      whoops, updated to reflect new DB->foreach api
      proxyd_findinboxserver was crashing when the user didn't have an inbox
      fixes a warning (mysieve_error taeks a const char *)
      give ourselves some realloc() slack
      C chars suck, and they should be ints.
      make sure to call mboxlist_init() before trying to fixquota()
      fix bug in setting quotas:
      remove variable 'len' to suppress warning
      tweak to cmulocal flag
      note about sendmail configuration added
      make sure dists include the stuff built from snmp files
      change where it's rooted in the snmp tree
      minor tweaks to how to deal if acappush isn't around
      efficiency: strlcpy instead of strncpy
      more changes to where in the snmp tree this stuff is
      syslog() stuff, don't printf stuff.
      needs to -I.., not -I.
      fix bug in realloc'ing code.
      move from #if 0 to if (CONFIG_ ... ) for timing information.
      efficiency: strlcpy instead of strncpy
      efficiency: strlcpy instead of strncpy, also small code cleanup
      add prototype for addrerror()
      add "allowallsubscribe"
      tweak restart behavior
      fixes to server-to-server COPY.
      whoops, MULTIAPPEND when the second append specifies less flags than
      append_copy now honors seen flags. (oops!)
      slight wording change
      deleting a user's top-level mailbox now (once again) deletes all
      client-side certs still needs to be finished
      added some information on creating directories
      fix the no protection/integrity protection/privacy protection message
      fix a warning
      simplify some code
      added -f option to summary
      workaround for non-andrew users
      adding UCD SNMP instrumentation to the master process
      whoops, forgot master.h for snmp monitoring
      added time counter
      child accounting added
      return 0; to avoid a warning
      add CC
      call snmp_shutdown()
      don't busywait; figure out how long until the next event.
      missing an argument to a couple of printfs; fixed
      don't automatically set a script active when uploading it.
      initialize SNMP stuff sooner, so it's more obvious where it's failing.
      remove some warnings
      allow imclient_connect() to specify callbacks
      allow imclient_connect() to specify callbacks; perl interface should take advantage of this in the future
      added kstat to solaris build
      return error messages back to the perl programs instead of just printing them out to stdout
      make the shell a little friendlier
      added xzmalloc to zero out newly malloc'd memory (just makes life easier)
      remove some static variables to save memory
      fixed a typo (found by <jackson at cmu.edu>)
      added acapmbox_decode_entry() to go from acap entry name to imap
      added static memory warning
      whoops, fixed typo
      fixed removing mailboxes, fixed some logging messages
      removed unused variable
      added IMAP::IMSP module, some changes to make that happen, including an ugly ugly hack to work around varargs
      added program to create a sendmail map off of the acap server
      refined upgrade instructions
      fix buffer overrun in mboxlist_createmailbox()
      minor imclient bugfixes
      clean up some of the reconnect code
      added the 'unix' notification method, documentation pending
      build pushstats/lmtpstats
      add BUILT_SOURCES to make sure the dependencies aren't needed
      move help variables to the top.
      lots of small fixes, mostly from Gabor Gombas <gombasg at inf.elte.hu>
      added a setrlimit call to try to get around fd limits
      * important bugfix when allocating a new block (tail end of list
      added 'sendmail-map', took out 'gun'
      we build we --enable-murder
      don't advertise AUTH=PLAIN
      whoops, SASL_SEC_NOPLAINTEXT was set on client and not on server; need
      make NEW_BACKEND_TIMEOUT the only option
      bumped version to 2.0.8
      tweak to output
      updated (snmp library changes)
      added tags
      changed default from "idled" to "poll"
      added 2.0.7 non-note
      version bumped
      removed idled
      moving back to the old Cyrus::IMAP::send(), adding imsp test code
      add configure test for socklen_t
      *** empty log message ***
      updated for 2.0.9
      ready for 2.0.9
      jeremy howard goofed up his own copyright notice :^)
      cast to unsigned char before comparing to another unsigned char
      whoops, extra lparen
      patch from amox gouaux <amos at utdallas.edu>; now can specify listening on certain ports or to certain computers
      whoops, run aclocal before autoheader !
      log a message when refusing connections
      bump version number for development
      amazing... read-only txns weren't unlocking the file. oops.
      - smarter about sending Unselects to servers
      whoops, left out sendmail-map in murder progs
      reset mailbox count to 0 before each sync
      wasn't correctly locking/unlocking database
      alternate seen database; need to do write-behind commits for really good performance
      give full path to db_load
      some small memory savings; also, make static variables const where applicable
      make installsieve more behaved
      install sieve scripts by default
      cleaned up more stuff
      add perl invocation magic
      whoa, bug during upgrade
      if class not specified, use MAIL_CLASS
      fix a prototype
      now uses hashes for faster comparisons
      add a cast to suppress a warning
      fixed file descriptor leak
      limit_fds() appropriately
      now callback passes data as well, for efficiency improvement
      api change in cyrusdb
      uninitialized variable fixed
      efficiency improvements using changed database api
      added sleezy namespace parameter
      added sleezy namespace
      comment was right, code was wrong, proxying was broken.
      whoops, trying to free something not allocated; we'll just do it in a
      off-by-one error in realloc
      reference argument was being set incorrectly.
      start a list of interesting stuff
      need to initialize stuff to get it to work properly
      include mboxlist.h for prototypes
      removed superfluous prototype
      avoid a gethostname()
      better error handling
      not properly copying the username
      better prototype
      whoops, renames weren't preserving uniqueid
      reconstruct was crashing when cyrus.header was missing (uniqueid problem)
      use symlinks, not hard links.
      make STORE more efficient by calling fsync() only once, instead of twice
      weren't preforking services correctly.  whoops!
      search header message-id now uses the cached message-id in the envelope instead of opening the message
      remove some obsolete variables
      remove some obsolete variables
      uninitialized memory biting me
      minor fix to regexp used by mkimap; wasn't eating multiple whitespace
      create empty db files to make complaints go away; see bug #399.
      minor fixed, describe SIGTERM behavior
      minor spelling fix
      spelling corrections
      patch from Amos Gouaux <amos at utdallas.edu>
      patch from gombas gabor <gombasg at inf.elte.hu>
      patch from GOMBAS Gabor <gombasg at inf.elte.hu>
      added 'servername'
      change strdup() into mystrdup(), pointed out by
      unlink files before opening them; otherwise weirdo hardlinks could get in our way
      up the timeout
      output error message before closing connection
      whoops, realm option was impossible to get to
      whoops, missed an argument
      updated documentation
      now does hardlink -> symlink upgrade
      added for 2.0.11
      ready for 2.0.11
      non-null terminated string screwing things up
      add rlim_t; make sure we reserve all file descriptors before doing any syslogs
      'sortcrit' could be a garbage valued and then tried to be free'd.
      change RCPT_GROW to 30. (really, why not double instead of linear
      whoops, type error
      only do TLS for STARTTLS
      change *** to xxx so i can find it better
      libwrap is no longer compiled into everything
      look at 'allowplaintext' flag.
      now gets exit codes right
      allows plaintext now. (sigh.)
      clarify what -t "" does.
      take advantage of future versions of libsasl
      text documentation updated
      ready for 2.0.12
      default to USER environment variable
      added doc to DISTSUBDIRS
      added man subdirectory
      added man subdirectory
      fix whitespace imapd.conf parsing bug
      fix whitespace imapd.conf parsing bug
      fix whitespace imapd.conf parsing bug
      wasn't closing directory
      playing around with backups
      compilation fixes
      stupid fixes
      remove duplicate static variables from index.c; instead, refer to copies inside of the struct mailbox.  performance impact is unknown, but allows cleaner code and stuff to use index.c even if it's not imapd
      optind should be reset to 1
      fix EXPUNGE bug; need old UIDs around to compare to.
      don't buffer stdin/stdout.
      make malloc, realloc calls into xmalloc, xrealloc
      log processes signalled to death as errors
      keep old mmap'd file around when expunging to compare to
      oops, LOG_ERR not LOG_ERROR
      make findquota()'s data non-static
      backing out foolish index changes; fixed long standing index bug with expunge/store simultaneous access
      allow free'ing the TLS state
      allow reuse of imapd processes
      timeout after a minute if reusing process
      lock mailbox
      call map_refresh() irregardless; should look at this more
      return errors from setquota correctly
      fix partition in create
      report when createmailbox() failed
      add telemetry, fix possible make buglet
      try unlinking a file before scribbling on it
      removing unnecessary variables
      accept SSLv23 hellos, but don't allow SSL to be negotiated
      modify the test for bare \n
      logdir into imapconf.h
      prot_setlogtime() no longer supported
      improve include dependencies
      put libcyrus.a into LIBS
      improve handling of quoted strings
      StartTLS was setting 'imapd_userid'---wrong, only AUTHENTICATE should
      warning smiting
      warnings fixes
      remove fixstr()
      warning fixes
      make cyrdump work
      fix problem where deliver -m <mailbox> was always reporting success, even when it would drop the message on the ground (oops)
      added service-thread, for threaded services. still not totally happy
      added mupdate for possible lightweight acap replacement
      cyrrestore, dual to cyrdump
      make sure memory isn't double-free'd
      more implemented
      deal with a \0 as the first character on the line
      mupdate added to murder progs
      move imapparsing functions into their own file
      duplicate code going to single place
      more functionality
      missing a return 0 in tls_free()
      add max number of children for service
      updated changes.htl
      bumped version to 2.0.13
      only free(*msgno_list) if it's been malloc'd.
      prevent malloc(0)
      imapd wasn't doing SSL when servicing a second connection on the imaps
      allow lmtp to reuse processes; one process can handle multiple
      wcw added insure stuff
      wcw added code so that not all db opens are done with DB_CREATE
      minor cleanup to make me happy
      imapd_reset(): whoops, could free(imapd_userid) even when not
      only call SSL_CTX_set_client_CA_list when CAfile is set.
      fix prototype
      was leaking db->fname
      fail gracefully if CYRUS_SERVICE environment variable isn't set
      variable named backwards
      add insured
      make default correct
      *** empty log message ***
      undoing bogus commit
      i suck and didn't test. EX_SOFTWARE not EC_SOFTWARE in this master/
      commands that extended the cyrus.index size (ie, APPEND commands)
      patches by Pavel Levshin <flicker at mariinsky.ru>
      reformat some stuff to make me happier
      updated docs for 2.0.14
      bumped version to 2.0.14
      fix case problem when iterating through available mechanisms
      fix typo in comment
      fix example list command
      change from doing the evil cast to the right thing using
      more stuff
      ready for 2.0.15
      sigh, typo
      moved cyradm.1 to the cyradm directory
      not malloc()ing enough memory to strcpy() to.
      let some commands through while streaming updates
      add freebuf() call
      check setsockopt for error
      sigh, make sure it's allocated before free'ing (paranoia)
      off-by-one error in not doing strdup
      detach all threads
      added some comments, more needed
      memory leaks plugged, don't call init() many times
      more memory cleanups
      replace str{,n}casecmp with str{,n}cmp
      ready for 2.0.16
      don't modify the result of getheader(), doofus
      move the syslog around to make me feel better
      removed antique README file
      whoops, scripts have wrong option 'sieveuserhomedir'
      make lmtpd slightly more strict in looking for sieve scripts
      add connection counting
      added preserve_local_plus_detail
      invoke sendmail as "sendmail -i", grrr.
      ignore trailing whitespace in imapd.conf
      fix maxchild problem, was signed/unsigned comparison problem
      print out errno explanation on setrlimit failures
      whoops, missed a place where maxchild is set
      sigh, i'm a doofus
      sigh, another stupid max_workers problem
      swap where the -I/usr/local/include is
      add the force switch to ipurge, contributed by Carsten Hoeger <choeger at suse.de>
      ok, another try at hex conversion
      whoops, if exec() fails we should exit()
      add a comment about secprops
      minor updates
      fixed tmpfile race in sieveshell
      use writev
      mupdate client side foo
      minor fix to recursive
      add some useful macros
      toggle for long LMTP error messages
      . start of long-error messages for server-side (needs work, should be
      added IMAP_PROTOCOL_BAD_PARAMETERS for lmtpengine.c
      don't LIST * <pattern>
      pluralize correctly
      added 'deleteright' to make deletion right run-time modifiable
      missing some includes
      make sure variables are initialized
      whoops, stupid error (extra * causing warning)
      eliminate warnings
      forgot "return", remove unused variables
      want to make sure that TLS_H didn't conflict
      make sure we use dir_hash_c()
      if seen_lockread() failed, call seen_close
      abort the current txn if seen_readold() returns an error
      remove superfluous variable "result"
      add #include <netinet/in.h>, remove unused variable
      include tls.h to avoid warning
      move tls_conn into clientdata structure
      suppress warning
      fix bug when fork() fails
      just regenerate tls_info, don't save it
      whoops, extra \r\n
      processed by tidy
      make into XHTML
      convert to XHTML, move performance notes into install-perf.html
      stuff moved from faq.html
      convert to XHTML
      changed to XHTML, cleaned up some stuff
      whoops, listed weren't lining up
      missing a space
      whoops, typo
      told it to ignore the <meta> tag
      get rid of irritating static variable
      bunch of warning fixes
      fix warnings
      at cmu, we still use cyrusdb_flat
      warning fix
      fixed warning by man2html
      added sieveshell
      added pod-based help
      added sieveshell
      removed text files; we'll just generate them during 'make dist'
      sigh, accidentally deleted it
      do more stuff during make dist
      be smarter about rebuilding configure
      be smarter about rebuilding configure
      "nobody' was confusing me
      possible fix to bug #404
      small optimization; bug around line 347 that needs to be fixed.
      bumped version to 2.1.0
      added saslatuhd warning
      updated to refer to saslauthd
      test -c now does a whole bunch of (mostly easy) comparator tests
      rewrite :matches comparators to use custom code
      add a noop switch
      don't remove the user from all acls right now; too slow
      change default noauth message from 530 to 430
      make acl_ok() not refetch the authstate
      change the log message to something i view as more aesthetically pleasing
      whoops, don't free authstate in acl_ok()
      added 2.1.0 update
      don't need to make doc/text manually
      ignore sigpipe, etc.
      code consolidation
      do locking around accept()/select() to avoid thundering herd problems
      i was being stupid
      there's no reason the lockfd has to be at a fixed offset
      corrected spelling of unimplemented
      add a run-time version test
      stub callback for mupdate-client
      whoops, don't need \"%s\" with imclient_send
      also run skiplist tests
      persistent skiplist database backend
      reminder comment
      typos fixed
      add skiplist
      added checkpoint
      now checkpoints correctly
      recovery finished, not yet tested
      added some foreach documentation
      fix bugs in recover
      get rid of stupid P()
      extend test case
      add dump, list support
      add dump
      add NULL dump ptr
      add NULL dump ptr
      added list output
      fix abort
      add txns to cyrusdb test
      whoops, size != len
      whoops, input file confusion
      now global recovery? just log, don't exit
      txn tests
      spelling/code cleanups
      use POSTMASTER
      cyrusdb now works on all database environments
      use skiplist, not flat
      whoops, when locking a .NEW, make sure it's the actual .NEW
      allow sleezy performance mode
      corrected comment
      moved references to ACAP to MUPDATE
      added comment
      walter's dbopen optimization
      clean up some error codes in mupdate_connect
      . change from quoted strings to literals
      remove mupdate_scarf(); it's not a publicly accessible function
      update mupdate_scarf()'s comment
      cleanup on errors during mupdate_connect()
      change comments from ACAP to mupdate
      change programs in --enable-murder
      . add some mupdate errors
      add code to talk to mupdate server
      disconnect from mupdate before shutting down
      added some more comments about kicking
      be more paranoid about read locks
      . wasn't always running recovery when no skipstamp
      db_nosync added
      reformed mupdate_scarf()
      whoops, missed a return 1 -> return MUPDATE_BADPARAM
      fixing mupdate_scarf call
      added prot-event
      initial documentation on events
      use events to get updates instead of blocking i/o
      mydata needs to be zero'd out
      whoops, not copying memory where we should
      whoops, 'authas' can be NULL
      don't syslog mechs
      whoops, don't use mupdate_server if we don't need it
      remove unneeded vars
      added some asserts
      added 'addretpath' parameter
      whoops, bookkeepping was off
      updated for 2.1.2
      bumped version numbers
      make sure we can deal with mupdate errors
      make sure we can deal with mupdate errors
      use fdatasync() instead of fsync() where possible
      fix bug #1131
      myforeach() wasn't correctly returning errors from cb()
      *** empty log message ***
      . add callbacks
      accept <> around txn->from client-side
      don't archive yet, sort environments and run each once
      removed <font> since it upsets htmlstrip
      refresh our mmap() during a txn
      added 'large' txn test
      add a long error message for user unknown
      make the relationship to rfc 2822 more explicit
      make MUPDATE_PROTOCOL_ERROR a tempfail
      whoops "elif", not "elsif", fix by Amos Gouaux
      modify to ext2 only
      added comment about k5 keys
      don't write a COMMIT record if no write activity happened in this txn
      add random db test tool
      . don't attempt to abort a txn that might be NULL
      make sure mupdate_h is NULL so if there's an error we don't
      watch for notify->options being NULL
      whoops, need #include <assert.h>
      adds a consistency check function
      added timing info
      define external LIBS
      . make sure to reread header after write lock during recovery
      avoid perl warning
      . insert some consistency checks for checkpointing
      print out what operation # we failed on
      . clean up a warning message by making offset a bit32
      make sure we're up to date before checking consistency in mycommit()
      die after REUSE_TIMEOUT even when waiting for the file lock
      added changes since 2.1.2
      bumped version to 2.1.3
      html fixups
      more html cleanups
      stupid &quot; not understood by htmlstrip
      last one, mismatched <ul>
      . abstract the accept lock code somewhat
      add a comment so walter might be able to understand it
      avoid message_copy_strict() and use mailbox_copyfile() instead
      add where to delete user meta-data
      make imclient correctly deal with the sasl input/output size constraints
      hmm, on second thought, don't let maxplain get to be bigger than
      added some comments for some future enhancements
      set maxbufsize to PROT_BUFSIZE
      . comment out acappush socket
      fix a bunch of warnings (mostly unused parameters)
      move the logic from message_copy_strict() into parseheader() and
      previous use of + addressing was breaking if the submailbox didn't
      added comments to remind me to check errors from mboxlist_findstage()
      quash unused parameter warning
      attempt to do correct locking on foreach; need to evaluate the
      make protstream->error dynamically allocated so it's easy to make
      retry_read(): if read() returns 0, it's an EOF and there's certainly
      make protstream->error dynamically allocated so it's easy to make
      . set the socket to blocking mode for the exchange with notifyd;
      . change "can not" to "can't" because i think it looks better
      eliminate some more signed/unsigned complaints
      don't mangle really long lines
      . make order of operations more explicit
      add a comment to mailbox_rename explaining 'isinbox'.
      check for data stuck in the SSL buffer
      fix individual message UIDL response
      whoops, missing NULL initializers for cyrusdb.dump, cyrusdb.consistent
      make sure to close the socket afterwards
      note when authentication is done with TLS
      set 'errpfx' as a static variable
      be more paranoid
      add -c argument
      DB->delete needs another argument
      add optional O_DSYNC support instead of fsync()s
      fix the xrealloc problem when we exceed our maximum number of stages
      bump version to 2.1.4
      updated for 2.1.4
      fixing html
      remove <CENTER> since it confuses htmlstrip
      only remove the spool if we can
      close the socket even if the datagram is too large
      duh, not checking for data stuck in the SSL pipe in the right place.
      it's possible for mboxlist_setacl() to forget to close the mailbox,
      added some comments indicating my confusion for later
      use hard links instead of symlinks so people using depot and other
      mailbox_sync() was missing a mailbox_close()
      be paranoid, more parens
      added Id tag at request of Henrique Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>
      open new quota file O_RDWR since it will latter be mmap()'d
      at least mention 2.1
      updated somewhat
      stupid change to test new commit script
      guard against select() failing unexpectedly
      if an exec() fails, tell the master that we lost.
      unlink() just returns -1; need to check errno for actual error
      close the socket if we don't get a good connection to the backend
      patch from Hein Roehrig <hein at acm.org>
      auto-abort when commit fails
      documentation tweaks as suggested by Amos Gouaux
      fix imclient to allow GSSAPI authentication, as suggested by Marc Horowitz <marc at mit.edu>
      add code to run forever and to create an initial database
      allow matching of user.<foo> mailboxes
      whoops, pop3s wasn't working due to missing break statement
      - be even more paranoid
      fix strlcpy()
      add annoying comment
      added faq question on db lockers
      fix copyright message
      include AFS/Coda message
      whoa! the chartables_long_translations[] has a vicious off-by-one
      make sure the for(;;) loop will terminate by making 'i' an unsigned int
      change some ints to unsigned ints
      make some overflow checks
      add comments on place to check for overflows
      don't use <hr> since htmlstrip decides it's probably the end of the
      record the inode when we open a new file
      look for EINTR on unlocks
      it's easier to understand if memory addresses are printed out in hex
      . make ROUNDUP() 64-bit happy
      make it so we only call ROUNDUP() on integers
      UIDs are "unsigned long"s
      get rid of some warnings
      put limits on the string sizes
      inter-server copies were transmitting the mailbox name as an atom.
      more clear error message
      comments about charset code
      undo accidental last commit
      added to canonicalization; much more to do
      more babbling
      updates reflecting john's input
      fix iso-8859-15 and windows-1252 mappings
      sigh, wasn't packaging the NT makefiles, either. i suck.
      fix assignment that inadvertently sign extend.
      mark parameters unused to eliminate some warnings
      remove netnews section; it no longer applies, anyway
      use ino_t where appropriate
      comment URLtoMailbox(), protect against overly long UTF-8 sequences
      comments so maybe we know what's going on in the future
      support IPv6 host literals. John Myers <jgmyers at netscape.com>
      try to prevent an infinite loop during recovery
      try to lie slightly less
      ha, HTML!

Laurie D. Mann (10):
      minor revisions
      fixed part of page 1
      minor fixes
      revised text, fixed example
      minor revisions
      minor revisions (listmailbox)
      returned default values
      font fixes, try at partition rewrite
      list & delete mailbox fixes
      Initial revision

Rob Siemborski (919):
      removed userid assignments straight from TLS (client needs to do SASL
      resolve bug 382 (re: deprication warning)
      fixed --with-sasldir to be --with-sasl
      corrected imapd.conf.5.html to be man/imapd.conf.5.html
      actually use our libcyrus.a instead of one that might just be lying around
      ensure we use correct libcyrus
      corrected library path information
      look at with_AFS instead of with_afs
      SASLv2 Merge
      fixing bug #1055
      added HAVE_GSSAPI_H
      removed -nt occurances to allow running with /bin/sh
      make work with SASL 2.1
      removed extranious variables
      changes such that --enable-staticsasl builds the servers statically
      link GSSAPI libraries statically when we link sasl2 statically
      fixed handling of client-side authentication (don't try to authenticate
      only allow EXTERNAL authentication mechanism on unix domain sockets
      added lmtp_allowplaintext configuration option
      added --enable-statickrb to allow kerberos to link staticly
      updated KRB_LIBS to include -ldes in the dynamic case (oops)
      rearranged for clarity
      fixed setting of callbacks for passwords
      fixed missing -lsasl2, added runpath handling
      added (was missing, needed by md5.c)
      added ptexpire and ptloader
      check to see if we actually need to add the runpath info before giving
      allow passing of null authorization id (fixes bug 899)
      allow passing of password on command line for cyradm
      fixed "too many %s given to syslog" bug
      now we reset to the right service type when reset_saslconn is called
      correct handling of lmtp_allowplaintext in reset_saslconn
      fixed wierd way of zeroing connection structure in imclient_connect
      linked in mupdate-client to mupdate
      minor fixes
      removed extra zeroing
      added some slave functionality (login)
      better fatal()
      fixed some prot layer bugs
      correct a number of sasl issues, clean up some log msgs
      authentication now working
      handle listen loop properly
      misc warning corrections from Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>
      compiles again
      more mupdate rearranging
      updated to a more precise version (LMTP delivery to backend)
      slave/client separation, master/slave talking to eachother fairly reliably
      fix div by zero error
      correct forwarding of info from slaves to slave-clients
      addition of a good number of const qualifiers to function parameters.
      added mupdatetest to IMAP_PROGS
      mupdate database synchronization
      lots of changes including:
      unready() calls to handle death of master
      better memory allocation of struct bufs
      now define MUPDATE_CLIENT_OBJS
      Actually we don't need that variable
      got rid of variable we didn't need
      ctl_mboxlist now can populate an mupdate server
      implement LIST command
      implement mupdate_find and mupdate_list
      fixed the comment, made the check in the list callback for ctl_mboxlist
      added documentation of what file is what
      make mboxlist.c use mupdate, remove support for acap
      removed acap references
      added host-prefix parameter to LIST command
      added MUPDATE= to capability list
      hostname-prefix parameter for LIST, and appropriate changes to ctl_mboxlist
      use config_servername instead of myhostname
      slight style fix
      hide that we are storing partitions
      fix uninitilized pointer
      fix conn_free bug in mupdate master, and mask the partition one additional
      remove ACAP from ctl_mboxlist, better parameters for mupdatetest
      smart dumps to mupdate server
      fix several crash bugs in imapd/proxyd/mupdate slave
      first draft (broken) fromURL API
      handle referrals
      case sensitivity on imap urls eliminated
      link toURL and fromURL to C backend
      fix patterns to be * not %
      frontend mupdate kicking functionality
      fix memory corruption bug
      no longer shutdown if we lose a connection at the top of the command
      fix dereferencing undefined reference bug
      prevent crash on empty mailbox lists
      remove useless comment
      better security (require userid's for more things)
      better IMAP url creation
      call eatline() when referring APPEND
      fix really silly bug in mupdate_scarf
      now handle sending referrals
      handle managesieve referrals
      check for null mbdb in mboxlist_open
      enable process reuse
      process reuse now seems to work (fixed a core)
      fix potential breakage with DB->open handling
      *** empty log message ***
      (last log entry should have been: correct service name)
      fix crash due to setting map_size instead of map_len
      null out initial server
      added check for fdatasync in -lrt
      more restricted use of -lrt
      added stupid memory pool test
      added memory pools
      updated to not use the double pointer
      added default size
      updated comment
      fix allignment bug
      use memory pools (and change struct mbent to be much smaller)
      decrease size of struct mbent
      add mpool_strdup
      better fatal() in lmtpd.c (now calls shut_down)
      increase idle timeout
      removed extra variable
      handle server last send peroperly
      fixing bug 1140 (mbents were not being handled properly by cmd_change)
      further correction of callback return value returning
      actually return callback return value in mboxlist_findall like the
      new proxyd error codes
      further findall changes
      quota referrals now work
      fixing bug #468 (re: MD5 support in base os)
      fix random warnings
      fix many warnings
      added #include <stdio.h>
      fix a warning in output (unused name in snmp_getoid)
      fix warnings
      added -Wall
      fixed many warnings
      whoops missed two
      clear some initilization warnings
      changed inodes to be unsigned
      fix some warnings
      clear some warnings
      update fud to deal with murder
      timsieved does server last send properly now
      fix a comment
      lots and lots of install information
      added left out word.
      fix pop3proxyd related problems (pop3d now does proxying, pop3proxyd
      update to latest draft
      avoid a crash when we don't have any cached backend servers
      fix crash on shutdown
      mailbox list was being closed too much, fixed (Amos Gouaux <amos at utdallas.edu>)
      clear some warnings
      better handling of clients who disconnect uncleanly
      make sieveshell do a LOGOUT before it exits
      do mupdate url instead of "(slave)" in banner
      fix yet another struct mbent memory allocation bug.
      move SERVICE_PATH to config.h, __attribute__ checking is better
      remove SERVICE_PATH
      add reconstruct command
      added some administration documentation
      infinite connection retries if we lose contact with the master
      no longer look for X-CYRUS-RECONSTRUCT
      implement RECONSTRUCT command
      fix a fd leak if the ptloader server is down
      removed fd leak (snmp_connect) that wasn't even needed in the first place
      added comment
      zero out errno at top of prot_fill, so that errno can be properly tested
      relocate the ATTRIBUTE check to clear some warnings
      added cvt_cyrusdb
      fix some crashes in fatal()
      added RECURSIVE argument to reconstruct command
      add transactions
      more useful startup info (actuall print the client/server exchanges)
      more descriptive messages at beginning (end of authentication was not being
      don't wrongly set saslcompleted
      removed silly syslog
      removed lsubdata() (dead code)
      seen state using skiplist now
      check acls before proxying
      add lmtp_overquota_perm_failure option
      fud is now a udp service run from master
      fud change, credit Amos
      fix badness in do_auth
      make strcmp's more consistant
      added cvt_cyrusdb.8 manpage
      added a bunch of asserts()
      lmtpproxyd now pings mupdate server if it is using a cached connection to
      check for null tid before executing commit, if it is null, print a warning
      "better" install documentation
      added warning about Subscriptions
      fix another closed-the-db-too-early bug
      should NULL deliver_in and deliver_out when they are freed in lmtpd.c
      check for mailbox existance on the murder before issuing a SUBSCRIBE
      randomized slave retry attempts
      force absolute pathnames
      added SSL keying info
      no longer attempt to reuse non-reset connections
      do the prot_setsasl's in the right place (after sending the OK)
      finish polishing off pop3proxyd.  flush the +OK after authentication,
      clear an unneeded global
      make lmtpd and lmtpproxyd do telemetry logging
      fix potential core dump when we are unable to connect to the mupdate server
      don't disconnect NULL mupdate_handle
      add --with-????-db options (mboxlist, subs)
      more complete database backend configurability
      cleaner --help output (sort of)
      change way to specify skiplist backend
      correctly down a backend server when we determine that it is no good anymore
      correct for databases that require binary
      add note about mupdate key
      now say BYE if we lose connection to backend_current (unless we're just
      batch undump into transactions that are 1000 entries long a piece.
      add a prot_flush call after authentication
      perform mupdate delete BEFORE performing local delete
      LSUB filtering (mark nonexistant mailboxes as \Noselect)
      added DEACTIVATE command
      allow lmtp to notice moved mailboxes and return a temporary failure
      make lmtp work with remote mailboxes for real this time
      make parameters to proxyd_refer const
      first parts of imapd dealing with remote mailboxes
      reconstruct now supported (gives a referral)
      eat extra end of line markers
      minor bug fixes, allow authentication retries
      no more "require referrals" error, just send the referral
      update error codes to be slightly more clear
      initial mailbox dump functionality, and some undump framework
      added IMAP_BIN_ASTRING, and len member of struct buf
      in-protocol reconstruct now only does a quota -f for the next-highest quota root
      added LOCALCREATE command to bypass the mupdate server (for mailbox moves)
      extract backend connect/authenticate parts of proxyd to separate module so
      better extraction of backend connect/authenticate/disconnect stuff from
      XFER command now creates remote mailbox
      fix a warning
      XFER 'works', but still needs to delete mailboxes from the source machine
      xfer now deletes mailbox off of local host after it finishes.
      updated perl 5.6.0 -> 5.6.1
      wipe ACL on remote server after transfer (part 1 of setting the ACL correctly)
      now synchronize acls with remote server in an XFER
      Add LOCALDELETE command
      back out remote mailbox using LOCALDELETE if a failure happens
      add MUPDATEPUSH command, have XFER trigger one on the remote server
      most of the code needed for flagging local mailboxes as MBTYPE_REMOTE during
      proxy servers now handle inter-server renames (and can issue XFER commands
      much smarter resync code (now deletes local mailboxes that are living elsewhere,
      fix 2 cores in lmtpproxyd.c, and made the semantics of mupdate_find a bit more
      update ctl_mboxlist to have -a and -w options (local_authoritative and
      XFER now flags the mailbox appropriately as MBTYPE_REMOTE
      changed an xxx partition comment
      allow to compile (was missing krb libraries)
      setacl referrals
      remove dead code
      removed extra syslog() call
      smarter handling of synchronized literals + LOGIN
      change some MBTYPE_REMOTE usage to MBTYPE_MOVING
      further MBTYPE_REMOTE -> MBTYPE_MOVING changes
      update release instructions
      break out moving of a single mailbox to a separate function, so as to
      more framework for user moves
      alpha-quality recursive user moves with seen state, subscriptions, and sieve
      don't advertise MAILBOX-REFERRALS if we don't actually have an rlist
      dump/undump quotas
      dumping quotas (sort of), and sieve deletes
      add imparse.h
      some slightly more intelligent errors for mboxlist_rename
      fix a permissions issue to allow XFER from frontends
      save some variables in cmd_undump that would otherwise be blasted by
      implement MAILBOX-REFERRALS advertising for imapd
      clarify a seen state failure message
      and add a syslog while we're here
      fix a memory leak in mupdate-client
      referral - related kicking
      mboxlist_deletemailbox cleanup
      make XFER work for remote partitions also
      detect sasl_checkapop correctly
      change AC_ARG_ENABLE to AC_ARG_WITH to match the help text
      better handling of mechlists for backend servers
      don't delete metadata if a user move fails.  also try to catch stupidity
      don't send an extra newline
      don't cause a fatal error on mailbox deletes if we can't lock the quota
      removeing quota roots now possible (but not implemented in-protocol)
      unify mupdate_server lookups into a single config_mupdate_server global
      added include for sys/types.h for FreeBSD (David Fuchs <dfuchs at uniserve.com>)
      misc comment cleanup
      properly reset sasl_conn_t's in managesieve and timsieved
      silly $ vs @ mistake in listquotaroot
      further fixes for listquota
      don't die if we get a DELETE for a mailbox that we don't know about
      fix compile-time warnings and errors (sun is a macro on solaris, it seems)
      fix the sun problem (#defined to 1 on solaris)
      don't delete a mailbox from mupdate if it's already a remote mailbox.
      remove reconstruct during xfer
      eliminate a ton of warnings, avoid a buffer overrun in mysasl_authproc
      remove infinite loop
      completely untested cyradm info interface
      babysitting code (babysit=t option) and maxforkrate control (maxforkrate=###)
      remove extra log message
      misc bug fixes from Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>
      fixes for FreeBSD 4.5 (fdatasync-related), based off of recomendations
      added mupdate draft
      updated version #'s
      ignore unsolicited responses during AUTHENTICATE
      allow for sieveshell to specify the destination file
      actually include sieve_put_file_withdest
      fix warnings for bug 1152
      fix 2 warnings
      update for saslv2
      added APOP note
      gcc3 / ia64 cleanups (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      proxy cross-server renames now accept mailbox paths (e.g. nondefault partitions)
      fix with/enableval confusion (Howard Chu <hyc at highlandsun.com>)
      better ACL response parsing in trashacl()
      break some potentially infinite loops
      documentation of how we think locking should work
      mailbox_open_locked function added
      fix bug exposed by actually using the correct value ;)
      fix buffer size bug (Jeremy Howard <jh_lists at fastmail.fm>)
      beginning work towards using MBTYPE_RESERVE
      use binary vs. bitwise | (oops)
      better documentation of MBTYPE_RESERVE
      fix referral bug in sieve_get
      better rename (lock only individual mailbox) + MBTYPE_RESERVE flag
      use both LDFLAGS and LIB_SASL
      update cmu.conf
      remove extra syslogs
      add MBTYPE_RESERVE recovery
      MBTYPE_RESERVE cleanup via ctl_cyrusdb
      simplify MBTYPE_RESERVE cleanup, and correct for non-backend servers
      fix create with reserved mailboxes
      updated to deal with ctl_cyrusdb -r
      fix potential race condition when deleting mailboxes
      fix spelling (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      mailboxes.db locking sanity improvement
      fix bug #923
      fix --with-gssapi to be --enable-gssapi again
      make Admin.pm deal with untagged NOs in RENAME (bug #268)
      added sieve spamassassin patch
      updated program id (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      update comment
      initial attempt at a seen_merge interface (no hooks to it yet)
      try a new heimdal check
      merge seen states on xfer
      use a transaction for the seen state merging (much much faster!)
      add -ldoor
      fix # of initilizers
      O_DSYNC vs O_SYNC or O_FSYNC fix (James Ralston <qralston+ml.info-cyrus at andrew.cmu.edu>)
      database opening cleanup
      better transaction handling for the foreach()
      reconstruct handles referrals
      put the parens around the list, instead of around each entry
      fix outright lie in master/README
      fix segfault when no mech list
      enable ANNOTATEMORE
      fix bug in multiple-annotation handling
      chk_cyrus consistancy checker program
      add some comments of things to add later (marked by xxx)
      add chk_cyrus.8
      use the libcyrus map_ calls instead (and free the mmap!)
      minor comment updates (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      make use index.h
      allow running against individual mailboxes
      don't require being run as user cyrus (so root can run on an r/o filesystem,
      unlink quota roots properly (needed to call mailbox_hash_quota)
      fix locking for mailbox_delete
      add a comment noting a bug in read_capability
      fix the bug
      fix a small setacl header writing bug
      actually remove reserved mailboxes
      clean up quota file writing
      allow forcing of setting quota roots
      only authenticate once when moving a user mailbox.
      correctly handle quotas on mailbox moves
      make calls to prot_setsasl correctly
      correct a localip/remoteip confusion in the SASL setup
      clear up 2 file descriptor leaks (Dave Eckhardt <David.Eckhardt at cs.cmu.edu>)
      add force flag to mboxlist_deletemailbox
      break a potentially infinite loop
      don't wait for a logout command to succeed
      . experimental imtest-as-proxy code
      note imtest changes
      fix a reserved mailbox leak in mboxlist_rename
      add debug hook (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      cleanup some warnings
      whoops, don't use xstrdup in service*.c
      refactor mboxlist_setacl
      add -X daemonize option
      include syslog.h, better error message
      remove hash_simple
      cope with clients that are dumb about STATUS
      fix FIND command a bit (proxyd still has a problem with FIND MAILBOXES)
      correctly handle FIND MAILBOXES
      update to incorporate an LMTP proxy block
      add mupdate_ options
      support proxying on login (e.g. admins can proxy as users).
      fix spelling error
      incorporate Ken's comments
      keep buckets sorted for faster lookups
      don't mark the append action as done until it actually is (so that
      better LSUB piping (Clear out bad flags like \NonExistent)
      use a hash table to store config file information
      squash a warning
      don't sprintf to a buffer that holds data you want to use
      add database recovery section
      add checks for daemon() and setsid()
      change a char * to a const char * (no reason for the key to be writable)
      revert to 1.52 (sorry ken)
      make struct mpool opaque, general cleanup
      use memory pools with hash tables
      mailbox_rename_copy needs to do what mboxlist_rename is expecting it to
      better locking control for mboxlist_renamemailbox
      updated for new ctl_mboxlist options
      fix a warning
      add -x and -p flags for dumping mailboxes
      add copyright; fix a problem with literals handling (Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>)
      Ready for 2.1.5
      fix spelling
      add mupdatetest.1 to Makefile (Luca Olivetti <luca at wetron.es>)
      add pidfile option
      update with -I, -x, -X
      correctly create acl when forcing a create for user.foo.bar (resolving bug
      include config.h for the notify mechanisms, so that __attribute__ is defined
      add note about the need for the "0" right
      improved error messages for imaps failure (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      add unixgrouplookups config option (Michael Clark <michael at metaparadigm.com>)
      don't create an unresolvable symbol (thanks igor!)
      use $self instead of Cyrus::IMAP references
      fix pipe_lsub to not truncate flags improperly
      cleanup info output some: sort annotation names, print out applicable
      Get rid of some warnings with gcc 3 (Carlos Velasco <carlosev at newipnet.com>)
      back out gcc patch, since the sed causes problems on solaris
      don't delete the mupdate entry when renaming INBOX
      fixed access control -- don't expose mailboxes that we don't have ACL_LOOKUP
      better GCC 3 detection via sed (Carlos Velasco <carlosev at newipnet.com>)
      correct quoting
      make isadmin work for annotations
      check inode before unlinking socket
      fix a fd leak if db_open or db_create fails
      make "wanting to dump" log at LOG_DEBUG
      don't close file descriptors twice in a threaded application
      don't lcase the mailbox name (Kostas Psymarnos <kpsym at noc.uoa.gr>)
      fix a bunch of scary-looking warnings (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      update self's error to the referral's error for reconstruct
      fix OpenSSL CFLAGS and LDFLAGS for perl modules
      sprintf->snprintf conversions (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      updated to indicate semantics of commit and abort
      don't call abort on txn structures that have failed commits
      First of several sprintf->snprintf changes (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      make revconvert_lmtp know about over quota perm failures, and
      use snprintf more, protect prot_write against len=0 writes and avoid illegal
      even more sprintf->snprintf conversion (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      update comments in do_xfer_single
      cleanup some shell scripting
      updated to include info on mailbox moves and that you need to put in
      don't leak telemetry log file descriptors
      dispose of the sasl_conn_t when we hang up on the server
      stop leaking the hostname in a backend structure (made it allocated with
      add note about proxyservers
      fix a huge memory leak, round to 8 bytes, and don't potentially allocate
      free the backend structure after downing a server for cmd_xfer
      detect attempts to do cross-partition renames via a proxy, and fail them
      force SASL to use a mechanism that allows proxying if we have specified
      correct off-by-one error in strlcpy replacement
      s/outlne/outlen/g (larry should compile before he commits ;)
      unlock mboxlist before reserving in mupdate on rename
      anoter strlcpy -> strncpy problem
      use RESERVED mailboxes on the backends for creates as well, this allows
      use telemetry logging
      better handling of unready connections
      include missing header (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      put the FDATASYNC / O_DSYNC compatability foo below @BOTTOM@
      update mupdate draft to -01
      fix strlcpy to be more BSD-like (based on suggestions by Neal Rigney <nrigney at flytechnology.com>)
      fix a bunch of strlcpy usage in one of several ways:
      convert the port for the backend server to network byte order when proxying
      keep backend_port in host byte order
      and be sure to always update backend_port as needed
      a somewhat clearer implementation
      last one, I promise
      more helpful authentication error reporting (forward errors from the
      better handling of strange SASL failures.
      flush output of password prompt (Hajimu UMEMOTO <ume at mahoroba.org>)
      bump version to 2.1.6
      updated for 2.1.6
      fix broken duplicate quoting
      ready for 2.1.7 (screwed up version numbers in 2.1.6)
      use fcntl locking by default and not flock()
      better shell parsing (support quotes)
      don't keep the mailbox list locked while unlinking the files in a renamed
      abort transactions when CREATEs fail
      ready for 2.1.8
      fail if we don't have either fcntl or flock
      better error handling in lmtp_connect (based on ideas from Joerg Budischewski <JoergBudi at gmx.de>)
      yet anoter strlcpy problem fixed (Dmitrij Tejblum <tejblum at yandex-team.ru>)
      Ready for 2.1.9
      splash some warnings
      - use authisa() for cmd_login in imapd and proxyd
      truncate the key given to mystore() if necessary
      catch some additional possibly undefined values
      correct right for delete
      update delete mailbox rights
      mention rehash
      don't get an uninitilized value warning
      Master shouldn't have to link kerberos libraries
      don't force authzid == user, instead make SASL DTRT (make authzid "")
      added mupdate-loadgen.pl
      fix reference count handling
      update documentation
      whoops, don't assume we should blank out the password
      telemetry logging for timsieved
      Berkeley DB 4.1 support (Mika Iisakkila <mika.iisakkila at pingrid.fi>)
      remove fs_get and fs_give (I wonder why these were ever added)
      zero out db handle in myopen
      fix typo (ktsin at acm.org)
      GSSAPI doesn't need
      further db 4.1 changes
      mroe db 4.1 fixes (ptloader)
      don't add to the mailbox quota twice when renaming mailboxes
      add telemetry.h (I always forget that one, sigh)
      mupdate master now provides a "placebo" kick socket so that proxyd won't
      add missing return statement
      helpful notes about syslog performance (Aidan Evans <ae at is.dal.ca>)
      parse quoted special properly (don't break words at an & inside of quotes,
      do_auth now syslogs more verbosely (bug 1167)
      don't double-quote mailbox names to RECONSTRUCT
      no longer use old sieve name
      better handling of error cases
      backport of saslserver.c changes
      remove IMAP_SASL_OK
      Document *_admins and *_proxyservers (2.1 only)
      don't decriment the buffer size by 2 when we only need to save space
      better end-of-line checking in pipe_* routines
      if someone passes us a file that's too big, be sure to eat all the input before
      better handling of referrals in timsieved (parse the entire command before
      add support for ISO-8859-15 and Windows-1252 character sets
      whoops, missed this the first tim
      honor $CC when checking gcc_version
      don't invalidate old cache files by changing the character set table order
      cleanup of fatal() logic
      if the first setrlimit() fails, retry by setting the limit to the current max (Mika Iisakkila <mika.iisakkila at pingrid.fi>)
      doh. forgot to commit this the other day
      add missing DB_AUTO_COMMIT flag for Berkeley DB 4.1
      don't potentially leave a trailing empty line when @IMAP_PROGS@ is empty
      make some minor effort to pay attention to the value of --with-perl
      minor pointer type (void -> char) cleanups for HPUX
      misc errno cleanups (use errno.h, don't just assume it's an extern)
      Ready for 2.1.10
      don't default to "perl5" default to "perl"
      add support for &quot and &nbsp
      break the build if making the text files fails
      'support' for tables
      minor html cleanups
      check for com_err.h as well as libcom_err when doing the com_err tests.
      clean up ridiculus usage() message
      slightly better error message when we can't find the DES library
      add hacking hints file based off of log entry
      minor saslpasswd -> saslpasswd2 stuff (suggested by Jay Levitt <jay at jay.fm>)
      don't screw GSSAPI by blocking NULL out pointers
      whoops, swich order of an LDFLAGS resetting (Allon Stern <allon at fgm.com>)
      > Well, now that we do detect unlocking failures, it only makes sense
      turn off prompt ornaments
      convert some sprintf to snprintfs
      whoops, fatal() was all fouled up
      cleanup some #include's
      minor update
      fix some buffer overflows (based on ideas from Timo Sirainen <tss at iki.fi>)
      ready for 2.1.11
      check for success of mboxlist_detail call
      first pass at daemon mode (no pidfile yet)
      cleanup some -I references to actually use $(srcdir) (based on a patch from
      master pidfile support (based on ideas from Paul Vixie and
      updated for pidfile support
      add cyrus's version of these functions so they can be shared between SASL
      use shared Berkeley DB Configuration methods
      make idled actually support the -C option
      minor auth_krb_pts nits
      sigh, nit.
      add some text about skiplist and mailboxes.db (we didn't have this before?!)
      don't bother with the SEARCH round trip if the mailbox is empty.
      set close on exec for pidfile
      better daemon/pidfile code.  This code avoides race conditions, actually
      whoops. vicious lie.
      Fix timsieved for mbox separators other than '.' - Henning Schmiedehausen <hps at intermeta.de>
      minor quoting fix (Ron Roskens <roskens at elfin.net>)
      The following are all from Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>:
      add squatrunner contributed script from the mailing list (Sebastian Hagedorn <Hagedorn at uni-koeln.de>)
      use fulldirhash in user_deletesieve() (if enabled)
      fix for make depend when configured with --disable-sieve
      move CMU_SOCKETS call to before berkeley db detection
      oddly, this never got committed
      Squatter now supports a -s option to skip mailboxes where cyrus.squat is
      Don't prot_putc if the stream is in an error state.
      reset the output buffer when returning EOF in prot_flush, also don't
      revert out needless error checking in prot_putc implementations
      change strdups to xstrdup (pointed out by SecurityAppraisers and Bynari)
      minor efficiency nit (SecurityAppraisers and Bynari)
      Various improvements in buffer checking (SecurityAppraisers and Bynari)
      improved behavior for certain critical snprintf()s
      be more careful about appending to mailboxname in cmd_delete
      Misc cleanup to tugowar (Security Appraisers & Bynari)
      depricate tugowar
      updated mupdate draft
      make mailbox_hash_quota take a size for its dest buffer
      - make get_prog have a buffer limit
      stop running off the end of the mmap of the squat index file
      move ipv6.m4 from config/ to cmulocal/
      make squat code use xmalloc instead of malloc
      clear some xxx's
      fix bug where we're not expecting pr_ListMembers() to rewrite the user
      fix a bunch of warnings (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      add some text about backend authentication
      better escaping for COM_ERR_CPPFLAGS (Andreas Maier <andi at cosy.sbg.ac.at>)
      first pass at openssl detection (stolen from SASL)
      move openssl checking into cmulocal, use for saslauthd detection of openssl
      move openssl checking into cmulocal, use for saslauthd detection of openssl
      Better setting of LDFLAGS (use CMU_ADD_LIBPATH), (based on ideas
      use CMU_ADD_LIBPATH properly
      whoops, CMU_SOCKETS needs to be before the IPv6_* functions
      * saslauthd/auth_krb4.c, saslauthd/auth_shadow.c,
      Misc Berkeley DB fixes (Leena Heino <Leena.Heino at uta.fi>)
      Ready for 2.1.12
      "The Shutdown Patch", complete with autoconf foo.
      make lmtpd notice sieve scripts for users with dots in their names
      minor OpenSSL fix (combination people sent this in all at once ;)
      make a shutdown() failure a LOG_DEBUG not a LOG_ERR
      Several issues found by SecurityAppraisers & Bynari:
      move SASL_CRYPT_CHK into cmulocal/sasl2.m4: SASL2_CRYPT_CHK (since gssapi
      AC_ARG_WITH doesn't want "with-x" as its first parameter
      another nit
      update copyrights
      better error messages when sieve script can't be open for reasons other than
      spelling fix
      add maxfds= option to cyrus.conf to limit file descriptor usage on a per-service
      take care of maxfds in the reconfig case (don't port to 2.2)
      add cyrus-devel
      define an __attribute__ if one isn't, so as to allow compiliation on compilers
      add config.h (Roland Kaltefleiter <rk at netuse.de>)
      actually, remove nonportable __attribute__ totally
      check for oversized tags
      add a note
      minor clarification as to what --with-perl expects
      mysasl_proxy_policy now deals with the correct service name (no need to
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari review of mailboxes.c
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari review of mailbox.c
      avoid an infinite loop in parse_cached_envelope on a badly-formatted message
      Kick mupdate when the mailbox is not active (not just when its not existing)
      whoops, that's an inverted in pipe_until_tag...
      update to RFC3501
      3502 also
      save authenticate() options for use when being referred to backends (Michael Bacon <baconm at duke.edu>)
      Don't override
      Fix Typo (Rainer Orth  <ro at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>)
      include $(builddir)/acap in include path. (Rainer Orth  <ro at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>)
      Add OpenSSL RPATH for use by perl (Rainer Orth  <ro at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>)
      report both built with and running OPENSSL versions
      spurious include
      fix typo (Rainer Orth <ro at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>)
      cleanup some MAX_MAILBOX_PATH and MAX_MAILBOX_NAME issues
      SecurityAppraisers & Bynari Security Review
      don't truncate the pidfile until we actually write it (suggested by
      fix prototype conflict (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      safer truncation of the pidfile (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari audit fixes (mostly minor)
      oops, missed one strcpy earlier
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari Mupdate Review (part 1)
      SecurityAppraisers / Bynari Audit Fixes
      SecurityAppraisers / Bynari Audit
      fail if gmtime() fails (avoid a core)
      cap bits at 40 bits
      correct literal handling in imclient_input ( Patrick Welche <prlw1 at newn.cam.ac.uk>)
      SecurityAppraisers / Bynari audit
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari audit
      SecurityAppraisers / Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers / Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers / Bynari Audit
      test again
      fix perl 5.8.0 flushing issue (Carlos Velasco <carlos.velasco at newipnet.com>)
      SecurityAppraisers/Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers/Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers/Bynari Audit
      init imapd_exists to -1
      add a bunch  MORE names for berkeley DB
      securityappraisers & bynari audit
      oops, s/sprintf/snprintf/ in some cases
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers & Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari Audit
      whoops, was missing
      squash a warning
      Don't use Perl_sv_setsv, use sv_setsv instead (Nikola Milutinovic <Nikola.Milutinovic at ev.co.yu>)
      minor SecurityAppraisers/Bynari audit foo
      minor SecurityAppraisers/Bynari Audit foo
      securityappraisers and bynari audit
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari audit
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers/Bynari Audit
      cleanup Perl_sv_set?v calls (Igor Brezac <igor at ypass.net>)
      whoops, don't delete from mailbox list if we are moving partitions
      Bump version for 2.1.13
      explicitly claim to be not authoritative
      note about the 2.1.12 sieve issue
      note about the 2.1.12 sieve issue (the script to fix it)
      make sure generation number is in network byte order.  note that this change
      Fix Typos (Ewald Dieterich <ewald.dieterich at fun.de>)
      check for existance of strlcat and strlcpy
      more htonl/ntohl issues with the generation number
      -ANSIfication of some function declarations
      don't call config_init until we have set up alt_config
      if checking the directory include/et, add the directory include/et
      add mbexamine tool
      notes about mailbox file formats
      include UTF-8 content type headers in rejection notices
      memcpy->memmove conversion, in case someone passes us back our own buffer
      correct proxyd_findinboxserver for alternate namespace (and unixhierarchysep)
      lie even less
      only do a mboxname_hiersep_tointernal() when getting the internal name of
      Sun SEAM GSSAPI support (Rainer Orth <ro at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>)
      prefer Heimdal to SEAM
      Add support for windows-1256 character set (Rayed Alrashed <rayed at saudi.net.sa>)
      fix warning (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      add text about the format of the binary bodystructure
      minor commenting
      more detail
      added mbexamine
      NULL out the prot structure pointers in bitpipe() so we don't free them
      Fix stack pointer on return from callbacks (Robert A Basch <rbasch at MIT.EDU>)
      clean up useless assert()s
      call service_abort whenever a process finishes, to ensure cleanup happens
      clean up documentation of service_abort API
      don't log shutdown() failures for ENOTCONN errors
      oops, compile before you commit
      check for stdarg.h and use it if found
      check for \r before appending it in interactive()
      add a note about 8 bit headers
      add needed include for MD5 functions
      finally fix the imclient literal-length problem (bug #333)
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari Audit
      code to determine if compile can deal with -fPIC (defines FPIC_CFLAGS)
      add note about ctl_mboxlist -mw
      remove check that was too restrictive
      patch to deal with short hostnames in mupdate
      mailbox wildcard support for acls and deletes
      update for 2.1.13->2.1.14
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari audit
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari Audit
      SecurityAppraisers and Bynari Audit
      close database handle on failed open
      always syslog the fatal() message even if we have a connection already
      add lmtp_downcase_rcpt option
      cause a fatal error if duplicate_init() fails.
      document clients that make use of a trash folder and why they are broken
      be less abrasive, enumerate options in a list
      On authentication failure, wait for BAD response before returning to caller
      check that we actually match lastname, instead a prefix if it
      don't advertise STARTTLS in the Authenticated state
      add a --with-extraident to configure.in (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      mention units for setquota
      mention quota units
      Sample 'add a cyrus user' script (Robert Urban <urban at tru64.org>)
      properly detect HAVE_GSS_C_NT_USER_NAME (Rainer Orth <ro at TechFak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>)
      Ready for 2.1.14
      add LIB_SOCKET to the link line for the test program
      Change dependency mapping for com_err generated .c and .h files.  This
      better parsing of GETQUOTA response (<arus at polbox.com>)
      add a question about advertising mechanisms that we don't want
      avoid calling clock() if not necessary
      telemetry logging for mupdate
      fix flock/fcntl description
      missed a flock
      fix shortname options (Gary Mills <mills at cc.UManitoba.CA>)
      tru64 fixes (Hajimu UMEMOTO <ume at mahoroba.org>)
      Improved GSSAPI detection (don't default to MIT, require HAVE_KRB5_H
      updated documentation based on suggestions from debian bug repository
      more changes
      add plusaddress info
      autoconf 2.5 compatibility (Patrick Welche <prlw1 at newn.cam.ac.uk>)
      SASL->Cyrus SASL
      remove the shutdown() error message all together since apparently
      more clarifications
      documentation changes suggested by Ross Boylan <ross at biostat.ucsf.edu>
      stub out user_deleteacl for real
      slightly better allowplaintext description
      working arbitron for per-user seen state
      build arbitron
      useful utility for sorting arbitron output
      arbitron for subscriptions
      update to deal with subscribers
      correction for XFER in altnamespace configurations (Bug 2100)
      minor API changes (const char * keys)
      document -o flag
      add Henrique's log message for when we truncate the skiplist during recovery
      Fix for bug 2124, and a few related (but not documented fixes)
      misc manpage cleanup (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      cyradm -h functionality (Max Vozeler <max at hinterhof.net>)
      move shared sendmail configuration foo into config.h
      add -p partition option to reconstruct.  Allows reconstruction of mailboxes
      add -x option to reconstruct to allow recreation of mailbox metadata
      duplicate supression logging for redirected messages
      change crlf to lf for exim compatibility.  We'll need to do something smarter
      backout of \r\n change
      changes to fix fud so that it can't be used to create random (empty) seen
      ready for 2.1.15
      quotawarnkb support
      duh, reset isnowait at the top of the multiappend loop
      reconstruct works again with nonexistant cyrus.header files
      add useful error message (Greg Woods <woods at planix.com>)
      catch errors in mboxlist_findstage ("Greg A. Woods" <woods at weird.com>)
      telemetry logging for preauthed sessions (Greg A. Woods <woods at weird.com>)
      make master handle SIGINT like SIGTERM
      nit (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      remove @CFLAGS@ from LDFLAGS (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      nit (Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh at debian.org>)
      minor variable resetting nits (David Carter <dpc22 at cam.ac.uk>)
      minor cleanup
      better virtdomain/altnamespace in XFER fix
      toexternal should be tointernal.  DOH.
      use sigaction() instead of signal() to set up the SIGALRM
      answer an outstanding xxx that has been bothering me for a while
      autoheader 2.5x compatibility
      open_sendmail should fail if it can't fork
      support autoconf 2.54, automake 1.7
      Minor m4 quoting fixes (Patrick Welche <prlw1 at cam.ac.uk>)
      add text about authorization vs authentication (Michael McDaniel <cyrus at autosys.us>)
      oops, some mistakes in this text.  Fixed.
      GSSAPI fixes (Alexey Melnikov <Alexey.Melnikov at isode.com>)
      Move 2.2 branch to HEAD
      missed in merge somehow
      another missed update
      remove cyradm tcl version
      removing all
      removing acap
      clean up the merge
      simple copy/paste error (Paul D. Fardy <pdf at mun.ca>)
      make XFER transfer annotations too
      move annotatemore_delete calls into mboxlist_deletemailbox, clean up printstring
      cache some headers for outlook express (suggested by Rob Mueller <robm at fastmail.fm>)
      Ready for 2.2.2-BETA
      fix checkout for make dist
      clean up html tag
      html cleanup
      fix misuse of cached entries.
      update for IANA registration of mupdate port
      update for mupdate iana registration
      clean up some minor memory bugs
      don't hold mboxlist lock across network access during delete
      avoid overflow
      add printstring definition
      we don't need libdb
      * add --with-gss_impl configure option
      add support for draft-newman-esmtpa
      correct handling of sysconfdir (based on a patch to 2.1 from
      fix segfault in smtptest (David Z Maze <dmaze at debian.org>)
      allow configure to set service path (bug 1955)
      fix spelling error
      heimdal and mit trump cybersafe in autodetection
      - simplify placebo kicksock code
      tweaks to GSS detection routines
      update ipurge to be able to use INTERNALDATE (but not by default)
      give BAD response for SASL client cancels
      misc cleanup (Alexey Melnikov <Alexey.Melnikov at isode.com>)
      cleanup minor nits ( Mike Castle <dalgoda at ix.netcom.com>)
      use proper syslog facility for configuration errors (Bug 2294)
      more GSS fixes (Alexey Melnikov <Alexey.Melnikov at isode.com>)
      correct handling of imap flags (bug 2188)
      cybersafe fix (Alexey Melnikov <Alexey.Melnikov at isode.com>)
      fix hierarchy globbing (both places)
      don't allow mboxlist_findall to return partial matches (this is likely to
      indeed, there is a bug, revert
      disallow partial matches more strictly
      handle partial matches when the pattern runs out properly
      fix glob for real (with suggestions from Stamatis Stefanos <stef at noc.uoa.gr>)
      add glob testsuites
      stray debug code
      significantly improved mupdate-client/lmtpproxy error handling
      berkeley db 4.2 support (Igor Brezac <igor at ypass.net>)

Rostislav Neplokh (1):
      copyright change

Sam Weiler (2):
      include userid in ptcache key
      log ptloader stuff to local7 (not local6)

Sarah Robeson (1):
      *** empty log message ***

Tim Martin (117):
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      fix stupid larry thing
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      bug in a typedef
      rewrite of the parser; survives -Wall
      never allow anonymous logins
      TLS stuff
      no warnings in installsieve
      *** empty log message ***
      can specify password on command line for automated scripts or something
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      pop3d hack to compile well with SSL
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      handles big files better
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      Use new acapmbox foo
      deliver fixes
      better sieve notify implementation
      Timsieved/installsieve compliant with first draft
      getheader fix
      fixed setacl() bug
      warnings. added purge, listenstats
      log cmd counts vai snmp
      adds netnews foo
      remotepurge w/ expire.ctl support
      nothing interesting
      added readconfig.h (i.e. last comment i meant hopefully it wasn't anything important and i didn't break anything :) )
      minor LOGIN fix. wish i could remember the details now
      Ken's patches
      notify compare priorities
      *** empty log message ***
      Ken's patches
      Works with agentx
      agentx macro
      agentx added to configure
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      wrong if test in snmpgen. move snmp_connect
      Ken notify patch. low priority override default
      renamed listenstats -> tugowar
      lmtp submission via bb+<mailboxname>
      beginings of a new deliver that talks to lmtpd
      had some debugging in lmtpd. opps
      deliver maybe works
      better deliver. still needs to exit better. snmpgen bugfix
      deliver.c better. still might have exiting issues
      the name 'sun' conflicted with something on solaris. renamed to 'suna'
      imaps, pop starttls
      pop3s SSL support
      Applied ken's runtime patch
      Applied ken's notify patch
      lmtp on sock socket local; security remotely
      *** empty log message ***
      lmtpd auth= fixup
      auth= parsing
      auth= handling better
      more snmp foo
      store more totals in index files. push these values to acap. ctl_mboxlist set totals, uidvalidity; tugowar bug fixes
      compile on redhat 4.2
      acappush added
      imclient fix
      acappush, master, tugowar fork; tjs patch; installsieve work
      installsieve works both versions. timsieved bugfixes. smake compiling fixes
      acappush fixups
      proxyd tls/imaps
      sieve bug fixes
      acapsieve perl module. lmtp give more error msgs
      reverted out acap installsieve
      removed SIEVE::Cyrus
      timsieved helpers
      rearranging perlsieve dir
      perlsieve makefile integration
      moving more dirs around
      perl making
      *** empty log message ***
      ooops forgot some files
      perl cleanup
      perl cleanup
      IMAP::Cyrus -> Cyrus::IMAP
      forgot to add files
      acap warning fixes
      add inn patches
      comments for inn patch
      add manifest files
      extraneous perl files removed
      utility: imapdu
      imapdu bugfixes
      lmtp usage fix
      imapdu buglets
      adding imapcollate.pl
      imapcollate cleanup

Tim Showalter (405):
      Added hash.o, minor modifications to amssync.c in order to keep track of
      inflicted CMU copyright from amssync.c on hash.[ch]
      I took out the lines that identified these files as "amssync.c" (oops)
      Fixed bugs:
      jgm's printf->prot_printf patch in pop3d.c
      Initial revision
      auth_unix.c now initializes its structures in order to work properly under
      -> 1.5.1 for sanity reasons
      glob.c: Untested addition of jgm's fix for problems when LIST %.% occurred
      glob.c: Untested addition of jgm's fix for problems when LIST %.% occurred
      glob.c: Untested addition of jgm's fix for problems when LIST %.% occurred
      configure.in had a minor change; this configure has had autoconf run recently.
      changes, overview: changed version #, minor file changes
      version.h: now 1.5.2
      imclient.c -- authentication fix, auth to a cname now works
      old makefile, sucks less
      Added imclient.3 manpage and modified the Makefile to do the right thing with
      added "we added imclient manpage" change for completeness
      never noticed that HTML directory before.  Incorporated changes to HTML files
      might have just touched Makefile.in, no serious changes
      there are bugs.  this documents new ones.
      there are bugs.  this documents new ones.  need to run html->text converter
      index.c -- should be no serious changes, probably changed some spacing
      fixed derrick's bug
      configure.in is being changed to eliminate reliance on libossup out of general
      Derrick made changes to kerberos to match andrew kerberos 017 and to remove
      nifty patch to make makedepend work on solaris intel
      nifty patch to shut up a makedepend warning.
      fixed configure problems; finished removing all references to ossup
      *** empty log message ***
      fixed another minor error in manpage
      derrick's db_185.h changes that I smashed.
      sigvec is such a pain.
      SMakefile: added random foo for Linux.  (No amssync.)
      can't remember; minor changes
      can't remember; minor changes
      can't remember; minor changes
      can't remember; minor changes
      added -I/usr/local/include to the CFLAGS so that cc is likely to find db_185.h
      db_185 bs revisited
      put back libucb check for suns
      flags beginning with \ are now really system flags and only the five defined
      updated for imapd.c flags fix
      try that again
      one more tiem
      added ENABLE_MBOXLIST_FREE experimental code.
      let's play the configure game
      smakefile: ryan's optimications
      random stupid makefile changes
      I have no clue.
      bumped the version number to something higher.  I should do this more often.
      stupid makefiles
      sweedish kerberos problem; not fixed yet.
      added netinet/in.h include
      Added NAMESPACE under experimental banner, but that draft is probably not
      changed the url on netscape "extension"
      added --enable-debug and --enable-netscape hack to LNCOMMAND; this will install
      added some changes for --enable-netscapehack
      configure: who the hell knows, I just typed autoconf
      Makefile.in: make the strip option do something
      added netinet/in.h include
      yadda yadda yadda more stupid patches
      added netinet/whatever includes (again)
      deliver.c: the ever-moving target gets a patch (untested) to handle \r\0
      Patch to deal with crossrealm correctly?
      manpage updated since motd message considered harmful
      oops, no "" quotes in configure [] quotes
      fixed strip option
      see configure.in change
      fixed the namespace/x-netscape stuff so it works.
      added x-netscape stuff
      mm, bugs in the manpage.  Everything's so different when you try actually
      sigveclib patch?
      lots of random changes, as usual.
      random doc changes, updated from HTML source
      viz's patch for kerberos compiled with gcc, not cc on solaris
      removed a lcase on the username; unfortunately some sites have uppercase
      Added @STRIP@ tag
      this includes the patches for db stuff that derrick did oh so long ago
      changed EX_CONFIG to EX_TMPFAIL so setting the wrong perms on imapd.conf
      stable 022
      stable 022
      this has prevost's fix to body[] that should have been in the source months
      joe-proofing: EX_TEMPFAIL instead of EX_CONFIG, which sendmail
      this has the db patches but NOT the severely broken fix for the \r\0 problem
      change to imtest to make ' ' a legal character in passwords at the expense
      SMakefile: more random changes
      Makefile.in: redirecting makedepend warnings to a file so lusers will stop
      updated the changes file.
      updated the Makefile, probably with the makedepend-logs-to-file hack.
      changed to glob.c from John's Netscape sources.
      various changes, among them "fix" for \r\0 problem.  walter's stuff might
      Walter's EXTRA_IDENT change seems to be in here.
      changed cyrus.seen text to hopefully document the state of the world
      just added stuff
      made the text for sco's fs bug a little more suggestive
      bugs bugs everywhere
      added Eric Haberg's safe_rename patch for dealing with rename not being
      now includes DEBUG crap to try and fix glob.c, which may be fixed anyway.
      made cyrus-bugs link better
      uh, I dunno
      purify changes
      remade text from html sources
      *** empty log message ***
      added TOCOMPARE around c2 at jgm's suggestion to fix \\Seen problems
      looks like Derrick was here, huh?
      added mboxlist_close calls -- now they're just required
      Added UTF stuff from JGM.
      utf7 fix from jgm
      *** empty log message ***
      walter's changes to pt* getting committed
      changes to cyrinit.tcl made at someone's request ... appear to be harmless
      *** empty log message ***
      Tweaked Derricks changes a lot, so now they work (at least for Linux, checking
      This is where configure macros are supposed to go to keep configure.in neat,
      Fixed bugs introduced fixing -lcom_err bugs, finished the job.
      removed COM_ERR crap that I shouldn't have added
      moved et/Makefile
      even more random cleanup.
      tweak tweak tweak
      moved IDENT from CFLAGS to DEFS so it's not invoked quite so much.
      updates, including a couple of conversions from Derrick's shorthand notes
      Why do we need to keep checking this damn thing in, anyway?
      comment tweaks, I think, nothing big
      make all (again)
      Even more bug fixes: /usr/lib now magically recognized for com_err cases,
      patch from jgm for flag crap (strcmp->strcasecmp)
      removed configure from the repository
      *** empty log message ***
      Spontaneously promoted from "Alpha" to "Beta".
      removed "Beta" from version.h.  see, now it's production.
      hm, better make it 1.5.10
      Changed ``Haberg'' to ``Hagberg''
      munged the copyright (# to *)
      Added reject8bit flag, defaulting to OFF.
      Documented NAMESPACE and reject8bit changes.
      bumped to 11.
      Munged # in copyright to *.
      Copyright: # changed to *
      Changed mboxlist_findall to accept a rock, changed all calls of
      try to make com_err smarter
      *** empty log message ***
      added makedepend/Makefile to the configure output line.
      added a comment, nothing important
      A comment that was not properly delimited now is.
      Took out all the old Tcl checks and replaced them with Rob's much more
      cleaned up the afs/sigvec message again
      documented configure changes that I just committed
      changed @-lines so that they now pick up stuff for Tcl changes in configure.in
      removed --with-cyrus-group=staff from LNCOMMAND since it was redundant
      commented cb_namespace
      yet more changes for com_err.  it actually seems to work now.
      man am I stupid.  this code now compiles even if __STDC__ isn't defined.
      many changes: now works, really, on redhat linux, netbsd, and andrew system
      modified makefile.in to take advantage of whatever we say makedepend is --
      about to change SMakefile
      looks like I got the NAMESPACE extension working.
      about to change the file
      added jgm's map_private changes for braindamage on hpux
      about to change imapd.c
      If ENABLE_EXPERIMENT is set, the server no longer claims to support
      updated changes for UIDPLUS
      about to document changes regarding debugging information
      Added -xs LDFLAGS; will pass those on along now for sun so that the debugging
      # to * in the copyright
      changed # to * in the copyright
      proc is now invoked properly (added a rock).
      Changed `reject8bit' to `"reject8bit"'
      changed quoting as per someone's patch in order to fix up cyradm
      little bit of k&r'ing Dan missed.
      changed # to * in copyright
      cleared some conflicts with my stuff.
      merged with my personal sources
      fixed the user flags bug
      doc'ed user flags fix
      tcl loses AGAIN because tcl8 apparently decided to put the tclconfig in
      one more time: aparently the tclConfig.sh crap wasn't RedHat's fault
      clarified the config messages and some comments
      last of 023 changes; cleaned up some stuff, fixed tcl crap;
      Some compilers get mighty upset when you try to compare a struct (non-ptr)
      oops, . not ->
      no real changes, just indentation and made IRIX pass along LDFLAGS env var
      modified reject8bit patch to work.
      should be fixed to ignore trailing hierarchy delimiter
      should be fixed to ignore trailing hierarchy delimiter
      create "foobar." fix noted
      fixed a fn definition
      UIDPLUS was always advertised but only worked if --enable-experiment was set
      noted uidplus changes
      Removed $ptscache because it caused warnings in perl and wasn't doing anything.
      fixed message.c bug introduced when reject8bit moved some code around that
      I "fixed" cmd_create and didn't initialize r; Walter fixed it.
      bumped to 14, and moved some stuff around.
      Did some random fixes to the install doc (clarified & updated Tcl, Kerberos,
      typo fixed in comment
      Updated documentation from HTML source.
      more doc changes, minor clarifications, small stuff
      updated install doc
      tweaked some parameters to CFLAGS for Solaris
      changed version number to 14
      merged together changes
      fixed typo (stray letter)
      rebuilt docs from HTML sources
      Deliver now does EX_TEMPFAIL instead of EX_USAGE because sendmail thinks
      more changes to 8-bit code; this seems to work a little bit better.
      added reject8bit documentation
      added notes for reject8bit switch
      just changed a comment
      updated from html source
      added 'ci' rule to make, then check in, docs.
      fix from jgm to make mailbox names work
      made some of the clever code in delive rwork
      Took some code out of several other files that was carbon copies of this code
      This pop3d.c features the POP3 Extension Mechanism.
      pop3 ext mechanism
      makefile.in now deletes makedepend.log
      changed a lower-case u to capital U and it's easier to check this in than to
      added makedepend.log to clean rule
      removed convert_code, which is moved to a new file
      moved convert_code to a seperate file
      Rewrote auth_canonifyid to be more permissive and tweakable.
      Added makedepend.log to some clean rules, fixed some clean rules.
      Made LIST honor the reference argument.
      Noted the pwcheck 'caching' bug
      updated from html source
      Added EXPIRE for POP capability.
      will now install fud manpage
      imapd no longer checks for ${configdirectory}/shutdown if user is an admin
      Declared struct sasl_client in imclient.h to avoid the "you declared it in the
      added LDFLAGS line for correctness.
      modified to call endpwent() and to return only at the end of the function
      missing a "test" in an "if" caused problems for people who tried to get
      moved LDFLAGS to end-of-line in ANDREW_ADD_LIBPATH.
      if you're going to run autoconf, blast config.cache, too.
      added an Id string.
      added an $Id$
      cleaned up all the echos.  Clarified the warning message.  All is well.
      moved not-mkdep to tools subdir.
      Small tweak in aclocal.m4 to put libs at end of line instead of middle (!?)
      cleaned it up a little bit.
      htmlstrip.c now recognizes and ignores the "link" tag;
      added password, since that's needed.
      not-mkdep is now in tools/not-mkdep
      The Krb checks now seem to actually work, and pretty well.  I'm going to
      added "anoncvs" to the Makefile
      check for include/kerberosIV before include
      commented the kerberos checks
      added ANDREW_RESOLV and ANDREW_CRYPT which I seem to be using all over the
      changed crypt & resolv tests to use macros in aclocal.m4
      fixed a typo
      I hate Tcl.
      Changed LIST NIL to LIST \"\" because LIST NIL didn't do what I thought it
      added a const to silence some warnings
      wait, maybe that wasn't right
      changed LOG_ERR to LOG_INFO so that "unable to fetch entry" message will be
      made something const to quell some compiler warnings
      expanded the warning on admins/regular users, since it's come up on the
      more tweaks to auth_unix.c; it's still not perfect.
      updated from html source
      Various random cleanup.
      This includes jis's bug and Chris Newman's bug, both patches untested...
      changed 06 to 09 in the note on which pop3ext spec I implemented.
      updated from html source
      mailing list now has its own page in documentation
      minor typo
      added --disable-server switch so that you can just build clients.
      *** empty log message ***
      Added mailing-list to Makefile
      added !DOCTYPE to list of tags to be ignored
      typo fixed, so mailing-list document can be made
      fixed text so that it reads properly when HTML stripped out
      fixed link tag
      made shutdown_file check only happen once
      added PIPELINE to set of supported capabilities
      make sure $cyrus_prefix/bin exists, since with --disable-server, we can no
      Don't create $(cyrus_prefix)/bin; that's for the imap subdir to do.
      going to fix new afs problem with int32
      what is it with vc wanting me to enter more crap about this?
      dirty hack for systems with k4 & k5, like Andrew: look for k4 first in include path
      untested change: LISTRIGHTS could print out unparsable stuff if you fed it
      updated from html source
      install-sh isn't in $(srcdir) for imap/Makefile.in, it's in "$(srcdir)/..".
      added USER capability, since we get that for free.
      fixed notes on CAPA
      cleaned up some text and made the CVS warnings a little more threatening.
      LISTRIGHTS needs a space after the LISTRIGHTS atom.
      cmd_pass where cmd_user should be
      Added patch from jas at pdc.kth.se that reordered adding -L switch to LDFLAGS
      removed _RESOLV and _CRYPT macros because it was cleaner just to do the
      documented new less "braindamaged" list behavior
      updated from html source
      doc'ed that /var/imap/delivereddb has to be created
      updated from html source
      too much #if'ed-out code == uninitialized variable == bad
      sun's compiler doesn't like what was there before, says Don Hughes
      Simon Josefsson <jas at pdc.kth.se> says this is an sgi_63 compile fix.
      added "override" hack for building with custom options
      really this time: override changes, etc.
      how could the CC check at the top of this file have *ever* worked?
      remove line in message.c that aborts disposition parsing if disposition
      krb_getrealmofhost => krb_get_phost because apparently getrealmofhost
      updated from html source
      one of the 1.5.14 changes was a 1.5.19 change.
      To make the copyright a little more obvious, I'm adding a copy here at the
      removed AC_CHECK_LIB(krb4...; will try and do proper K5 compat stuff later.
      doc'ed content-disposition
      -I$(srcdir)/../et was still hardcoded into this makefile;
      "OVERRIDE" thing now works properly.  if set to t, then default optimizations
      *** empty log message ***
      zeroing out the DBTs before using them seems to fix problems with getting
      *** empty log message ***
      undid some damage I did for testing (VER is no longer hardcoded to XXX).
      { not ( so things work.
      clarified deliverdb stuff and ptscache upgrading information
      *** empty log message ***
      *** empty log message ***
      commented out syslog that happened whenever a message was delivered and NOT
      static now spelled correctly.
      enable-static-binaries switch added.
      amssync now uses IMAP_LIBS instead of LIBS; IMAP_LIBS setting can be made
      doc'ed syslog comment-out
      LIBS settings tweaked to make things work with --enable-static-libraries
      an fprintf has been changed to a syslog so that we'll actually see it.
      doc'ed imapd.c fix chris newman pointed out.
      Fixes Chris Newman's bugs submitted fairly recently.
      *** empty log message ***
      includes fixes for dk08's bug, and commented out the spurious syslog that was
      if 0'ed out a little unused code at Bruce Balden's suggestion.
      doc'ed changes for some code removal in imapd.c and index.c
      mstringdata now universally declared as void (missed a prototype before)
      string.h added since we were using it.
      declared free to hopefully shut up the compiler
      provided a prototype for fatal
      Now compiles without warnings under Sun's cc's default settings.
      distclean now does its job completely.
      This is JGM's new chartable code.
      This has the right build procedure for JGM's charset changes.
      docing various code cleanup, jgm's changes, and distclean fixes.
      Code cleanup, ANSIfication, mostly stuff in Bruce Baldin's patches
      Includes (hopefully) appropriate changes for JGM's new charset code.
      New charset.h, for JGM's new charset.c.
      These are the changes necessary to support JGM's new charset code.
      These are the rest of the changes necessary for JGM's new charset code.
      Fixed compiler warnings from Sun's cc by sprinkling lightly with casts.
      make distclean now works as advertised.
      make distclean now works as advertised.
      Two sets of changes in this update, unfortunately:
      removed an unnecessary free before it can do any damage.
      Changes for new charset code (charset_decode1522 takes a few more arguments
      distclean works as advertised.  (EXTRA_PROGS variable added to make this
      Convert_to_lower remvoed because it was redundant with code in util.c.
      JGM's new charset code.  Very heavily rewritten.
      convert_to_uppercase and convert_to_lowercase, TOUPPER, and TOLOWER
      ANSIitized for your protection.
      This is JGM's charset code, with a few changes:
      oops--deleted code defining a "keyvalue" type.  restored...
      Another piece of the new charset code...
      charset_convert_to_uppercase now called convert_to_uppercase
      removed a final P() macro
      xrealloc now takes a void* argument instead of a char*
      xrealloc now takes a void* argument instad of a char
      fatal changed to have a prototype that returns void.
      fatal changed to have a void prototype
      fatal now has a void prototype
      fatal prototype indicates that fatal was being called with only one argument.
      changed gethostbyname failure code to use perror instead of herror,
      Fatal is now consistantly declared
      few changes to quiet gcc -Wall suggested by Bruce Balden.
      brain fart, P in places where it shouldn't have been.
      untested fixes for fetch bug where fetch says OK but didn't return anything
      my changes to calls to charset_decode1522 were clearly wrong; these should
      a few changes to make gcc happy.
      couple attempts to shut up gcc -Wall.
      fetchedsomething code didn't quite work (was broken in the case of a fetch
      moved feedcyrus from clean line.
      includes Chris Newman's changes to look up certain headers in the cache.
      chris's changed doc'ed
      updated from html source
      big checkin, including a tweak to readme.html, some code removal of debugging
      jgm's parsing chagnes for content-disposition params
      jgm's changes for concurrent flags stores.  note that \Seen flags still
      bad count made body.peek[XXX] not work
      actually 5 isn't necessarily right...
      correct fix for problem where
      updated from html source
      added a layer of indirection between sysexits.h and *.c because of sendmail's
      changed CONFIG_EXIT_STATUS to EC_CONFIG since the exitcodes.h means
      all files changed to use exitcodes.h instead of sysexits.h because sendmail
      added exitcodes.h comments
      cyradm bye bug doc'ed.
      elaborated on the comment more.

Walter Wong (125):
      Checking code from the existing collection src area
      - Added a bunch of command line args to do stuff
      - Can't free groups.namelist_val[i] items - that space gets reused
      update tag
      check in Tim's changes --
      Also install ptdump -- some people may find it useful too...
      removed dump_ptc.c -- use ptdump.c instead
      Include #ifdefs for DB 185 compat which was probably improperly removed
      Add RCS id info
      Be more paranoid in mboxlist_close() - specifically check for size and
      minor formatting change for EXTRA_IDENT -- now instead of the extra
      - fixed display issues with error text
      - Fixed usage text to reflect -E is for epiring and not -I
      - Added purify/quantify options for binaries
      - Fix "use srvtab to reauth" code
      Change ptexpire time interval to 1 day as that is the frequency that we
      Fixed problem where the same variable had different names.
      Add @LOCALDEFS@ so local sites can set extra defines. We use this to add
      - Add LOCALDEFS which is added to DEFS= in the Makefile.in's to allow
      - change EXTRA_IDENT to LOCALDEFS from CFLAGS to keep linux happy
      updated some info
      *** empty log message ***
      Install doptclient
      Add -p option and setpag for the srvtab reauth foo
      doh, doptclient, being a script, isn't in the obj area and so need to
      fix some quantify/purify args
      - memset the entire malloc'd block and not just sizeof(char *)
      - Create a global #define for key size (PTS_DB_KEYSIZE)
      Link with optimization flags too
      offset the plain-text userid by the session key. This should prevent
      add ptloader foo -- yeah, this should have been committed with the actual
      back out of previous change. Plaintext got screwed up...
      linux should do -O -g 'cause it can
      Change duplicate delivery eliminiation.
      update duplicate delivery documentation
      *** empty log message ***
      change some syslog log levels around
      add another debugging utility
      update to be more verbose
      add ptextract
      Fix a minor memory leak
      change some syslog logging levels
      add -always_use_cache_dir for purify - this ensures we don't lose
      Commit Derrick's patch that he wanted Tim to check before committing.
      basically the 1.5.21 changes
      . don't close the DB database until after the data is used -- otherwise
      some comments on purify
      add the static foo for solaris
      gross hack to let imtest take input from a file
      don't build amssync for linux - it could work but the ATK libraries are still
      add RCS id string
      . Add mbpath
      fix bug in mailbox_hash_mbox. "change all '.' to '/'" code needs to be
      add sieve libraries to the deliver purify/quantify targets
      change usage to indicate name is installsieve even though file name is installscript.
      fix typo in version.h
      remove 'Authentication Succeeded' message
      . consolidate all 'send us bug reports and how' to feedback.html
      added ref to gnu diff
      . break out install.html into separate files
      add caveat about if you aren't subscribed you can't post for the mailing list foo
      add info about the new web archive
      add entry about sasl mechanisms
      first attempt
      added more features
      add virtual hosting
      added warning
      initial pass
      add option for setting the backlog
      first version
      add extra readme warning
      Create a new section for authentication issues and pull
      stub in some foo
      fill in some stubs
      latest changes
      oops, left out CMU
      temporary backout. bah
      another minor change...
      remove money asking bit until someone else ok's it
      add 2.0 warning
      doh, another change. add bugs statement
      fix typo
      put plug back in
      missed some init calls for the new database format
      Add note that the new cyrus mc file requires sendmail 8.10 or newer
      add note about sendmail 8.10
      minor foo
      add recommendations section
      compile fixes for non-gcc compilers. non-gcc compiler used to test this was
      add random foo
      update as per tech transfer
      remove old text file
      minor doc update
      remove old copyright
      update to reflect upgrade to solaris 2.7
      make quantify/purify imap targets match the imap target
      . fix typo in comment
      reorder to close before doing network I/O
      clarified things a bit
      *** empty log message ***
      update to reflect 2.0 to production.
      make it compile and let other people know this is a work in progress
      fix purify/quantify targets for imapd
      minor fix to get it to compile with Sun C
      add comment about master and listen queue backlog
      Don't do a DB_CREATE by default. This may address some performance problems.
      fix mkdir permission bug (thanks to Scott Adkins).
      Add -D argument to make insure++ happy
      I will test code before committing it, no matter how simple the change...
      update to new websieve location
      . increase default transaction count (this should be made configurable at
      add more debugging info
      reset mytid to NULL after any abort so the tid won't get reused
      tweak error message a bit
      fix fd leak. Patch from Marcus Alanen DC <msa at ra.abo.fi>.
      add update. Thanks to Steve Heist <heist at buffalo.edu> for pointing out
      fix typo in purify target for lmtpd
      Addressed bug 1202.
      add logging that TLS was used.
      also add the TLS notification for the POP crap
      close out bug 1191 (stop wasting resources talking to something that doesn't exist).
      move increment to a separate line. Insure claims the behavior here
      rearrange things a bit to more easily use insure
      add more purify targets

cg2v (27):
      detection of AFS libraries, includes, and dependencies.
      Users of the AFS macros need to explicitly use
      Export the 'top level' directory where AFS is found.
      Fixed typo in README. afs.m4 now works with bsd_sockets.m4 that does not
      Allow PTYDIR on linux, which does not use streams (seperate PTYDIR into
      AFS: use CMU_TEST_INCPATH instead of stupid gcc tricks
      Remove no-longer needed gcc foo in CMU_AFS_INC_WHERE1
      New AFS_RX_LIBS output variable that only includes rx/rxkad/ktc functionality
      use the proper variable name convention so that cmu_test_libpath works
      The nadine event library
      *** empty log message ***
      test for the new "afs_int32" types.
      Jeff did stuff for stage in CS
      *** empty log message ***
      newest afs has dependencies on libresolv. It's common enough
      look for db4 instead of db3 if requested
      make autoheader happy
      remove bogus ;
      make autoheader happy
      the translit wasn't working since it wasn't using the new quotes
      Actually verify the same library the link test is using...
      These files don't care about gcc being used or not (we use CMU_TEST_*PATH
      Be autoconf2.53 friendly by defining config.h comments inline
      don't contaminate LIBS if krb4 can't be found
      AC_CHECK_HEADER doesn't automatically define anything.

rob (23):
      Seems to work happily...
      updated instructions
      Hacked on the mips-abi stuff a little; still needs to be tested...
      Added pthreads support macro
      Cleaned up CMU_SOCKETS a little, added a good NANA check
      Build procedure hacks; now handles no-comerr case a lot better
      Added CMU_SASL
      More little hacks, plus general util support
      Added sys/sysmacros.h check
      Fixed lack of -ldl bug in sasl check
      *** empty log message ***
      Fixed some missing )'s
      context infrastructure
      Many changes
      Minor nits, works with linux.
      Moved dl dependancy to SASL library
      Lots of little hacks
      Build nits
      Minor build nits, removed pthread_cancel dependancy
      saslpasswd + minor foo
      fixed LIB_SOCKET expansion
      final DEPTH stuff
      Some rewriting

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