[packaging] Changes to 'refs/tags/debian/3.3.11-1'

Jeroen van Meeuwen vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Fri Jan 14 14:17:38 CET 2011

Changes since the dawn of time:
Gregory Colpart (123):
      Import from Chora version 2
      Merge with upstream and adapt patches
      transition to php5 and improve Depends, Recommends and Suggests fields
      Improve Depends: (PHP4-etch compatibility)
      Depends for http server is "apache2 | httpd"
      add 'chmod -x' for xml files to fix lintian warnings
      Add G. Colpart to Uploaders: field
      add locales in recommends
      Disable upstream _detect_webroot() function (unsable in Debian)
      Add "Fix XSS vulnerability" to changelog and set urgency to high
      Added XS-Vcs-Browser field in debian/control
      Improve last changelog entry
      Typo in previous changelog
      Merge with upstream
      complete changelog for "New upstream release"
      Import fix from Horde CVS to correct invalid entities in es_ES  translantion (thanks to Adrian Santos Marrero <adsaman at gmail.com>)
      set urgency to high for security reason
      update to standards version 3.7.3
      Use now Vcs-* fields in debian/control
      Add new Homepage field
      remove empty directories (lintian warnings)
      correct typos in last commit
      I discover new empty dirs
      Bump debhelper compat level to 5
      Mention new Homepage field in Changelog
      Fix typo in debian/rules comments
      Merge with upstream
      changelog for new release
      Add php-net-imap package in "Suggests" field.
      Add libgeoip1 package in "Suggests" field.
      Changelog ready for uploading
      urgency->high (security fix)
      debian/copyright file improvements
      Merge with upstream
      Outch, a lot of (manual) work!
      Some changes after reviewing patch from Mathieu
      Convert copyright iso8859-1 -> utf-8
      update FSF address
      Some changes in debian/rules
      Link some *.js files with libjs-scriptaculous package
      Link editors (tinymce and fckeditor) with tinymce2 and fckeditor packages
      Add tinymce and fckeditor to COPY_EXCLUDE
      Revert last commit. Use a more clean way...
      Minor updates on debian/rules
      Add unrtf and libwpd-tools in "Suggests" field.
      add script cleanup.sh to repack upstream sources
      Add copyright infos for xinha + cleanup debian/rules (no more remove for tinymec/fckeditor)
      Remove tinymce/fckeditor/scriptaculous
      hum, 2nd try to remove tinymce/fackedir
      Add infos on new release -> ready for an upload!
      Remove also js/src/*.js scriptaculous files
      thanks to Mathieu
      update for Horde 3.2.1
      Merge with upstream
      update for horde 3.2.1
      Add patch PAM authentification
      update to standards version 3.8.0 + typo in changelog
      remove js src files
      Backport patch from Horde CVS for #487799
      Adjust dependencies
      Add cron script and execute now cron scripts as www-data instead root
      Allow only www-data to read Horde configuration files
      redirect errors of temp-cleanup.cron script to /dev/null
      Adjust watch file with adding dversionmangle option
      fix line-too-long lintian warnings
      Add lintian override for non-standard-dir-perm etc/horde/
      revert last changes (chmod in rules and lintian override) and use postinst for chgrp/chmod
      Disable all Horde components by default + add NEWS file.
      add intial configuration settings to avoid broken pages
      minor corrections
      Add entry in changelog of 3.2.1+debian0-1 for securoty bug.
      Say in changelog that previous entry is modified.
      Merge with upstream
      new changelog + fix for #499001
      Add postinst for improve upgrade path etch->lenny
      change my email address
      some corrections before upload
      add infos about test.php files
      Add patch for security problem (see #512592)
      Release security patches
      Final changelog
      typo correction
      Import upstream Horde 3.3.3
      Repack Horde 3.3.3
      Stupid merge from horde-upstream-repack !
      Merge branch 'horde-upstream+repack' into horde-sid
      New changelog
      Add git format-patch stuff
      Regenerate clean patches from horde-upstream+patches (refresh-patches)
      Apply patch from Mathieu Parent for PEAR Horde channel
      Add Mathieu Parent in Uploaders: (Welcome ;)
      Hey, we migrate our VCS to Git, upgrade Vcs-*: fields
      Call configure, not configure-stamp in build-stamp (patch target is in configure)
      Improve changelog for a new release
      Modify Vcs-Browser field
      Import Horde 3.3.4
      Merge branch 'upstream' into upstream+repack
      Merge branch 'upstream+repack' into debian-sid
      new changelog
      Bump Standards-Version
      Adjust branch names for ./debian/rules refresh-patches
      Add patch-stamp in COPY_EXCLUDE (oops)
      Merge branches 'debian-sid' and 'debian-sid' of ssh://reg@git.debian.org/git/pkg-horde/horde3 into debian-sid
      Add php-mdb2 in Recommends (Closes: #528927)
      Improve fix for #528927
      Import new upstream sources
      Merge branch 'upstream' into upstream+repack
      Merge branch 'upstream+repack' into debian-sid
      New changelog
      Correct patches manually. I must find a better solution to generate my patch :)
      Update to standards version 3.8.3
      Import new upstream sources
      Merge branch 'upstream' into upstream+repack
      Merge branch 'upstream+repack' into debian-sid
      New changelog
      Update to standards version 3.8.4
      ready for upload
      Backport security patches from 3.3.9 version
      Fix last patch
      Fix annoying bug in temp-cleanup.cron (Closes: #597603)
      Backport fix from 3.3.10 (thanks to yunosh on IRC). Fix changelog.
      Add info on changelog about SyncML fix

Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) (5):
      Imported Upstream version 3.3.11
      Merge commit 'upstream/3.3.11'
      Update standards version
      Update VCS locations
      Remove patches

Lionel Elie Mamane (2):
      Recommend php-db
      finalise fix for bug #400277

Mathieu Parent (21):
      replacing tinymce2 by  tinymce2 | tinymce (<< 3) as suggested by tinymce(2) changelog
      Add check-external-libs in debian/rules
      Adding js/src/* scriptaculous files in cleanup.sh. Alphabetical order.
      reverted path patch (/horde -> /horde3) as it is done by debian/rules.
      Removed xinha from checked external libs.
      updated changelog
      debian/rules: remove js/src/* in the target directory instead of the source directory
      next revision is not NMU
      Install /etc/horde/horde3/registry.d directory
      Change my email address, as I am now Debian developer
      Import new upstream sources 3.3.6
      Merge branch 'upstream' into upstream+repack
      Merge branch 'upstream+repack' into debian-sid
      New upstream 3.3.6
      Replace config symlink by update-alternatives
      Actually, version is 3.3.6+debian0
      Correct debian/links
      Add call to dh_link
      Add misc:Depends to pear-horde-channel

Ola Lundqvist (4):
      Fix for /tmp security vulnerability #415116
      Change for #391493
      Correct log file problem in configuration file #452351.
      Document that the echo line need to be removed as well, closes: #456908.

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