[packaging] Changes to 'refs/tags/kolab-webclient-2.3-13.el5.kolab_2.3'

Jeroen van Meeuwen vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Fri Jul 15 12:02:28 CEST 2011

Tag 'kolab-webclient-2.3-13.el5.kolab_2.3' created by Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) <vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com> at 2011-07-15 15:01 +0200

Update kolab-webclient.conf

Changes since the dawn of time:
Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems) (44):
      Initial commit
      Check in initial package
      Correct requirements
      Update kolab-webclient
      Fix one more last issue
      Checkin new sources
      Pull in httpd and mod_ssl as additional dependencies
      Update dimp configuration templates
      Bump release
      Fix %{name} -> 'dimp'
      Add new sources
      Correct dimp configuration file installation
      Mark configuration files as configuration files
      Check in new sources including kolab configuration for various applications
      Add additional kolab-webclient.conf
      Update kolab-webclient.spec to install the httpd configuration and bump release
      Fix typo
      Check in some more up-to-date horde configuration sources
      Update spec for new sources
      Update kolab-webclient.spec to effectively start using the macros defined as horde_conf and horde_root
      Add additional imp configuration sources
      Add configuration for passwd
      Add passwd horde app configuration templates
      Bump release
      Fix indefinite recursion on %{horde_conf} and %{horde_root} macros
      Fix some packaging issues
      Exclude conf.php for horde as it conflicts with horde's conf.php
      Bump release
      Point directories for horde to the correct location, ship the horde cache database in sqlite
      Bump release
      Fix typo
      Update kolab-webclient
      Fix the permissions on /etc/horde/passwd/conf.d/*.php (bug #46)
      Bump release
      Add imp preference source that adds the kolab_global address book to the address books to be searched during composition
      Bump release
      Remove sqlite2 requirement
      Also remove the initial creation of the horde db
      And we thus also do not own the file
      Update imp kolab preferences with default portal settings
      Bump release
      Update kolab-webclient.conf with Horde specific php{_admin,}_value settings
      Remove deprecated keyword E_DEPRECATED - no pun intended
      Bump release

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