[websites-team] [Roundcube-team] KOLAB specific Roundcube theme/design/

Thomas Brüderli thomas at brotherli.ch
Fri Dec 17 19:14:32 CET 2010

Georg C. F. Greve wrote:
> On Monday 13 December 2010 15.19:26 Bogomil Shopov wrote:
>> Are we gonna have a KOLAB specific Roundcube theme and/or Layout. 
> Yes.
> And we'll want two flavours of it: Community & Certified Kolab.
> There should also be a connection to the smart client, so the latest set of 
> Kontact icons & such, to create a consistent identity.

At Roundcube we planned to re-design the default theme in spring 2011.
Along with that redesign we'll clean out the garbage from the current
default skin which has grown in the past five years.

The design stuff will be done by Micha Krautwasser, a very talented graphic
designer from Bern who already created the website for us. In case you're
still looking for somebody to create the Kolab themes I would totally
recommend to contact him at http://bueroflint.com


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