[packaging] Changes to 'refs/tags/debian/2.2.14-1'

Jeroen van Meeuwen vanmeeuwen at kolabsys.com
Fri Sep 7 12:52:26 CEST 2012

Changes since the dawn of time:
Adam Conrad (26):
      Change branding patch to a shell script, and add build-dep on lsb-release
      Fix up patch names and fix FHS compliance patch
      Port over some old patch from apache 2.0
      More changes/patches merged from 2.0
      Rename to remove .dpatch from filenames.
      And fix 00list for the .dpatch name changes.
      More patches moved over from 2.0
      Merge MORE patches from 2.0.
      apache2-common needs netstat from net-tools
      Unbuggery of init script buggery.
      default-site -> default
      Migration of old modules that used to be built in.
      More missing modules.
      logio needs to be static
      mod_imap and mod_auth_ldap renames for upgrades
      error_log -> error.log
      Revise include patch to suck less.
      Remove obsolete junk.
      Remove globs from apache2.conf
      Migrate kill symlinks.
      Update PHP conflicts.
      apache2 dependency fix
      Fix whitespace typo in init script
      Ubuntu RedirectMatch confusion.
      More Ubuntu hackery (don't create apache2-dbg on Ubuntu), and abstract
      Small fix for the previous change...

Fabio M. Di Nitto (17):
      Update changelog
      Cleanup apr* B-D
      db-4.2 -> db-4.3 build transition
      Cleanup B-D
      Take out install-worker from install-common.
      Start creating -dev packages.
      Kill /etc/apache2/build since nothing should be using it.
      Cleanup -dev pkgs
      Revert install-dev changes and install all the mpm properly.
      Major cleanup. Install -dev properly or at least they should be proper now,
      BOM BOM
      More -doc and -common cleanup.
      More -doc cleanup.
      Fix delete path
      Don't use --build and crap to avoid libtool mess.
      Cope with /var/run on varrun fs.
      what about lock?

Peter Samuelson (19):
      Merge a2enmod.8 + a2dismod.8, expand them a bit, ship them in a2.2-common.
      Merge aba's NMU.
      Yet another thing that was lost in the shuffle between 2.0 and 2.2 -
      Apply upstream patch for grave bug #396265, mod_proxy_ajp connection
      In the init script: 'force-reload' should be a synonym of 'reload', not
      Close #400981 in changelog.  (Tollef fixed it before it was reported.)
      Add Build-Depends: mawk.  It is Priority: required,
      Attempt to fix #396782, #415775, #407171 by fixing sarge upgrade
      Oops!  Brain fart, test -l should have been test -L.
      Merge etch-apache2 branch back to trunk, through r308.
      Another small merge from etch-apache2 branch.  Nothing consequential,
      Fix #407307: Add a needed <IfModule mod_include.c> guard to apache2.conf.
      Stop shipping /var/run/apache2/ as it is created at runtime anyway.
      Bug #420101: move the 'chown www-data /var/lock/apache2' from
      Slightly adjust wording of a changelog entry.
      Use shlibs:Depends in apache2.2-common, to pick up the libraries used
      Followup to r386: fix typo, ${Source:Version} needs to be ${source:Version}.
      s/NameVirtualHosts/NameVirtualHost/.  Thanks to Ryan52 for noticing.
      apache2: Adjust sections to match recent ftpmaster overrides.

Ryan Niebur (3):
      fix segfault in ab (#495982)
      remove trailing slash for DocumentRoot (Closes: #495110)
      mark the patch as forwarded

Stefan Fritsch (350):
      Upstream tarball 2.2.3
      Upstream tarball 2.2.4
      Upstream tarball 2.2.6
      Upstream tarball 2.2.8
      Upstream tarball 2.2.9
      Upstream tarball 2.2.11
      Upstream tarball 2.2.12
      Upstream tarball 2.2.13
      Upstream tarball 2.2.14
      Merge upstream version 2.2.3
      Add Build-Depends: libssl-dev, zlib1g-dev (#399043)
      Add XS-Vcs-* to debian/control
      Change 000-default to default in postinst to reflect changed filename
      Improve handling of empty  in a2enmod
      Treat apache2-mpm-itk as prefork in a2enmod
      document restart during logrotate in README.Debian
      remove symlinks and config files on purge
      revert r322: change 000-default to default: I was incorrectly trying to fix a bug that is already fixed in -4
      Fix suexec to log after a cgi error
      add watch file
      document changed include behaviour
      Add AddType for .bz2
      improve init script output
      readd info about config dir layout
      Fix segfault in mod_proxy_ftp when FTP server sends back no spaces
      ship /etc/apache2/conf.d/apache2-doc
      remove /etc/default/apache2 on purge
      Tell the user when selecting cgid instead of cgi
      Add a2ensite/a2dissite man pages
      Really ship a2ensite/a2dissite man pages
      close the man page bug, too
      comment out CacheEnable and add documentation and warnings
      adjust wording of NEWS.Debian
      add myself to uploaders and set distribution to unstable
      Update patch for truncated mod_cgi 500 responses from upstream SVN
      be more thorough on purge
      change logrotate to use reload
      ship /usr/lib/cgi-bin
      Merge upstream version 2.2.4
      new upstream version 2.2.4
      Move conf.d include to the end of apache2.conf
      cleanup README.Debian, set distribution to unstable
      update standards-version
      Start apache when doing a restart even if it was not running
      rearrange changelog
      Fix some lintian warnings
      use relative paths in *.dirs
      chmod o-rx /var/log/apache2
      fix lintian override install
      fix typo
      really fix /var/log/apache2 perms
      reload config in apache2-doc postinst
      fix options syntax in sites-available/default
      don't fail in prerm if apache is not running
      add hints how to read docs
      cp README.Debian to apache2-doc as it doesn't depend on apache2.2-common
      Document pid file name
      Make init script always display a warning if NO_START=1
      Replace apache2(8) man page with a more current version
      Show -X option in help message
      fix some more lintian warnings
      Add httxt2dbm(8) man page
      actually install the override files in the mpms
      remove sick-hack-to-update-modules
      Don't use AddDefaultCharset for our docs
      chmod o-rx suexec
      close bug #430116
      Fix CVE-2007-1862: mod_mem_cache DoS introduced in 2.2.4
      fix CVE-2007-1863: DoS in mod_cache
      don't depend on procps on hurd
      rearrange changelog
      make suexec o+r
      release 2.2.4-1
      * Remove the NO_START kludge.
      fix version test
      set distribution to UNRELEASED
      add bugnums + one more entry to changelog
      Move module specific configuration from apache2.conf to mods-available/*conf
      allow localhost in mod_info/status
      Add init.d dependency info to /etc/init.d/apache2
      Create run and lock directores also in postinst, to allow apache2ctl to work in chroots
      rearrange changelog and close bug
      Replace apachectl with apache2ctl in docs
      move creation of run/lock dirs to apache2ctl, add usage message
      Make -dev packages priority extra
      make mod_status/info work with ip6-localhost
      add htcacheclean support
      Add secure example cipher/protocol configuratin to ssl.conf
      fix typo
      Update watch file
      add apache2-dbg
      fix two CVEs in trunk
      fix mod_cache HEAD bug
      actually include the init script by renaming the source file
      tell the user when we replace old config files
      release 2.2.4-2
      make mod_authn_dbd depend on mod_dbd
      enable default site on new installs again
      make a2dissite return 0 if a site is already disabled
      make a2 scripts print errors to stderr
      move TypesConfig directive from apache2.conf to mime.conf
      Add index.htm to the default DirectoryIndex configuration
      Use apache2ctl in init script
      make init script less noisy
      improve NEWS entry
      Merge upstream version 2.2.6
      prepare changelog for 2.2.6
      release 2.2.6-1
      add CVE reference
      Remove duplicate config examples
      Fix "Bad file descriptor" error on reload
      Allow logresolve to process long lines
      add README.backtrace
      Bad file descriptor bugfix also fixes graceful-stop problem
      revert bogus 'Bad file descriptor' fix
      change back to stop instead of graceful-stop in the init script as workaround
      fix dh_installdocs README.backtrace
      - second try at fixing processes not being killed on graceful stop/reload
      release 2.2.6-2
      Add Homepage field
      Allocate fewer bucket brigades in case of a flush bucket
      Update 053_bad_file_descriptor_PR42829.dpatch
      Make mod_proxy_balancer not depend on mod_cache
      fix CVE-2007-6203
      Redirect /doc/apache2-doc/manual/ to /manual/
      Add icons for .ogg and .ogm
      Add comment about how to log X-Forwarded-For
      Add/fix some lintian overrides, fix some warnings.
      another lintian warning
      release 2.2.6-3
      * Convert docs to be directly viewable with a browser (and not use content
      no longer ship files in /var/www but copy index.html on new installs
      * Fix some lintian warnings:
      move mkdir to *.dirs
      Add some information to README.Debian
      don't install /var/www/apache2-default in the first place instead of deleting it later
      use -Wl,--as-needed
      rename AP2_CONFLAGS to AP2_CFLAGS, which is more apropriate
      revert part of r517 that breaks the build
      Merge upstream version 2.2.8
      - new upstream release candidate
      fix typo in index.htm check
      fix another breakage from r517
      Add reportbug script
      bump version to 2.2.8
      add substitute.load
      - move the configuration of User, Group, and PidFile to /etc/apache2/envvars
      add opendocument icons
      close bug
      clarify README.Debian/NEWS.Debian, don't ship NEWS.Debian with apache2-utils
      close another bug
      remove obsolete lintian overrides
      actually enable mod_substitute
      slightly reword NEWS
      release 2.2.8-1
      Fix broken symlink to README.Debian.gz and typos
      adjust VCS tags in debian control
      Add missing ${APACHE_ARGUMENTS} to *) case in apache2ctl.
      call gzip in the correct target
      In upgrades from etch, replace /etc/apache2/default without asking also in
      Provide a fallback access log for VirtualHosts that don't define their own
      fix bugnum
      Print file name where "Useless use of AllowOverride" occured.
      Make bugreport script source /etc/apache2/envvars before calling apache2
      Add note about MSIE SSL workaround to README.Debian
      Don't ship empty /var/www/apache2-default in apache2-doc
      Use the bomb icon only for the name 'core', not for '*core'
      Improve generation of password salts in htpasswd
      Improve generation of password salts in htpasswd: actually include the patch
      Include module name in a2enmod error messages
      release 2.2.8-2
      more envvars for apache2ctl and fix a typo
      trim uploaders field
      Add 'status' function to init script
      mod_cache: Handle If-Range correctly if the cached resource was stale
      add DPATCH token
      build modules once, not three times
      use Charset=UTF-8 by default in mod_autoindex
      release 2.2.8-3
      fix bugnumber in changelog
      complete rewrite of a2{en,dis}{mod,site}
      Include config.nice in apache2-src. This hopefully allows apache2-mpm-itk
      - Fix race condition when changing directories.
      Mention environment variables in apache2 man page
      point to README.Debian
      Drop unneeded build-dep on libtool.
      remove apache2-mpm-perchild
      remove unused additional apache2.conf
      improve apache2ctl manpage
      close bug
      check for dangling symlink /var/www/index.html in postinst
      Enable mod_deflate in new installs
      Move suexec suid helper program to a separate package apache2-suexec,
      import 2.2.8-4 to trunk and rename trunk version to 2.2.8-5
      improve custom suexec man page
      Use dh_lintian
      allow a2dis* to remove dead symlinks
      Raise the minimum userid that suexec may change to from 100 to 1000
      release 2.2.8-5
      Add some missing patch descriptions
      Merge upstream version 2.2.9
      new upstream
      point to /usr/share/common-licenses
      Shorten the init script's waiting period during 'restart' from 10 to 4
      omit 'httpd (no pid file) not running' message
      release 2.2.9-1
      Make the init script use normal 'stop' instead of 'graceful-stop' again
      Improve package descriptions
      release 2.2.9-2
      Move NameVirtualHost directive to ports.conf
      Disable SSLv2 by default
      * add new conf.d/security file
      Adjust mod_userdir accordingly
      Add a default SSL virtual host.
      Add ssl-cert to Recommends
      enable only secure ciphers
      commit Ryan's patch for policy 3.8
      Always pass -g to gcc
      commit missing README.source
      add documentation for SSL and make a2enmod point to README.Debian
      don't close #446765 twice
      commit Ryan's patch for parallel=n support
      remove redundant $(MAKEFLAGS)
      Comment out the "<directory /> deny from all ..." block, as this will break other packages
      Comment out the CacheEnable line in disk_cache.conf
      document NameVirtualHost change in NEWS.Debian
      make init script complain about missing APACHE_PID_FILE during 'start'
      Add hint about the "..., using for ServerName" warning to
      also close that bug
      Add hint about the "could not create rewrite_log_lock" error message
      improve ssl hint in a2enmod and fix syntax error
      fix comment
      Change the minimum user id for suexec back to 100
      recommend apt-listchanges in README.Debian
      Remove empty dir from apache2-doc to fix Lintian warning
      remove one more empty directory from apache2-doc
      release 2.2.9-3
      Make postinst more quiet
      Remove duplicate comments in sites-available/default-ssl
      Redirect apache2 bug reports to apache2.2-common
      Add Turkish language support
      Describe in NEWS.Debian how to revert to the old NameVirtualHost config
      fix install of usr/share/bug/apache2/control
      release 2.2.9-4
      fix ipv6 on systems with net.ipv6.bindv6only = 1
      release 2.2.9-5
      Prevent gcc from optimizing memcpys away.
      release 2.2.9-6
      Fix XSS in mod_proxy_ftp (CVE-2008-2939)
      extend README.backtrace
      Make the balancer manager work in Opera and MSIE
      Fix mod_proxy_http losing the query string with noescape
      Fix mod_headers "edit" removing multiple headers with the same name
      release 2.2.9-7
      Correct description of ServerTokens in /etc/apache2/conf.d/security
      Specify DocumentRoot withouth trailing slash
      Fix Spanish language support
      Clarify how to use apache2ctl to pass arbitrary arguments to apache2
      add some more hints to README.Debian
      postpone DocumentRoot change
      release 2.2.9-8
      Revert the attempted fix for .es
      release 2.2.9-9
      fix timout handling in mod_proxy_http
      release 2.2.9-10
      backport fix for PR 45792 (mod_proxy segfault)
      backport fix for PR 45605 (segfault in mpm worker)
      add another comment to ports.conf
      release 2.2.9-11
      Merge upstream version 2.2.11
      close some bugs in the changelog
      release 2.2.11-1
      pollset error checking
      release 2.2.11-2
      Rebuild against apr-util 1.3
      release 2.2.11-3
      - Allow apache2-mpm-itk as alternate dependency in apache2 meta package
      Disable TRACE method by default
      Extend the gnome-vfs DAV workaround to gvfs
      Add more info to check_forensic man page
      Compress some more mime types with mod_deflate by default
      improve help output of apache2ctl
      fix lintian warnings
      bump standards-version
      backports from branches/2.2.x
      move user visible changes to the top
      fix typo
      release 2.2.11-4
      move binaries into apache2.2-bin package
      Override some Lintian warnings
      - using symlinks in /usr/share/doc is nice but requires special care on upgrade :-(
      bump build-dep for dh
      release 2.2.11-5
      Fix postinst
      release 2.2.11-6
      Add symlinks for the debug info to the mpm packages
      enhance default index.html
      create directories for debugging symlinks
      Remove dependency on net-tools, which is no longer necessary
      Bump Standards-Version
      override lintian warnings for debug symlinks
      release 2.2.11-7
      Enable hardening compile options
      * Remove 2.0 -> 2.2 upgrade logic from maintainer scripts.
      Make a2ensite and friends ignore the same filenames as apache does for
      Add the default LANG=C to /etc/apache2/envvars
      Merge upstream version 2.2.12
      new upstream
      Change references to httpd.conf in apache2-doc to apache2.conf
      Clarify the recommended permissions for SSL certificates
      Ship our own version of the magic config file
      point to mod_mime_magic in comment
      fix syntax
      add bugnums
      Switch default LogFormat from %b to %O
      Add ThreadLimit to the default config and put ThreadsPerChild and
      Fix HTTP PUT with mod_dav failing to detect an aborted connection
      Change default for ServerTokens to OS
      Enable localized error pages by default
      Document in README.Debian how to name files in conf.d
      Clarify the required order of the aliases in the comment
      Make mod_deflate not compress the content for HEAD requests
      adjust paths
      merge apache2 and apache2-mpm-itk and add Steinar to Uploaders
      add lintian override for itk
      Remove apache2-src
      add note about SNI config
      remove apache2-src.dirs
      fix typos
      Merge upstream version 2.2.13
      release 2.2.13-1
      Add Build-Conflicts: autoconf2.13
      Adjust priority of apache2-mpm-itk to extra
      Switch apache2.2-common and the four mpm packages from architecture all to
      Bump Standards-Version
      improve error message and add infos about incompatible ssl configuration changes
      #541607 is RC
      shut up lintian
      sigh... now apache2 needs to be arch any, too.
      make rules file independ from which packages are arch all and which aren't
      disable -pie again
      Merge upstream version 2.2.14
      prepare for new upstream
      remove obsolete patches
      release 2.2.14-1

Thom May (42):
      shut up adam
      rename httpd2.1 to apache2
      rename from httpd2.1 to apache2
      update uploaders and maintainer
      rename httpd2.1.conf to apache2.conf
      text for d/control
      fire up documentation
      add apache config for documentation
      install documentation config
      take a broom to the modules
      add all the .loads for 2.2
      add simple .conf files back
      add proxy and ssl configs
      Add dependency information to module load files
      fix dumbass typo
      buildconf 4tw
      it helps not to call a make target the same as a file
      go from using mods-shared to listing individual modules
      shurrup, fools
      lets not patch no more
      rudimentary rdeps handling in a2dismod
      move to 2.2.2
      blat prefork config, and update mpm config to mirror upstream
      update config file from 2.2.0 defaults
      ensure apache2-common creates /var/www
      don't install u-a-m since it's bust
      add dep on lsb-base
      ensure that removal of modhandler and u-a-m doesn't fail
      revert r160 and add libtool to build deps
      rebase to 2.2.3
      add changelog
      add patch from Peter Samuelson to let libtool know it is compiling
      fix 391918 - suexec not setuid
      fix for #393277
      fix up compare operation
      add another bug and bump up the version we compare
      make autoindex not suck by default
      deal with multiple PidFiles correctly
      Add patch from upstream to ensure that mod_cgi 500 responses aren't truncated (Closes: #412580)
      use graceful-stop
      add 044 to the list
      prep for 2.2.11-1 by removing upstream'd patches

Tollef Fog Heen (73):
      nuke libgdbm-dev conflicts
      add mpm-perchild transitional package, fix up conflicts, replaces
      pass CC to make since libtool is shit, and use external pcre
      do not install upstream changelog in apache2 package
      nuke apache-utils provides
      Get rid of extra /apache2
      First stab at changelog for 2.0 => 2.2
      Do not pass CC when building any more as that makes libtool unhappy now that we have a fixed libtool shipped with apr
      dh_strip respects DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS, so no need to call it conditionally
      Add lots of closes: # for changelog
      Do not use /dev/random for entropy as it blocks for too long
      More changelog
      We have released now, update changelog
      Remove mention of AddDefaultCharset from apache2.conf as this is now
      Merge in Jeroen's changelog entry from the experimental upload
      Fix byline too
      Merge in skx's NMU
      Rename apache2-common to apache2.2-common.  Conflict and replace old version.  This is to force modules to be uninstalled until versions compiled against 2.2 are provided.
      rename apache2-common files to apache2.2-common
      Remove Daniel Stone from list of uploaders.
      We no longer ship 035_HEAD_Content-Length_Fix_From_CVS.  Closes: #298143
      Don't start the server on reload.  Closes: #316321
      Install S91/K09 links, not S91/K91. Closes: #359977
      Close another bug
      Remove libtool hacks, use apache2.2-common consistently
      Update config.{sub,guess}
      Don't ship compat symlinks for ab and friends.  Use dh_install instead of various other hacks to get files installed.
      Remove apache2-mpm-{event,worker}-{prerm,preinst,postinst} in clean, as those are copies of other files.
      Add build-depends for libapr1-dev (>= 1.2.7-6) to make sure we get a version which ships a useful apr-config --apr-libtool.
      Stop apache2 in apache2.2-common's preinst to avoid having
      Fix up apache_stop to actually have a chance of working
      Add Conflicts for broken modules which didn't depend on apache2-common.
      chmod -x /usr/sbin/apache2 on upgrades from before 2.2 to avoid
      Target to unstable
      Only chmod -x apache2 if we are doing a clean install (which means we are either a real fresh install or upgrading from apache2)
      * Make sure to ship /var/log/apache2 in the apache2.2-common package.
      Install suexec.8 as suexec2.8.  Closes: #390774
      Make sure that we never ship .svn directories in any binary packages.
      remove chmod for suexec, not needed
      Not only chmod -x /usr/sbin/apache2 in apache2.2-common.preinst, chmod +x it in
      Close already-fixed bug
      Fix syntax error
      Try to stop old apaches in preinst of the mpms.  Closes:  #390893
      Make apache2-mpm-{worker,prefork} conflict with apache2-mpm-event.
      rm -f /var/lib/dpkg/info/apache2-common.postrm.  So apache2-common can be purged. Yes, we're on crack.  Closes: #390823
      Make apache2-utils's Replaces on apache2-common be unversioned. Closes: #391018
      Stop shipping cern_meta.load, dumpio.load and ext_filter.load.  Thanks to Stephane Chazelas for noticing.  Closes: #391393
      Add conflicts from the MPMs to apache2-common for good measure
      Release 2.2.3-2
      Build apache2-src package.
      Do not AddDefaultCharset if we are proxying.  Closes: #277526
      Do not forcefully link against libdb4.3 and other libs.
      Add closes for php4/php5 conflicts
      Urgency medium since it fixes RC bugs
      Enable the same list of modules as we had in 2.0 (by default) and do that for
      Set default IndexWidth to *.
      If a module is already disabled, exit 0 (but not if it does not exist)
      Clean up CPPFLAGS and CFLAGS, including making all of CFLAGS a superset of
      Warn when not starting HTTPD due to missing apache binary.  Closes: #384128
      Provide sample disk and memory cache configurations.  Closes: #278564
      Provide dir.conf.   Closes: #392356
      Make sure -I flags are included too
      Add alternate dependency from apache to apache2-mpm-event
      On reload, make the init script exit 1 with an error message if the
      Add default deflate.conf compressing text/html, text/plain and text/xml.
      Close relevant bug for last commit
      Add { and } around the usage format in the init script to make the init script
      Target to unstable
      Fix up apache2-src so the .tar.gz contains an apache2 top level directory.
      Make apache2 MPMs provide and conflict with apache2-mpm so other packages can
      Get rid of 2.1 references from descriptions.
      Revert NMU
      Note reversal of NMU in changelog

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